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Terror Paths
Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 3, 4, 5
Play Time: 30 minutes, 60 minutes
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Apr 5 @ 12:37pm
May 6 @ 2:29pm
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Terror Paths


Terror Paths is a tabletop cooperative experience for several players. All players take on the role of Investigators, who work together as a team. The game comes with two maps, each with wildly different scenarios. While you can just play a one-off scenario, you can also play the game as a campaign.

This is the First Scenario set as a Demo for Terror Paths, can you and your fellow investigators resolve the puzzles?, if you delay too much, you are ruined. Draw back the veil and embark upon the Terror Path!

You can find the game information here:

Petersen Games Facebook Page:

This module was created in partnership with Petersen Games and Darklight Meeple.
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Copyright © Petersen Games

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gilbertguillen  [author] May 2 @ 5:06am 
the reason was my mistake :lunar2019crylaughingpig:
Cluny Apr 29 @ 10:12am 
Is there a reason for a Formless Spawn Enemy card starting in Emily Tatover's inventory? It seems like it's an error in the mod's opening layout.
gilbertguillen  [author] Apr 25 @ 6:51am 
its ok, the BGG its as wel up for ruels questions

In regards your, yes pre battle happens every time you battle a monters.

if duting hte encoutner phase, you got yorself a monster, but you kill it, means no momre monsters, if you are in the rest area you can still rest and recover, check the Order of Prioritieswhen in doubt
buffman17 Apr 25 @ 5:14am 
Firstly, hope it's OK to ask rules questions here otherwise please redirect me for where I should ask rules.

If an enemy spawns during the encounter step (i.e. black slime encounter card where I fail the STR test), do I still get to do the rest of my turn since it is techinically past the battle enemy step? Or do I skip rest of turn? I assume latter in the meantime.
buffman17 Apr 25 @ 2:17am 
I assume "pre-battle" effects occur for EVERY turn that you are in battle with an enemy?
buffman17 Apr 25 @ 1:58am 
Thanks so much for creating this prior to what I presume will be a Kickstarter game?
I am giving it a go now and reading through the rulebook from Petersen Games. I have used "Hot seat" so I can play solo with 2 characters. Loved Planet Apocalypse so will give this a try. (Agent Solo Runthroughs)
gilbertguillen  [author] Apr 8 @ 5:24am 
@Noelle, That will be dependant of Petersen Games once the game its realeased. They are very open minded to TTS, however not to all games, but must of them
Noelle Apr 7 @ 6:05pm 
is it possible to bring the rest of the campaign to tts?