Arma 3
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[SP CAMPAIGN] Sand in the Soup
This is a single collection of the 8 mission singleplayer campaign "Sand in the Soup" made by Katane.
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Sand in the Soup - Mission 01
Created by Katane
You're back to your main base in CAM LAO NAM. Meet with your teammates in town and bring them back to the base.

Sand in the Soup - Mission 02
Created by Katane
Having a good night at the camp ? Not for so long. The two main cities are under attack. Go immediatly to the briefing. You and your team "Cobra 3" have to cut the heads of the two leaders....
Sand in the Soup - Mission 03
Created by Katane
Logistic task is not a part of Cobra 3 job. But sometimes when CDT. WILSON need to be sure that the mission is gonna be a success, you have to do it....
Sand In the Soup - Mission 04
Created by Katane
After the ambush, they bring us to a camp. I can't tell where it is. The only thing i know is that i have to escape that camp....
Sand in the Soup - Mission 05
Created by Katane
You are lost in the jungle, you are hurt, you have to find a way to survive......
Sand in the Soup - Mission 06
Created by Katane
After a while i was ready to go and help my teammates. The mission gonna be hard. I have to plan it good. Hopefully the brothers from the temple can help me a bit....
Sand in the Soup - Mission 07
Created by Katane
Finaly my team is complete. We have time to rest a bit. I begin to like this place, but it's time to go....
Sand in the Soup - Mission 08
Created by Katane
Last night was terrible. My body is still shaking because of the adrenaline.
Here we are, in an unknown village, half destroyed by the fight we had against that chopper.
It's clearly time to go back to Da Nang base.
I have to investigate about ennemies po...