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Female New Faces
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Mar 3 @ 8:58pm
Sep 21 @ 12:53pm
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Female New Faces

New faces for females based on several characters of games and films

* Updated 3.0
* Compatible with IQoL
* Added Pale Skin Colors and Eyes Colors (Light values, more than 1)

FemaleHeadSelection ID: 202001 to 202035
EyeColors ID: 202001 - 202002 - 202003
SkinColor ID: 202001 - 202002 - 202003 - 202004
Hair ID:202011 - 202017 - 202021 - 202027 - 202028
Mod ID: 2772364595

* Put below Barbarian Barber in mods
* In some heads, the eyes and eyebrows need to be manually adjusted by IQoL

Credits Textures/Base Mesh/Hair:
- Life is Strange:True Colors/Deck Nine (Alex Chen)
- A plague Tale Innocence/Asobo Studio (Amicia)
- Detroit: Become Human/Quantic Dream (Chloe)
- Last of Us 2/Naughty Dog (Dina and Ellie)
- Binary Domain/Ryu ga Gotoku Studio (Faye Lee)
- Death Stranding/Kojima Productions (Fragile)
- Resident Evil 6/Capcom (Sherry)
- Resident Evil 3 Remake/Capcom (Jill)
- Resident Evil 8 DLC/Capcom (RoseMaryl)
- Alien: Isolation/The Creative Assembly (Taylor)
- Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss (Tiphaine)
- Nier: Automata/PlatinumGames (2b)
- PUBG:New State/Krafton, PUBG Studios (Face #2)
- The Witcher 3/CD Projekt Red (Yennefer)
- Horizon Zero Dawn/Guerrilla Games (Alloy)
- Resident Evil 2 Remake/Capcom (Ada)
- Resident Evil 5/Capcom (Sheva and Jill)
- COD:MW 2019/Infinity Ward (Farah)
- AC Syndicate/Ubisoft (Evie)
- The Quarry/Supermassive Games (Abigail)

Some faces have been moved by sliders, you can download the presets for those faces:

Credits Hair Preview:
- Barbarian Barber
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Paiva Sep 25 @ 11:33am 
I can't use the presets since I'm playing on GeForce NOW, how sad :( but great mod as always!
ZauberstaubiX Sep 25 @ 8:32am 
A very good MOD but, too bad i'm using an older version of the game and i don't have textures in your new faces. I only see the gray head models. :/
Shadow Sep 25 @ 2:39am 
You need "Improved Quality of Live" (IQoL) mod for the presets.

Put the .sav files into
"..\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\SaveGames"
Afterwards you can load them ingame via the IQoL char edito (SHIFT+M).
If it asks for the filename to import copy the name of the .sav you want to import and paste it without the .sav at the end. For example "IQOL_Character_ada_default".
maverickjw Sep 24 @ 12:08pm 
How do you add the presets?
Shadow Sep 23 @ 10:55am 
Thx, those helped me indeed with the looks.
Shadow Sep 22 @ 11:41pm 
Greetings and thanks for the great mod! There are not enough faces in the base game for sure.

I Got a question and a request.
What slider settings do you use for the previews? They look awesome but whenever I load the faces ingame they look different. I mean the faces are fine but different to your previews.
Is it standard sliders ike 0, 0, 0 or did you use a special setting for every face?

(To be honest I don't know what I am asking for. I don't have any clue if it's possible and how much work it might be. So please excuse if I'm asking for to much.)
Could you make the eyes of your faces fit to the custom eyes of the RA mod? At some faces the RA eyes have a slight offset. On most faces they are not visible at all. I noticed that the RA eyes fit just perfect in your last two faces so I hope it's possible to correct it for all of them and that it's not to much to ask for. (Last two faces are 46 and 47 in IQoL. One with an offstet is 41. At least for me.)
wyrm-x Sep 22 @ 3:16pm 
Thanks, it is a great mod.

However, the updates come too frequently. Many of my players are unable to connect until I can restart the server which can be upwards of 24 hours or more if I am away for a weekend. I am forced to remove this from my server for now, but may pick it up again once the update schedule calms down. Please consider lumping the content updates in the future.
NiHZ Sep 22 @ 11:47am 
THAT HAIR ♥ ♥ ♥!
frodo67 Sep 22 @ 11:07am 
Лицо меняется когда скверна наложена?
xGhoulTK Sep 21 @ 8:59pm 
Thank you for the continuous work on this mod! ignore monimooni, imagine complaining about receiving content updates. i also host a server and we appreciate your work and commitment to giving us more faces, and pressing 1 button to restart the server ain't a big deal!! update as much as you want in fact UPDATE MORE give us more haha :steamhappy: