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Spawn Configuration
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Feb 25, 2022 @ 3:51am
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Spawn Configuration

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Mod ID: 2764401968

This mod provides a variety of INI configurable options to enhance custom spawns

Current features:
Do nothing by default, must be set up in INI
-Prevent taming dinos over particular levels
-Allow taming dinos in spawners that are normally untameable
-Allow assigning dinos default buffs

Default features
-Loads a some creatures that aren't normally loaded outside their native map (Alpha Basilisks, Ghost creatures, Tek giga, etc) allowing for them to be INI spawned and not despawn on restarts. Only select creatures are loaded by this mod, to reduce bloat for people who don't care for the loading- I am creating other mods for the loading of corrupted, Genesis brute dinos, etc

-Prevent issues caused by alpha spawns (deinonychus/dinopithecus spawning as raptors, etc)

INI Configs

All configs must be placed in GameUserSettings.ini under the [SpawnConfiguration] header


DisableSpawnerUntameableOverrides=False True prevents UndoSpawnerUntameableCreatures from making creatures tameable
DisableGeneralRandomReplacementFixes=False Disables the alpha spawns fixes

You must dinowipe for the taming changes to take effect
PreventTamingAboveLevel=0 Dinos above this level will be untameable
UndoSpawnerUntameableCreatures= Array of classnames. Will still respect taming level cap- If using specific dino level caps, this config will only respect the cap for dinos it is set on. That means if you enable spawner overrides on a creature without setting them untameable above a given level, overlevelled ones will be made tameable by this config.
All entries must be separated by ,. CLASSNAMES MUST END IN _C


Array of classnames of dinos that you wish to be made tameable if over the specified level. Classnames must end with _C

Remaps= Array of 2 dino BP paths separated by :. The first BP path is the class to replace with the second. All entries ( : separated pairs) must be split by ,

Example that would replace pteranodons with the No Untameables modded seeker, the mammoth with aberrant equus, and allosaurs with R-allosaurs



Array of 1 dino and 1 buff BP path separated by :. The first BP path is the dino to add the buff to, the second is the buff. All entries ( : separated pairs) must be split by ,
Example adding the argent regen buff to dilos, and the base alpha buff to dilos, No Untameables mod's cnidaria, and aberrant equus


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Eclipse  [author] Feb 19 @ 10:47pm 
Nice idea
GUS_CHIGGINZ Feb 19 @ 10:42pm 
Could be cool to see a config that didnt allow someone to Ride a dino if they arent X level.
jacksongood10 Feb 7 @ 4:32pm 
sorry to ask but what is a "launch option"
Eclipse  [author] Feb 6 @ 5:09pm 
-nodinos launch option
jacksongood10 Feb 6 @ 5:02pm 
how do i get dinos to not spawn?
Eclipse  [author] Jan 15 @ 1:32pm 
No, because ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer exists
It'll let you remap so if you make a few remap entries, technically? of course that comes at the cost of replacing the creature you're remapping, but its purpose is replacing since spawn configs already exist. Random replacements are the only additions focused spawn mechanic that would make sense to put in a mod (ie can't be INI'd), and I intend to add it at some point, but I'm not sure how to format config for it
Foreststrike Jan 15 @ 1:08pm 
Okay. Is this a global spawner for any applicable map to be able to spawn modded creatures?
Is that what this is?
Trying to wrap my brain around this mod's ability to spawn any modded creature globally in regards to the INI configs.
Or in other words, not even touching game.ini for it's ability to do ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer commands.
Eclipse  [author] Jan 14 @ 8:26am 
Are you talking about my personal Fjordur/Lost Island modlist? No, that's just a collection of mods I'm playing with that includes this one
TTV_Jus2Citron Jan 14 @ 2:52am 
if u had this mod to your world do we have to had the 53 others mods of a list ?
Eclipse  [author] Jan 6 @ 7:37am 
You don't need to remap raptors, just adding the mod and using spawn ini lets them spawn, though remapping is one way. The taming config is only for spawners setting creatures untameable (mainly overlevelled caves). Not adding taming methods.