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FASTEST 0-100 Grind Vitality, Melee, Range | BROKEN Hive Mother Farm
By Kite
Use the Hive Mother to farm your Vitality, Ranged, and Combat Experience from 0-100, semi-afk!
Includes video with demonstrations.
Introduction and Full Video (WATCH)
My name is Kite, and I’ve been trying to max out every single stat in Core Keeper, since I’m working on a bunch of dares from the devs. To that end, I’ve figured out the best way to farm Vitality, Melee, and Ranged EXP.

Here is the full guide in video format. I recomend watching over reading.
Basic Fundimental Knowledge
This is rather simple, but requires some base knowledge. First of which is how the EXP system works. Vitality EXP gain is based off kills, while Melee and Ranged EXP is based on HITS. This means that you want to use a weapon with the lowest damage, but highest attack speed. To this end, I recommend resetting your skills so that you take the entry level attack speed perks, but ignore everything else.

Why not endurance runner? We will be abusing starvation, explained in detail later. We want to do the least ammount of damage, after all.

Why not Fast and Furious? It’s bugged and doesn’t work with our weapons of choice, the shovel and your fists. The flurry ability procs but it's broken for unarmed and shovels, so ignore it. It would have made this way less terrible, but that's ok, suffering builds character. And grinding in this game is suffering. Just look at my 36 hour farming timelapse that I’ll be uploading soon. For real. Please fix this, devs. Take it at 5/5 when it's done.

Why poison? Poison just seems to make grinding faster. It's a strange interaction that I haven't figured out just yet.

Keep in mind that the Hive Mother cannot target you beyond 14 squares, which we will be abusing, and the fight will reset after a short period of time at around 20ish squares away, which is also amusible. This gives you a lot of control in this fight. See the video for more details.
Building Your Hive Mother Farm.

Now, notice that you can just walk up to the Hive Queen. Use this to your advantage to use your shovel to create your ancient training arena. You will be able to dig around, but not inside the arena.
Monsters spawn in 4 nodes around the boss. We’ll show off how to encourage these bugs to become your training partners later.

I’ve provided my blueprint in the linked video, and I’m sure you can optimize it further. It’s the concept that counts here, there are no points for these acetic aesthetics.

Having a bridge like this allows up to focus and funnel enemies in a convenient bug corrale, allowing either your shovel, fists, grubzooka, or other ranged weapon to easily spar with your buggy buddies.
Keep in mind that the Hive Mother cannot target you beyond 14 squares, which we will be abusing, and the fight will reset after a short period of time at around 20ish squares away, which is also amusible. This gives you a lot of control in this fight.

Items/Weapons/Preperations and Starvation
Before we can begin or path to enlightenment, we must be the one to first cast the first stone.

Tin, also known as Dragonforce, is the strongest metal known to man. It is acid proof, corosion proof, and only your fists or a wooden shovel can dismantle it. So don't accidentally hit it or you will be digested alive like in a weird furry doujin when the artillery creates acid pools.

Torches also work and will prevent acid from spawning, but spikes are more aesthetic, and will save your life in case an enemy teleports into you. See video for examples.

The humble wood shovel is the perfect tool to also fix any unhappy, unintentional mistakes that will cause you to be prematurely digested. Simply dig up any acid and reset the fight if you need to. Make sure you have a broken one, as well as a fixed one. This is important.

Use the wood shovel until it breaks, as prolonged spanking your enemies causes emotional damage, which gets you combat exp faster than simply killing your enemies.
When your holy yoai paddle breaks, you unlock your ultimate skill: fist. You no longer are at risk of accidentally removing your anti-digestion panels

Why unarmed? It has a similar range to a shovel, but does the least amount of damage.
Then, to order to surpass your mortal limits, you must feel the worm. That is the truth of kung fu.
Martial Arts, hand to hand combat. The only way to get enlightingment.

Why do we do this? Remember, Range and Combat EXP is based on hits, not damage or kills. You want the highest attack speed, but the lowest possible damage so that you can slap those bug bottoms for as long as possible.

