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Lunacid's Additives (Alch. Ingredients)
By Reniachii
Lunacid has a ton of ingredients spread everywhere and sometimes it can be hard to track where you got X from.
This guide attempts to ease such stress.

Guide is still a heavy WIP, feel free to post recipes you found in the comments.

Guide made for game version Beta 0.8.2 might be outdated in the future! although I do plan to update everytime I can.
= Foraging Explanation =
Foraging in Lunacid is quite simple. All you gotta do is hit a brekable object like flowers or pots, and more often than not, you'll get an ingredient for alchemy. Recipes are listed here:
~ Ashes
Given by: Breaking pots. Higher chance to get them when breaking pots on the Temple of Silence. Also given by killing skeleton enemies and their variables, aswell as breaking coffins.

~ Onyx
Given by: Mummy in the Temple of Silence or by Shulkers.
~ Yellow Morel
Given by: Breaking Yellow Morel Mushrooms in the Yosei Forest

~ Destroying Angel
Given by: Venus
~ Obsidian
Given by: Hollow's Basin Shulkers, Catacombs Mares
~ Ocean Bone Shard
Given by: Breaking crates and barrels. You can also get them by killing Snails.
~ Lotus Seed Podd
Given by: Breaking the Lotus Seed Podd plant located all over The Fetid Mire

~ Fire Opal
Given by: Cursed Paintings
~ Snowflake Obsidian
Given by: Mi-Go
~ Opal
Given by: Breaking crates and Barrels
Guide was written in the Beta 0.8 Day One.
The objective is to keep updating it the more we, the community, find more and more ingredients.

Last update: March 16 2022 04:27 GMT-3
I'm currently testing a private beta branch where materials don't work and alchemy is semi-broken so apologies for not being able to do everything faster :(
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Roger Cheeto May 22 @ 2:21am 
Opals can drop from killing Yakul (the deer ghosts in Yosei Forest)
Keeper Mar 17 @ 9:01pm 
Had Onyx drop from a Shulker in Hollows Basin
Godfinger Mar 16 @ 4:19pm 
Destroying Angel can be dropped by Venus's
Cursed Paintings drop Fire Opal's
Mi-Go's drop Snowflake Obsidian
Godfinger Mar 16 @ 10:19am 
Obsidian is dropped by Mares in the Catacombs
Variable Why Mar 16 @ 5:55am 
Destroying Angel can be found in Yosei Forest too, from the wide, flat mushrooms.