Arma 3
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Landric's Orienteering (CamLaoNam)
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, TimeTrial
Scenario Map: Cam Lao Nam
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Feb 26 @ 8:10am
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Landric's Orienteering (CamLaoNam)

Train your map-reading skills; observe your surroundings, and navigate the course as fast as possible. This isn't a sprint - you'll need to take your time, use landmarks and terrain gradients, and plot the fastest route.

Play on a totally random course to train your skills, or choose from one of the predefined courses and challenge your friends to beat your time!

For best results, play on Veteran difficulty, or Custom difficulty with the player's map position and task waypoints disabled.

To tweak the Scenario's difficulty (e.g. time of day, starting equipment, number of checkpoints, etc.) run as a multiplayer game and change the scenario Parameters. See if you can navigate in total darkness, with only the storm to light your way!
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Landric  [author] Apr 12 @ 2:38am 
@Nordbo - glad you're enjoying it! The small flags can be a little tricky to spot (especially deep in the jungle) but you can cahnge it to a much larger flag in the scenario parameters.

Thanks for letting me know about the bug with the triggers, I'll look into that!
Nordbo Apr 11 @ 4:28pm 
Really enjoying this on hard mode. My first run-through was a little difficult because I didn't realize I was looking for a small orange flag. I finally found one, though.

-- Bug: Occasionally a flag will not trigger as completed even though I am standing on top of it.