But first, In order to find your center and embrace total Enlighted ultimate Kung Fu, you must first engage in ritualistic fasting. Like all zen pursuits, it will involve overcoming starvation and suffering. Complaining will not make the pain go away, but your character will do it anyway pretty often.
There isn't any DoorDash down here, the only satisfaction you'll be getting is from the crazy EXP you’ll get down at the Grub Hub.

Go Hit Things for like, 20 hours (not kidding)
If you've watched the video/read the guide, the next step is obvious. Kite enemies down the aggro path to the bridge, and hit them with unarmed/ranged. There you go. Now do this for 20 hours to get from 0-100 in Vitality, Ranged, and Melee!
Random Tips
And finally, some tips.

-Waves of small maggots are perfect to kill with your fists for maximum exp procs.

-Big maggot waves and explodey boys should be destroyed via range or the Grubzooka for the vitality exp ASAP. For some reason the blowpipe seemed to give me more exp, and I theorize it's because of poison procs.

-Having multiple shovels will swap to a fresh one. Make sure you are aware of this.

-By equipping two clout rings, found in this biome, you can also regain any lost clout from being hit by any errant goo.

That, and if you do get two you can make sure all your numbers are 1s, 0s, 6s, and 9s, like some sort of proctology exam fisticuff robot, as shown in my video (hint hint).

And there you go. You can farm this all day as long as you leash enemies from the other side of the arena. I’ve been grinding this for the last 20 hours and I’m only at like 80. Please, send help.
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ZeroGravitas Apr 13 @ 7:42pm 
@Kite - Oh yikes! Take your time resting and recovering, especially if it's the Covid. No one wants to make post-viral illness worst, trust me! Don't try to push through or let anyone tell you exercise is needed (if something does linger). Anyway...

But little change to look out for: it looks like the devs just fixed being able to use broken tool/weapons to get their melee range with fist attacks (while having them selected). Hive spawns don't appear to give Easter eggs either.
Kite  [author] Apr 13 @ 5:23pm 
Thanks for the input! I've had updated builds and video scripts written for weeks now, but I've been terribly sick. I'm hoping that I can actually finish some videos sooner rather than later.
ZeroGravitas Apr 11 @ 9:11pm 
Ah, cool. You have a Steam guide, too! (I commented on your video already.)

I believe you can massively improve on the effectiveness of this design with one small tweak. That is, beside what other guide videos have shown: mob conveyors and taking the Hive Mother down to half health for faster spawns...

EXP is awarded per enemy hit (number pop-up), right? Rather than per swing? In that case, my design is about 3 times faster for melee levelling. (I'll upload and link a screenshot later, if you'd like?)

I AFK'd my farm for 3 hours and came back to 7 new melee points to allocate, ending at level 85. Which means it gained me at least 35 levels, I think? I didn't understand the levelling system before starting, so didn't think to check starting levels.

And 2 new vitality points, ending at level 89. The EXP curves are viciously steep, though, right? So it's harder to compare between players with characters at different levels.:KSad:
Kite  [author] Mar 26 @ 1:50pm 
Fixing the video. Expect an update version this week/weekend.
okarun Mar 24 @ 2:39pm 
videos went down
offer022 Mar 24 @ 3:38am 
The video is missing. Very interesting read BTW.
Kite  [author] Mar 24 @ 12:11am 
The problem with plants is that you get 1-2 instances per hit, when you COULD be getting way more with a perfect maggot spawn. Time vs efficiency, I suppose, but also a valid method.
Hemdall CoFH Mar 22 @ 5:25pm 
As long as you don't unarmed melee harder than 12 damage a hit (and not have the attack speed buff), you can smack the goblin farmer plants forever. If you get lucky and find a farm in the Azeos area it can have two plants together at once for faster melee leveling.
Kite  [author] Mar 19 @ 9:10am 
@KriegerKane, I'm doing fishing right now. Even with the EXP buff from yesterday, it will STILL take me about 10 hours to do 70-100. FML.
KriegerKane Mar 19 @ 9:07am 
May the Warm-Blanket-Award ease the pain in your heart, which made you do such madness! I hope your commitment lets the devs think about the exp-rate of many of the skilltrees - would love to see a no-pause dev-stream trying to get fishing to level 100. :steammocking: