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A Song of Ice and Fire
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A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire is a total overhaul mod for Europa Universalis 4 that aims to mesh the world of A Song of Ice and Fire with the gameplay of Europa Universalis.

These extras add more flavour to the mod, but have been split into seperate downloads due to their size. It is recommended you download these to get the fully experience.

A unique custom map, based upon the map used by the Game of Thrones mod for CK2.

Every single House from Westeros and many, many more realms found upon Essos. Province and country history is functionally complete, allowing you to switch between several different bookmarks.

Many game features have been tweaked or expanded to provide more depth to the mod. Here are quick overviews of each change:

Governments: Westeros has Noble, Great and Royal Houses (Gov. Rank 1, 2 and 3). Essos has Free Cities, Khases, the Ancient City and several more.

Religions: Faith of the Seven, the Old Gods, R'hllor and several more religions are represented. Many use religious mechanics such as Barbarism (piety), Blessing, Chaos (Doom), etc.

Institutions: renamed to Practices, there are seven practices: Westerosi, Essosian, Ghiscari, Yitish, Qartheen, Islander and Magical. These are assigned appropriately to realms across the map.

The Iron Throne: a rework of the HRE, electors have been removed and now the houses of Westeros comprise the members of the Seven Kingdoms, with the Royal House assuming the position of King.

Most Devout: a rename of the Papacy, the seat of the Seven at the Great Sept of Baelor is controlled by the Faith. Win their favour to reap rewards.

Ideagroup Rework: ideagroups have been slimmed down to 3 ideas + 1 bonus. Each ideagroup is more powerful, but the limit of 8 remains, making your choice more meaningful as the game progresses.

Buildings: a expanded selection of buildings has been added, with the requirements to build them altered slightly. Now better buildings will require the province to have a certain level of development before they can be built.

There are many more features that are too minor to list here.

  • CK2:AGOT Development Team for the original map files and a few images used in this mod.
  • Knuckey for making the original EU4 GOT mod for 1.5.
  • zitres for a few events
  • Riveregg for a few events


The mod doesn't require any DLC to run, but it does utilise several DLC features, so if you lack a DLC, parts of the mod may seem oddly missing.
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Tyranev 7 hours ago 
The.Heathen1 11 hours ago 
can you fix the war of the five kings, at the start date there is no war and houses make alliances that are wrong, such as the vale allying the lannisters, thanks
Borkas 13 hours ago 
still got the problem with the vanilla names on the world map - its just IDs. So there are no GoT factions. Thanks for your work!
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i love you
Abstynentus 16 hours ago 
thank you very much
zanZ 18 hours ago 
oh my gooood thankssssssssssssss!
Max 20 hours ago 
Oh God..
Friendly Neighbour Jul 19 @ 6:51pm 
thankyou so much!!!!
Vawser  [author] Jul 19 @ 6:43pm 
The mod has been updated for 1.25
Eksorium Jul 17 @ 9:40am 
UpDhAtHe PLHEAaHe *wearing cap 'Be patient I have autism' *