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How to play Fall Guys on Linux/Steam Deck via Proton
By Saluki
A quick and simple set of instructions to get the game working via Proton.
Epic are messing around with Fall Guys a fair amount.It's hard to say whether or not this will work for everyone all of the time or not, but most people seem to be reporting success currently .

NOTICE: There have been some improvements to GEProton, so the easiest way to set Fall Guys up on Linux is linked directly below.

Easy method[www.gamingonlinux.com]

This guide includes two methods of setup:

- Manual configuration

- Automated script

For the manual configuration, follow the guide from here. For the automated script, skip to the Setup script section.
Proton Configuration
First things first, we need to make sure that Proton is setup properly.

Selecting the correct Proton version:

You need to locate Fall Guys in your Steam library, and then select Proton Experimental under the compatibility tab in properties.

Editing the files
A few minor file changes are required to get the game to start.

For these steps, you need to look in the game's files.

Moving the easyanticheat_x64.so file

Simply copy Fall Guys/EasyAntiCheat/easyanticheat_x64.so to Fall Guys/FallGuys_client_game_Data/Plugins/x86_64/easyanticheat_x64.so

Next, you may need to edit the first line of the Fall Guys/FallGuys_client.ini file to the this:


Then, you should be done with setting this up.

You should now be able to play the game!

If you have any issues, feel free to drop a comment on this guide and I'll do my best to help you out.
Setup script
Andrade has also provided a bash script to perform this setup.

You can find it here[gist.github.com].

To use this script, simply open a terminal and run this command:

curl -s -L https://gist.github.com/rokam/3fb8b768606eef1ddd696cd0bc02e6df/raw/6a0f3a502b2722c87e92ea9cffb8a00144f8a76a/fix_fallguys.sh | bash

This will download the script to your current location, and run it. After the script has run, you should be able to play Fall Guys without a problem.

You do not need to run this script as well as completing the rest of the guide - they do the same thing - only use one.

It is somewhat likely you may run into a problem when following this guide, so if you do, don't worry.

Here are common issues and their fixes. Remember, if you have any other issues, post them below and we can try to help you out.

Cannot join a show

This issue seems to usually be caused by not having Proton EasyAntiCheat Runtime installed. This is a quick fix though.

To solve this issue:

  • Go to your Steam library
  • Search for Proton EasyAntiCheat Runtime
  • Make sure that you have it installed and up to date
  • Restart Fall Guys (if you didn't have it closed)

After following those steps, you should have the problem solved.

Get stuck on the loading screen/EOS issues

Most EOS issues people seem to have can be solved by ensuring that your Steam account is linked to your Epic Games account. You can do this either by opening a game on Windows or via the Epic website. After you've done this, restart the game and you should have more luck getting in.
The method followed in this guide was originally posted here: ProtonDB[www.protondb.com] by Andrade. They also provided the setup script, via GitHub.

And the cover image was taken from Unsplash.

Special thanks:

Maroxy - Solving an issue with EOS

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Saluki  [author] Aug 25 @ 10:59am 
Glad to hear it's all working still
koyot01 Aug 19 @ 12:57pm 
Worked for me! Thank you!
Blobby. Jul 8 @ 11:14am 
you can also use protonGE
Herbaciarz May 14 @ 3:06am 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr4W_l4ifSU this video resolve my problem :)
Herbaciarz May 13 @ 3:10am 
@Saluki Does the game work fine for you after the update? Which proton are you using?
Herbaciarz May 13 @ 3:08am 
"Just a stab in the dark - does verifying file integrity sort the issue?"

I reinstalled the game and it solved this problem (black screen). But when I enter the game's main menu, it shows me "Missing files!" - with the information I would check the game files, etc. confirmation of the message turns off the game.
Saluki  [author] May 13 @ 1:50am 
Just a stab in the dark - does verifying file integrity sort the issue?

It is fairly likely the game is broken, but it could be a weird issue on your device.
Herbaciarz May 13 @ 1:44am 
The game doesn't seem to work after the last update. After trying to turn it on, I had a black screen (but I could see the cursor from the game). After a complete reinstallation of the game and following the method presented here (previously it worked perfectly). When I launch the game, I've got message "Missing files!" - I juggled protons but the same problem all the time. Is anyone else having this problem?
qwesome Apr 15 @ 3:41pm 
I checked the connections page, and I'm already signed in, so I tried unlinking and reconnecting the account, and when the connect screen ends it just brings me back to the screen to link the account, but it isn't linked even after refreshing, but I still get an error in the game.
Saluki  [author] Apr 15 @ 7:44am 
To sign in with Epic Games, you can either use a Windows device with one of their games installed on it, or you can do it via the epicgames website. Login to your account there and link your Steam account from connections.