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A Quick Guide To Taking Off
By dbrz
A brief overview of how to get off the ground, for people who haven't played a lot of flightsims before.
The Basics
Getting off the ground is difficult. IRL, takeoff is the second most dangerous part of flying, with landing taking first place. Thankfully, we don't have to deal with that whole 'dying' thing in Tiny Combat Arena, but it's a tiny bit frustrating to crash before you've even properly started the mission.

Thankfully, I worked out some of the details for you.

What you need to take off:
  • At least 200 airspeed, as measured by the SPD KT indicator on the left side of your HUD. If you are going slower than 200 KT, your aircraft will stall out, and you will go down instead of up. By default, W increases your throttle and S decreases it.
  • Your flaps (F key by default) and landing gear (G key by default) need to be disabled. You can't really reach 200 airspeed without doing this, anyway.
  • The upside-down-T symbol on your HUD should be somewhere in the upper half of the HUD, indicating that your aircraft is in fact going up.

There are two broad types of takeoff: Vertical and Standard. Both of them involve angling your thruster nozzles, because your aircraft is a bit too heavy to do a standard takeoff without some additional upward thrust.
Standard (Horizontal) Takeoff
To take off like a normal aircraft, follow these steps:

  • Increase throttle to maximum (by default, the W key increases the throttle).
  • Immediately adjust your nozzle (Q and E by default) until it is set to about 45 degrees.
  • Use the stick (or your mouse) to adjust the direction you're going in. You want to be going upward, but not too far upward, because you need air flowing over your wings horizontally to keep flying.
  • Disable the flaps (F by default) and the landing gear (G by default). You can do this as soon as you're certain you're taking off.
  • Once you've hit around 200 airspeed, adjust your nozzle until it is set to 0 degrees. You are now flying like a standard aircraft.

If you're not sure that you're off the ground yet, don't disable the landing gear. It takes a little while for the landing gear to engage, and if you don't have the landing gear ready when you touch the ground, that's bad for you and your aircraft.
Vertical Takeoff
Your aircraft, the Harrier, is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Vertical takeoff has the advantage of being easier to do on a short runway, but it can be somewhat counterintuitive the first time.

To take off vertically, follow these steps:

  • Use the thruster adjust keys (Q and E by default) to set the thrusters to 90 degrees.
  • Set the throttle to full (by default, the W key increases the throttle). You should see some dust clouds as the aircraft starts moving straight up.
  • DO NOT PULL UP. At this point, your aircraft is handling more like a helicopter than like an airplane. If you pull back on the stick like you would with a standard takeoff, you will flip over backwards and hit the ground hard. As cool as it sounds to do a backflip during takeoff, it's not a good idea.
  • Use the stick (or your mouse) and rudders (A and D by default) to keep your aircraft under control.
  • Adjust the thrusters to 45 degrees. At this point you can disable the flaps (F key by default) and the landing gear (G key by default).
  • Once your airspeed reaches around 200 KT, adjust the thrusters to 0 degrees.
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Recipient Lumber Feb 28 @ 6:19pm 
The F button 1,2,3,4,5,11 do stuff for camera this is standard in most games its pretty obv ngl
Damo Feb 27 @ 1:54pm 
Are there no camera options? External camera? Fly By?
Will Feb 26 @ 8:53pm 
It could be that the Logitech Extreme Pro 3D joystick could be holding the throttle at 100% since it has been plugged in for years but not used. I guess I’ll drag it out and try it
dbrz  [author] Feb 26 @ 8:22pm 
Will: Do you have anything else plugged in? It's possible that another controller is being recognized as a throttle. Alternatively, it's possible that your Xbox controller is not being recognized correctly--I had an old 3rd party controller that wasn't always recognized as an xbox controller, so some games would assume it was a flightstick and map the L/R triggers as if they were one axis.
SeNorsir Feb 26 @ 7:58pm 
with mouse how do I control the way my aircraft moves, if that makes sense, it feels like i need to raise sensitivity to keep myself for pulling hard in one direction.
Will Feb 25 @ 12:35pm 
Thanks, but my throttle never drops below 98% if I use the shoulder buttons or use keyboard keys. It will go down to 98% and then go right back up. Only way I can land is using gear,flaps, and brake and cut engine. Seems to work for now.
dbrz  [author] Feb 25 @ 7:36am 
Felipeaita: You need to be parked on the runway to resupply. Landing is difficult and I want to get better at it before I write a guide for it, but angling your thrusters down to 45-60 degrees should help you touch down at a low speed. You should see a message telling you to stop for resupply once you're on the runway; press the B key by default to engage your brakes and slow down faster.

Once you're stopped, press your "cycle weapon" key (not sure what the default is, I have it mapped to my flightstick) and it should open a menu where you can select a loadout and re-arm.
Stereotypical White Girl Feb 23 @ 9:27pm 
Will, throttle on xbox controllers *should* be on rb and lb
felipeaita Feb 23 @ 12:31pm 
Will Feb 23 @ 12:03pm 
I’ve been using an old Xbox controller and I guess I’ll try mapping throttle to something on there