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How to Reach New Void Boss and get New Survivor [Updated]
By E G G
The New DLC is here, everything is in chaos because no one know what each items does what and how to get to where and all that jazz.

A new Boss is available to fight, a Void Themed Boss.

Defeating this boss unlocks Void Fiend ( The New warpy survivor )

[Note you need the DLC to reach any new void stages and fight new boss]

Why is this made?
Currently, the DLC has just been released and as everyone is scrambling to figure out what does what and how to get where, since there be no wikis and the youtube tutorials are limited.

I've decided to compile a bit of information on the New boss

This is just a short guide for those who just want to get the info quickly and not have to look too far.

There are a few videos online already with some visual details, but here is some written down info

Note that this information may not be 100% accurate, as nothing is very clear at the moment.
How to Reach new Void lands
There are multiple ways to reach the void lands,
You need the DLC to go to the void lands.
Just have to mention this just in case.

First Way : Luck
Upon entering a stage (most likely the third stage). There is a chance that a purple orb will appear on the teleporter, upon defeating the boss, a Void Portal will spawn, leading you to the Void lands.
(A message should show up in chat saying something about a void orb being there)

Second Way : Newt Dreams
When you go into the Newt's Shop, there is a chance that one of the Dream pedestals (the things you press to get to pick the next stage), Will have the Void Lands on it.
[This is pretty rare, but confirmed true]

Third Way : Void Fields
In Newt's Shop, if you go into the Null portal hidden bellow by jumping off next to blue portal.
You will reach the Void Fields, where you do your normal void fields things. Once you've charges all 9 bubbles, the void will clear, and your there will be 2 exit portals instead of 1. The Null portal will lead you to the next normal stage, the Void Portal will lead you to the Void Lands.

Fourth Way : Confirmed not working.
If you enter the void fields, and see that you have made a grave mistake, perhaps the you got bad luck on your enemies spawn, or they have too powerful of items. You can actually leave right away.
By going to the glowing Null portal. But watch out, the void damage you take is higher then it used too and will kill you pretty quickly, even if you click the portal, it takes a moment to actually warp you.

Once you've escaped the Void fields, the next stage you end up on, SHOULD, have a void orb on the teleporter.

Fifth Way : fromg
Upon going to the moon and killing god.
Instead of leaving the moon via the spaceship, run back all the way to where you spawned at.
There will be a frog, of which you can pet 10 times, each pet costing 1 lunar coin.
Upon the tenth pet, a void portal will spawn, leading you directly to the Deep Void.

The Deep Void being where the boss is, the Void Lands is is the void place you go to before you can go to the Deep void.

All these void name are confusing yeah

Here is a the information in video form (spoiler free)
How to Reach Boss
The Boss Spawns in the Deep Void

When using Method 1 to 4, you will be sent to the Void Lands, unless you used Way 5, then skip this part.

Upon entering the Void lands, you will be met with a lot of Void Enemies, which are pretty hard to beat up and do many damage.

Be careful of the "Black and White" effect, as anything that has that effect (mostly when a void creature dies), will be an instant death.

To leave the Void Lands and get to the Deep Void, you need to charge up a few bubbles, like on the moon or in Void fields. Starting the charge will summon creatures to try to stop you.

Once you've charged the required amount, a portal in the middle of stage will spawn, geet in there.

The boss is big crab
You have to defeat it 3 times.

When you first enter the Deep void, you must do some small parkour to get to the arena and then the crab will spawn.

After killing it once, it will warp away into a rift, follow it into the rift.
You will then have to do some more parkour on some random platforms and enter another rift.

You then have to kill it a second time. A few weak monsters will spawn around this time
After it dies, follow it again, do more parkour, rift.

In the third and final battle, you will take void damage, unless your are close to it within it's personal bubble. So, no very good for railgunner,
In this phase, crab will attempt to do the void vacuum a few times, which will drag you towards it, and probably kill you instantly due to the "black and white" void explosion effect.
Once it dies, it's over, good job you done it

Tips and Trick on not dying
Parkour is hard.
Unless very good at moving your character around, and have decent movement items, you might have some trouble in the parkour sections.

HeadStomper red item is recommended, as you might fall of into the void a few times, that combined with the void damage, can cause for to fast dying.

But if red item too rare, Getting the EGG equipment is easiest work around, maybe get 1 or 2 fuel cells to get some extra charges.

Alternatively, get 2 strides of heresy, (the item that turns your Shift into the "Healing and don't take damage flying orb").

Strides of heresy is also very very useful during the fight with the crab.
You can go Orb mode when it attacks and heal up any damage taken.
Also good for escaping the void vacuum.

Bonus tip, hide.
hiding like a coward is the best way of not dying.
Going behind cover and staying put is a bit against what we have been thought about this game, that being, run and never stop running. But here it's the best solution.
Crab shoots a lot of stuff and when it goes into laser bayblade, you better not get hit.
+hiding behind cover stops you from being absorbed by void vacuum.

Information in video form
Here is great video about how to fight boss:

ok bye
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Sonic Chaos 13 Mar 4 @ 5:26pm 
not sure but i think the frog is borked! at least it was for me after looping once as loader
The grim reaper of burger Mar 4 @ 12:47pm 
Heretic god tier for this btw
Rocktalon Mar 4 @ 9:37am 
@TasteFull Yes it is. You can ALSO do simulacrum wave 50 if you're a coward
TasteFull Mar 4 @ 7:21am 
this is not how you get the new survivor
FAUV Mar 4 @ 3:54am 
urethra1 Mar 3 @ 4:50pm 
i can confirm that you can get the void lands in the dream place
qwertyww Mar 3 @ 4:40pm 
Fourth way 100% does not work.
Catboy Degenerate Mar 3 @ 10:27am 
You don't need to go through the void fields to get the portal to spawn. I believe it spawns randomly some time during loop, not sure about other prerequisites such as having void items as someone said below; I think it's just random during loop though. Have yet to see it spawn before looping
Summeregg Mar 2 @ 11:48pm 
I don't think that it's easy to defeat that monster on Monsoon XD
Timber Mar 2 @ 6:31pm 
I think you can open the purple portal just by having the void items. I had like 3 or 4 different void items and it appeared for me.