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aghanim2 007

This is an early access version of the original map Aghanim2 996

Official dress link:


This map based on the official Aghanim2 version,
Featuring more money, more difficulty, and more bosses from the original map "Happy"!

There will be persistent updates to the game, including the introduction of LV2 Items, Heroes, and bosses, with weekly updates.

Default N5 difficulty
All Elite opening
Level 6 and 7777 money
All hidden shard effects
Double bosses


Unlock All Blessings

New Difficulty 6 , After selecting the shards and Talk to Aghamin
-> Select "Return" blessings ,Then Turn on difficulty 6!

New Difficulty 7 , After selecting the shards and Talk to Mysterious Demon

New Hide Difficulty. Capture the outpost tower on the left side of the game at first. If you have already talked to Aghamin, the difficulty will be dropped.


Difficulty 6:
No longer has blessings but Gain 77 shards reroll chances!

Difficulty 7:
Gold gain increased by 30%%.
Gain chance to kill a monster with given in Tome of Greater Aghanim.
Increases the difficulty of all monsters by one level.

Hide Difficulty:
Increases the difficulty of all monsters by three levels.

Note: All difficulty can be stacked!

Follow-up progress:

1. The new hero

2. The new boss

3. The new map

4. The new items



If you have any bug feedback and suggestions,plz Leave a message at the creative Workshop!Thanks!

Updated Lv2 items: Shiva, Daedalus, Mokey King Bar, Hammer and Cyclone ,Bloodstone,Desolator

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Patrick  [author] Jun 20 @ 7:26pm 
@Zatral.TMF only 4 players are supported since May 30th update. sorry bro,because there are fewer players now
Zatral.TMF Jun 20 @ 2:16pm 
May 30th update introduced a bug where 5 players is not working.

4 players can choose skills and benefit from from shards and experience bonuses, but the 5th player can not interact with anything and gets no bonuses
Рыгальд Apr 8 @ 7:26am 
not work
Patrick  [author] Mar 26 @ 12:21am 
Whorecrux Mar 25 @ 8:10am 
Excellent! Also possible to add damage tracker for the team? There is another workshop Aghanim2 map that shows damage in the scoreboard live
Patrick  [author] Mar 24 @ 7:34pm 
Thx for your message ! I will try my best!
Whorecrux Mar 24 @ 8:50am 
Would be more fun with more heroes. Also, Riki and Disruptor are too strong and can speedrun level 7 difficulty. Would also be awesome if you add the items from Aghanim 10v10 - Windy.