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SFKTeam's custom menu (splitscreen!)
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Jun 30, 2014 @ 3:46am
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SFKTeam's custom menu (splitscreen!)

This is a custom menu made by SFKTeam, originally published on gamebanana[l4d2.gamebanana.com] and last updated on 23/08/2012.

I'm sharing this because it's very useful for when you want to play
and don't want to go through all the hassle involved. Plus, having to set up the controls is hard enough.

If there's a problem with this submission, let me know. I do not take credit for this at all, I'm just putting it out here.

If you had an issue and were able to solve it without any of the solutions in this post, please let us know how in the comments, add me, or post it in the discussions.


Read everything before trying anything! ONE FIX AT A TIME.

  • Enable the developer console.
    If you don't have an English keyboard layout, find out how to create a bind to bring up the console. Otherwise, just "enable the developer console" in the options, then hit the tilde key.

  • SS mode is used to establish the screen separation. Vertical is recommended.

  • Regarding controller and keyboard issues:

    1. Enable Gamepads (Thanks to stampac2)

      Go to Options -> Keyboard/mouse -> Gamepad -> Enable/Disable
      This option will rewrite some binds, so be careful with it. I am including it at the beginning and the end. If you've tried everything, change it, and try again.

    2. Reconnect controller in loading screen in order to transfer it to the second player slot when using two xbox 360 controllers. Alternatively, use this program [theairtacticalassaultgroup.com].

    3. To enable the controller to look up/down, either

      Enable and open the console, write
      cmd2 +jlook
      Hit Enter

      You need to go in to the 360controller.cfg, which is located in "Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\cfg".

      Then ctrl+f to the heading that says:

      controller2 bindings

      And add the following line beneath it:

      cmd2 +jlook

    4. Check this link that will teach you how to use BOTH Keyboard/Mouse and Xbox 360 Controllers in SPLITSCREEN mode.[www.gamespot.com] (thanks to taithope for providing link)

    5. Dual xbox 360 controller setup guide.

    6. Disable Gamepads

      Go to Options -> Keyboard/mouse -> Gamepad -> Enable/Disable
      This option will rewrite some binds, so be careful with it. I am including it at the beginning and the end. If you've tried everything, change it, and try again.

  • To play addon maps:
       - Load your desired map via console
    ss_map <map name>

    - For survival, just type
    ss_map <map name> survival
    "campaign" is also an option. Whether there are other game modes which can be accessed this way is beyond me, would appreciate the info.

      - Once loaded, type
    connect_splitscreen localhost 2
    "It may start with only player 1 alive. Just die, and when you restart it'll be all good." (thanks to McAssman, Starwars2711 and liamlantz)

    - To get the name of custom maps for the ss_map command, load the custom map in single player mode, open the console, then look for where it says :
    Left 4 Dead 2 Map: <mapname here> Players: 1 (0 bots) / 4 humans Build: Server Number:

    - Video showing how to get map names the hard way.

  • To change the second player's name, go to your "Steam\SteamApps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg\config.cfg" and edit name2 entry (thanks to Vicousvern). Alternatively, write
    name2 <desired name>
    in console.

  • Write
    sb_takecontrol <name>
    to change player one's character. To change player two's, write
    cmd2 sb_takecontrol <name>

  • Tool for playing splitscreen on separate displays available here (IMPORTANT: Make sure you back-up everything before attempting this one) Link down. If anyone has an archived copy, please send it this way.

  • When editing .txt files, it is sometimes useful to set them to "read only" after you've made your changes, since the game can alter them to its liking. This is necessary to change player two's name permanently. Be careful with this option and don't forget when you're using it, as it may cause unexpected results and it may prevent you from changing options from the menu. Learn how to use an autoexec.txt if you want more flexibility.

  • A video detailing steps to follow + useful links.

  • A video in portuguese detailing all steps and showing JoyID usage.

desc. updated jan 26 2020. Thanks to everyone in the comments and discussion for providing the info for this section.

Original author's post:

Please Try NOT to use any other mainmenu or ingame menu addon with this addon. It may cause problems

Here is the new Mainmenu we created for Left 4 Dead 2. We wanted to simplify split-screen so more people could play and also add a Developer Console button to the Mainmenu.

Added Easy Mode.
Updated with Valves new menu.
Added All Gamemodes
Cleaned Obselete Code
Corrected Any Errors
Moved All Gamemodes into 1 Flyout - Thanks to Rayman
Added Difficulties - Thanks To DrumRush For The Idea
Moved SS Mode Button To SS Flyout
Created Over 200 New Custom Res Files
Fixed Any Reported Errors
Cleaned Obselete Code
Added Custom Map Support - Open Game Type exec sfk.cfg into the Developer Console, start your custom map and once started press F12 for Split-Screen
The Next Version Will Include Realism Versus & Scavenge Please Report Any Bugs You Find.
All Maps Are Now Selectable Under The Split-Screen Menus
Edited Official Split-Screen Icon For Other Gamemodes
Added Split Screen Mode Button
Added Custom Control Config For 2 Xbox360 Controllers & Keyboard/mouse - Type exec sfk.cfg inside developer console
Added Split-Screen Survival
Added Split-Screen Realism
Added Official Split-Screen Icon
Changed BlogPost Icon Next To Console For L4d2 Icon
Created Around 50 Res Custom Files
Added Official Split-Screen Menu Icon
Edited Official Split-Screen Icon For Versus
Moved Quit Button Up
Changed Icon Next To Console Button For L4D2 Icon
Added Console Button To MainMenu
Added Server Browser Button To MainMenu
Added Split-Screen Campaign To MainMenu
Added Split-Screen Versus To MainMenu
Added Fix Audio Cache Button & Flyout Menu
Added Rebuild Audio Cache - Use This To Fix Audio Problems
Added Update Audio Cache - For Installing Custom Sounds
Added Addon Menu Button To Ingame ESC Menu
Created ReAudFlyout.res
Created SplitFlyout.RES
Created SplitFlyout.VTF
Created SplitFlyout.VMT
Created SplitVerFlyout.RES
Created SplitVerFlyout.VTF
Created SplitVerFlyout.VMT
Moved Blog Post Button To Extras Flyout Menu
All Official Campaigns Are Selectable Under The Split-Screen Menus
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If you are getting a Steam Validation Rejected error, type the sv_lan 1 command in your developer console and try that way.