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Half-Life: Alyx

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Awakened from stasis, you are an unknown protagonist tasked with a single objective inside one of the Combine's most oppressive facilities: Nova Prospekt. Helping you with this task is a radio operator with intentions not quite clear to you except that he wants you to succeed with your objective.

  • Full custom dialogue and story
  • Environments inspired by Half Life 2s Nova Prospekt
  • 45-60 minutes of playtime
  • 80 Resin total
  • Recommended Difficulty: HARD

Install Instructions:
  1. Subscribe to the mod and all of it's dependencies, either manually or over the pinned Workshop collection.
  2. Once in game, turn on the mod as well as its dependencies
  3. Begin with MONOMYTH

  • Q: I'm seeing flashing red geometry when booting up the map, how do I fix this?
  • A: You probably didn't turn the dependencies on correctly.

  • Q: While running the mod I tend to crash frequently and I use an Nvidia GPU, why?
  • A: Try updating to the latest Nvidia GPU drivers and perhaps try lowering graphic settings as well as trying to close any programs you have running in the background that are not super necessary.

  • Q: Teleporting really fast through the mod made my game crash, what gives?
  • A: Excessive and rapid teleporting over long distances will cause your game to crash.

  • Q: Is this compatible with Merciless?
  • A: Yes, Merciless is supported.


Special Thanks:

Songs from Half Life 2 used: Aprehension and Evasion, Nova Prospekt, Hard Fought

Some notes:
It took me more than a year to finish this and I had to overcome many, many rocks that were thrown in my way on the road to finish this, but now I have finally done it. I hope you enjoy playing it and I also hope that all the hard work that has gone in from my person shows! Thank you for playing Monomyth!

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Aug 6 @ 7:15am
keeps crashing
< >
cikic.branko90 Oct 7 @ 2:53am 
jonoPorter  [author] Sep 2 @ 2:39am 
You probably didn't turn on the dependency mods.
ratcat Sep 2 @ 2:11am 
Whaddaya get when you converge Monogon with MythOS? Monomyth! Nahh joshin' Its pretty good fun to play. Only one question. Are the stairs meant to be invisible? IE: No textures? I found the latticework in red a bit distractin TBH. But its better than anythin I could do.
Drosmel Aug 9 @ 3:38pm 
This was great! Good job!
Skummeh Jul 31 @ 5:20am 
@sergio.e.samayoa You are very welcome and so glad you enjoyed it. This effort received my highest 10/10 rating for good reason.
sergio.e.samayoa Jul 30 @ 8:41pm 

Me bad!
I started the last part first! XD XD XD XD

I played the whole thing now - cool!
First combat in the laundry is tough! I die at least 3 times to pass there!

Cool map sir!
Skummeh Jul 30 @ 7:12pm 
@sergio.e.samayoa You likely have some conflicting addons activated or started from the wrong map. You should only have the following addons turned on:

Half-Life 2 Remade Assets Definitive Edition Part 1
Half-Life 2 Remade Assets Definitive Edition Part 2
Half-Life 2 Remade Assets Definitive Edition Part 3

Optionally you can turn on Merciless by Cuser for a bigger challenge.

Also, you must start the Monomyth map and not Odyssey or Iliad.

Goto the timestamp in my video and ensure you are starting the correct map and seeing a similar list of active addons:

sergio.e.samayoa Jul 30 @ 7:01pm 
I started in a room full armed and took me 5-10 min to play.
JeppSeven Jul 26 @ 12:48pm 
Great map. Challenging battles, low ammo strategies required to stay in the game :)
Skummeh Jun 25 @ 6:13am 
@vincent_g You only need the first 3 parts, but the creators of the HL2 asset pack have recently added a 4th one to their collection now. You do not need it installed or activated to run this particular mod. In fact, if you install the collection there is a non-combat map you can play that shows off all of the assets and has some Easter eggs. Definitely worth checking out.