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Touch Grass
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Apr 1 @ 7:29am
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Touch Grass

The earth shuddered like some great beast lanced in the heart, a truly immersive roleplay experience was born.



Several real time actions such as kneeling down and touching grass!

Inspect your future grave.

Leaving the safety of your home to go outside and touch grass!

Restore your sanity by admiring the beauty of the world around you!

Surely zombies won't attack you while you're outside touching grass!

'88 Volkswagen Golf Mk2.

Harnessing several thousand lines of code on over 12 years of engine development, hosted on a remote computer in a fortune 500 companies data center, and processed by the most advanced piece of technology ever crafted by man, and a whole multiplayer mod just to tell you to touch grass!

Feeling nature

Workshop ID: 2787748269
Mod ID: TouchGrass
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Smelvin Jul 10 @ 5:34am 
ahahaha this is so great preston
Locurafia Jun 29 @ 3:50pm 
Thanks to you i can finally experience how it feels to touch grass.
Blek May 15 @ 3:15am 
Beautiful :luv:
Preston  [author] Apr 6 @ 6:54am 
Hello fellow grass touchers, I'm here to answer your very pressing questions.


Grass is the omnipresent prickly green 'leaves' outside planted by the government to transmit the information obtained by rocks into space.


There's a possibility it might allow you to somehow. Honestly, it's impressive it works at all.

@KV Productions

This is a known issue where the mod attempts to initialize timed actions but mistakenly folds your brain in half instead.
Neurofluxation Apr 5 @ 10:40am 
I lost IQ points subscribing to this mod... And that's why it's so good... ... Nope, I don't understand it either.
KV Productions Apr 3 @ 2:28pm 
Help! When i try to touch gr*ss my brain crashes!
Gabe Apr 2 @ 3:06pm 
grass: touched.
Grubbo Apr 2 @ 10:12am 
Try Grass
and then Something incredible ahead
Neznajka Apr 1 @ 2:50pm 
Does it work on zombies.
rosysyntax Apr 1 @ 1:36pm 
Simply incredible.