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How to Clip Multiple Engines together (without turning on clipping) (Only works with Heat-Damage Off)
Well, i didn`t see that there is an Option for clipping objects now. But well. THIS IS HOW WE HAD TO DO IT BACK THEN!
A Quick Guide on how to Clip Multiple Engines together (Only works with Heat-Damage Off).
How to Clip
1. Place an Engine

2. Select the Engine with left klick

3. Place another Engine

4. Select both Engines

5. Place next Engine

6. Select all Engines

7. Hold left klick on Selection, move it around, then back to where it`s supposed to be. Klick on an empty spot to end Selection. And it`s done.

You can do this with as much Engines as you want and with any Object you want.
Make sure to turn off Heat-Damage, as the Engines will almost instantly Explode as soon as you lift off! This is my first Guide ever. Thanks for Reading.

Good Flight!
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adam.t.steitz May 8 @ 3:43pm 
way back when
UFO_BIRD  [author] Feb 19 @ 12:14pm 
@brockolaughlin, if part clipping is already on you dont have to do anything shown here. You just place them next to each other like on the last picture and they should work. They will still explode tho if heat damage is active.
brockolaughlin Feb 19 @ 10:11am 
Do you have any suggestions as to how to do it with part clipping on?
AverageInkPen Feb 18 @ 1:37pm 
Thank you! :D
UFO_BIRD  [author] Feb 18 @ 10:59am 
@AverageInkPen You press ESC, go to Cheats and turn it off.
AverageInkPen Feb 18 @ 10:56am 
how do you turn heat damage off
finfail j7 Feb 18 @ 5:30am