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Making bank in warframe 1.0(credits/platinum farming and trading guide)
By RedNovaIgnition
A guide to making platinum without actually buying it and the best places to farm credits to fuel your trading empire Part two is out
(Please note this is my first guide and may not be up to par with other guides)

Firstly I want say before I tell you the secrets to becoming a platinuimare(see what I did there) that this guide is in no way a guaranteed way to earn platinum. Selling and trading completely depend on the seller and buyer. Not every deal you put out there will be noticed but if you have the patience and desire you will make a lot of platinum.

Now lets go over the basics of platinum. Platinum is the paid currency of the Warframe universe and can be compared to gems in most free to play app games. It can be used as a way to fast track you to end game(through buying weapons and warframes), speed up an item buliding, buy weapon or warframe slots, or a cosmetic item. There are two ways to earn this highly sought after currency.
1) Buying it through the warframe website
Pros: It is a guaranteed amount and faster than trading
Cons: Cost $$$$
2) Downloading a platinum generator(good luck with that)
Pros: If you can find one that works infinite platinum
Cons: None of Them work and will give
3)Trading prime items and mods for it on the trade channel
Pros: It completely free
Cons: Can take a long time to actually make platinum

This guide is aimed at teaching you how to shorten the time it takes to earn platinum through trading

Staples of the Warframe economy(mods)
I am assuming you actually read the overview and are now hungry for knowledge of the dark arts of trading. First you must know the things that everyone needs in Warframe mods. Mods are used to upgrade warframes and weapons. Certain mods are highly sought after due to rarity or their cost to max out. Surprisingly most of these mods are used in end game builds due to the buffs they give to a weapon or warframe.

All mods in the first class can be thought as food and water in the real life. Things that you need that you could make on your on but don't want to due to laziness or lack of time so you buy it.
The first tier of these mods are usually very easy to find but very expensive to max out.

Drop locations: almost every enemy in the game
Each can sell for 50p-100p at max rank
Pros: The mods are very easy to find and sell for a very high price
Cons: Maxing out these mods are very time consuming and will eat through your credits and fusion core stockpile
Best method to acquire: you should probably wait until you have about 50p from selling other items in the trade channel then try to buy a maxed version of the mods mentioned for that price then try to sell it at 100p netting you a profit of 50p.

Tier 2 of this class requires you to do vault runs to get them. If you don't know what a vault run is I have linked a video on it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgInUDSfatg (please note this not my own video all credit for it goes to the owner) These are also very hard to max out. Narrow minded for example cost 1,000,000 credits to max out but at the same time are also used in many end game build making them highly desirable
They are as follows

Drop location: Orkin vaults
Each can sell for 50p-150p at max rank
Pros: Get noticed very quickly on the trade channel
Cons: Can be a little hard to find and will eat through your fusion core and credits stockpiles

The second class of mods that are big sellers on the trade channel are mods that hard to find even though they shouldn't be(kind of like when you lose your wallet) and are used at both higher and lower tiers of players
Tier one is as follows:

Drop locations:
Streamline: Grineer T3 Defense Reward(Lares Mercury)
Continuity: Corpus T3 Defense Reward
General Sargas Ruk(suggested)
Intensify: Infested T3 Defense Reward(Dark Sector Defense on Venus)
Split chamber:Corpus T3 Defense Reward(Xini Eris)
Pathogen rounds:Anti MOA( can be Found on Elara Jupiter)
Can sell for 10p-30p on the trade channel
Pros: Won't break your bank like the class one mods
Cons: Hard to find, don't sell as fast as the class one mods, sell for a lot less then class one mods

Tier two of class two are pretty hard to get I don't even one of them yet and are as followed

Drop location: Orkin vault
Can sell for 15p-30p
Pros: They go pretty fast on the trade channel
Cons: Low selling price and they are a b#$%h to get
Doge in Space steroids (Kubrow mods)
Newly introduced kubrows are great they are cute, furry, and best of all very profitable. The kubrow craze has brought a hole(get it because their dogs) new branch of mods to sell and trade for. The best is most sell very fast and most sell very high. Now this is because like corrupted mods they are pretty hard to get since they only drop from Feral Kubrows. Feral Kubrows only spawn on earth from Kubrow nest which can spawn any where from 10-20 Kubrow per nest. These nest usally spawn in pairs of two so you can get any where from 20-40 chances to get any of the Kubrow mods. My best suggestion to farming these is bring a Nekros to use desacrate to double your mod drop chances.

