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A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones
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Jun 26, 2014 @ 6:43am
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A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice and Fire is a total overhaul mod for Europa Universalis 4 that aims to mesh the world of Game of Thrones with the gameplay of Europa Universalis.


  • CK2:AGOT Development Team
  • Knuckey
  • zitres
  • Riveregg
  • Theo



Does the mod support X version?
The mod currently supports version 1.28.3

Does this mod require DLC?
No. But the mod will use game features that are DLC-exclusive, so if you lack a DLC you may be missing content from the mod.

Why hasn't the mod been updated?
The mod may lag behind game updates if I lack the time to update properly. Simply get your betas password from Paradox Plaza [] and then go to Properties -> Betas in steam. From there, enter the password and select the currently supported version of EU4 from the dropdown list.

Why is the localization broken?
The mod currently only supports English localization. Switch your game language to English when playing the mod.

Why hasn't X been added?
Features added to the mod are at the discretion of the developer. If you want to increase the chances of your suggestion being added, add a clear and concise post in the suggestion thread or in our discord.

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Nov 5, 2018 @ 7:23pm
Why can't I ask for provinces outside my starting colours?
The Zealot
< >
Vawser  [author] 6 hours ago 
Not sure about your estates issue, if they appear in the province view then they should be appearing in the estate tab.

As for Ages, the feature has been disabled purposefully. The button is just a remnant.
JWarden 7 hours ago 
Hey. I can give land to estates but I can't see any of them in the "estates" tab. Is that some sort of bug or am I doing something wrong? In previous patches, i saw the estates normally.

Also, I can't see the golden era window with all its bonuses anymore. When I click the age icon, the window does not appear.

Could you help, please?
Vawser  [author] Mar 24 @ 2:08pm 
It is a bug in the current version of the mod. It will be fixed in the next release.

The workshop version is fully compatible with 1.28.3, so you don't need to use the patch anymore.
Bulatix Mar 24 @ 12:54pm 
Hello, I love the mod but I have a slight issue and I apologize if it has been answered before. It seems that no matter how hard I make the game the AI seems to never upgrade their tech past a few levels. Every game I’m in I have one war and afterwards I’m about 3 tech levels ahead and snowball from there. Late game I usually have to forcefully upgrade the AI’s tech levels and I’m wondering if this is a bug. I don’t think I’m going too fast, I can fully upgrade an idea and still be about 10 tech levels ahead. Any advice?
Kick-Ass Mar 24 @ 10:30am 
Hey Theo, quick question: which mod should I use? Normal or Patch?
It has been a while since I played it and now im trying but keeps crashing after I chose the nation and press play (it is a custom nation but this was not a problem in the past when I used this feature with this mod)
Theo  [author] Mar 24 @ 8:48am 
Isaken Mar 24 @ 8:08am 
love the mod:pg_thumb:
Theo  [author] Mar 24 @ 6:56am 

Normally that happens if steam screws up the download. Unsubscribe from the mod, delete all files with ASOIAF in the name from the mod folder (the one in your documents), restart steam, and then resubscribe to the mod. This should force the mod to redownload, hopefully properly this time. If you still have issues, try getting in touch on the discord server. It's a lot easier to help with these sorts of issues on there.
Keith Mar 24 @ 3:01am 
I have started the game with the mod enabled. Everything looks as always, however. The map is the standard. How do I enable it?
Theo  [author] Mar 23 @ 12:13pm 
It's intentional that they keep coming back (based on seasons), but based on feedback like this we'll be changing the behaviour to be more gameplay friendly.