Class one of the kubrow mods follow the same rules as class one in the previous section of mods. They sell high but cost alot to upgrade to max out and are as follows.

These mods sell for 300p-400p at max rank expect for bite witch can sell for 400p-800p somtimes unranked
Pros: Sell for very high prices
Cons: Take alot of credits and fusion cores to max out

The sencond class of kubrow mods don't sell for as much as the first or as fast. They are the most common of the kubrow mods

These mods will sell at max or unranked for 5p-10p
Pros:They very easy to find
Cons: They are not worth the time it takes to sell them on the trade channel
Highly Desired items(Prime parts and blueprints)(Outdated)
Prime items everyone wants to have a prime item in their hands but as a trader we need to know what is highly desired at the moment and why. Take for example the humble boltor prime its parts are very easy to find but the blueprint is very rare. Lots of people want to buy it rather then run 100+ MD3 to get it. Simply the rarer the item the more people want it allowing you to jack up the price really high but if the trade channel is flooded with with said item at 100p each someone is going to bump it down to 90p,80p,70p and so on to sell it. This has both happened to the Boltor prime BP(blue print) and the stance mod traniqul cleave they both were worth about 50p-100p now they are worth 15p-20p.

Here a list of the highest/fastest selling itmes
Loki prime chassis: 15p-30p
Loki prime helment: 50p-80p
Loki prime systems: 50p-60p
Loki prime blueprint: 10p-15p
Bo prime handle: 20p-30p
Bo prime blueprint: 10p-30p
Boltor prime blueprint: 20p-30p
Mag prime systems: 20p-30p
Rhino prime chassis: 15p-30p
Ember prime systems: 15p-30p
wyrm prime systems: 40p-50p
wyrm prime cerebrum: 40p-100p
wyrm prime carapace: 30p-40p
wyrm prime blueprint: 50p-100p
orthos prime blades: 10p-20p

(Note these prices are based on what I have gotten the most trade request from and may change for you if you can sell a bo prime ornament for 70p do it. These are just general prices that sell at high prices and get noticed fast you can change them if you think they are too low for an item. Time is money(or platinum in this case) the more time you spend trying to sell an item the more money you lose by missing potential trades.)

Their drop loctions are listed on the wiki if you need to find out where and how to get them

Getting your trades noticed
There are many ways to get your trades noticed before I tell my 4 favorite ways lets go over the basic terms used in the trade channel

WTS: Want to sell
WTT: Want to trade
WTB: Want to buy
PC: Price check

Now for the 4 ways I get my trades noticed

1) Discount deals
In this tactic you will choose a set of three to four items say they are each so and so price each then say that if bought as a pack. From here take 5p-10p off from how much it would cost if not bought as a pack. Example you price 4 parts 25p if someone were to buy them separate it would be 100p but the package would cost 90p-95p.

(Note: I use number one the most I usually get 4 to five trade a day and can make 200p a day)

Pros: Like the steam summer sale people will just eat up these types of deals faster then you can supply them(relatively speaking)
Cons: You may lose some of the platinum you could have earned from these types of trades

2) Sets
In this tactic you choose one prime weapon or warframe that you have all the parts to and sell it for the combined price of all the pieces. Example WTS loki prime set 200p.
Pros: Unlike the first tactic you don't have to lose any platinum
Cons: This the most used tactic so there is heavy competition, they don't sell as fast as tactic 1 does(unless it is loki prime), it takes time to farm a set

3) Single items
Pretty self explanatory. If it was not mentioned in the highly desired items list it will sale for about 5p-15p
Pros: you don't have to sell all the parts at once and may get a buyer that will offer more than the part is valued at
Cons: These are rarely noticed on the trade channel if it is not in the highly desired list you might not ever find a buyer

4) Buyer's request
These are very good usually sometimes these types of buyers offer large amounts of platinum for one item or a set of items. Example WTB loki prime helmet 150p.
Pros: Can get a higher price then the item(s) are valued at
Cons: Good deals are rare, when you do see one there is a high you won't get the deal, the buyer may try to lower the price.

(Note if the buyer tries to lower the price by 5p try to stay firm and get them to go back to their regular price remember you are in charge. if he/she won't move back to the original price ask yourself is it worth losing the current platinum being offered. Example 150p lowered to 145p not that big of a deal but 10p lowered to 5p don't do it.)

These tactics have helped me the most in the trade channel but are not a guaranteed way to get trades just keep at the trade channel rewards for persistent

Fueling your trading empire
There are three things you will need to keep your trading empire supplied with parts and mods void keys,fusion cores and, credits. First lets start with credits

Credits are the thing you need to be able to trade and upgrade your mods. You can get them from completing missions, selling items or daily login rewards. The best way to get them is completing missions I recommend the following mission

It is located on pluto and is a infested defense it is not very hard to beat and rewards a lot of credits 25000 each time. To farm effectively stay until wave 5 then leave which will take you roughly 5 minutes. So if you were to do this for 1 hour you would complete 12 games so 12x25000= 300,000 credits each hour so in about 4 hour you can have 1,000,000 credits easy. Allowing you to upgrade any mods you need to max or refill your credit stockpile

The only con to this is if a clan greedy clan takes that dark sector and jacks up the credit tax from 0% to 75% which can be pretty annoying

The second way to farm creits is runing void missions
Any teir void mission will give you routhly the same amount of credits as a sechura run. You really only should be running these if sechura is held by clan that taxes you above 10% for credits or if you are getting bored of running sechura below is a list of the best void mission types to farm for creits
T1 capture
T2 capture
T3 capture
T4 capture

These can be completed in a matter of few seconds if you speed run it with loki or ash bulit for invisibility or any frame that excels at knocking enemies down. Bring a squad of at least two to maximize your speed and shave seconds off your time to maximize your creit output per hour

T1 exterminate
T2 exterminate
T3 exterminate

These can be completed in 1 to 2 minutes with a squad of 4. Aoe frames are the best for these as they can kill almost everything in a room. I would suggest following frames

ash with a blade storm bulid
Rhino with a stomp bulid

The only con to doing this instead of sechura is the fact you need to farm void keys to get to these missions and you have to find a squad through the recruiting channel

Second lets talk about farming fusion cores

Fusion cores are used to upgrade mods and are a faster way to upgrade then adding random mods.Trust me you are going to use these up really faster than a fat kid eating a twinkie. There are two ways to get these drops from enemies in missions or T4 void survival rewards. The best way to farm fusion cores is T4 survivals. Not only are you almost guaranteed to get you x5 rare fusion core after 5 minutes you also have have a high chance of getting uncommon and common cores to drop from enemies.

Lastly lets talk about farming void keys

These keys allow you access to void mission which can drop the prime parts I talked about earlier here are where they drop from.
T1: Any non void Tier Defense or Survival they usually appear wave 15 or at 15 minutes (example E Gate on Venus)
T2: Any non void Tier 2 Defense or Survival they usually appear wabe 15 or at 15 minutes (example Wendell Phobos)
T3: Any non void Tier 3 Defense or Survival they usually appear wave 15 or at 15 minutes (example Outer terminus on Pluto)
T4:T4 Survival, Defense, and Interception usually appear Round 3 on Viver (Eris), Draco (Ceres) and Cerberus (Pluto) T4 Exterminate, Capture, and Mobile Defense keys can start appear Round 3 on Augustus (Mars)

Look on the wiki to find out what tier certain mission are
Thank you
Thank you for reading I hope it helped leave a like if this was helpful or a comment if you find any spelling mistakes, something that is inccorect, or think I missed something.

Need a clan try these links:

Translating the guide
I would like to give this guide to other people who do not speak the same language as me so if anyone would translate this for me into their native language I would be very happy and you would become a contributor on the guide pm me or comment if you want to help
*Note* This guide is now outdated so here are links to updated info
The new guide is now completed so use that along with this one
prime parts priceing are now outdated

Updated list on where to find void keys

Updated list on where to find prime items and R5 fusion cores

Link to forums:

These are very good guide I personally use while farming for items to sell. I did not make ethier of these guides but I do recomend them to any one trying to farm plat.

I also so decided to set up a steam group geared towards helping people with trading in warframe so people can share prices ranges sale achievements and other various things with each other


Thank you for reading if you ever want to trade or need help with a mission
message me in game my name is BraverLeech37
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R.Y.N.O Apr 25, 2015 @ 11:18am 
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if it is primed flow I would image any where between 150-200p
regular flow would be 5p-15p
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