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Warhammer III Initial Optimization Guide
By Sam8872
Right, so the big elephant in the room, how does it run? Well,compared to Warhammer II I noticed that it runs worse which is expected since that game had time to optimize and the fact that the game is almost 5 years old (Man). First impressions, it looks great, lighting looks fantastic, it seems a few issues prevalent in Warhammer II's lighting, especially in snow maps, seems to have been made a lot better, grass, trees and overall textures are also sharper and bolder.
Important PC Specs
I7 9700k 4.6Ghz
Plus I play at 1440p (Bear this in mind)

I'm also on the newest Geforce Game Ready Driver.
Initial Benchmark
This is my opinion, when I bring a setting down, I bring it with full knowledge that the game might not look perfect, but most of the time you're looking at a birds eye point of view anyways so.

P.s , all of my testing was done on the battle benchmark.

High settings (BASE)
On high settings, I was getting 61FPS which isn't all that bad to be honest, but we can make it a lot better.

Low settings
152.8 FPS

AA and shadows
Bringing shadows to medium (3FPS more) and the AA from TAA to FXAA netted me a whopping 12.7 FPS increase with (Again, in my opinion), minimal change to the look of the game that justifies almost 13FPS.

Texture Filtering
Bringing this up to 16x makes minimal difference to your FPS, less than 1FPS lost.

Screen Space Reflections and Sharpening
5.6 FPS gained when turning these off, sharpening is a personal choice of mine, sometimes it looks alright but I prefer less.

Turning on SSAO loses you 8FPS, sure it can make the foliage and grass beautiful but again, up to you.

Turning this down to low brings about 10FPS, however, certain effects such as the glow on the Ice Guard's Glaives for example look less bright and toned down, though I've initially found that other than that on perhaps the darkness of certain shadows, it doesn't make too much of a difference.

Turning this down to Low nets me about 7.5 FPS increase.

Tree, Grass, Building, Terrain detail
Turning these all to medium from high only gave me about 3FPS increase so I wouldn't think it was worth turning them down.

Unit detail
Turning this down to medium from high gave me less than a 1FPS increase, not worth it.

VFX detail
Turning this down to medium from high was quite substantial with just over 13FPS gained. This is quite substantial as it effects spells, fires, explosions, etc. so test them both and see what you prefer.
To conclude, the below settings are what I'll probably be running and testing around with as I believe it meets a mix of both performance and a graphically impressive game.

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taloN Aug 28 @ 10:34am 
I'm running the exact same specs except my cpu is a 7700k. The game runs around 45-65 fps @ 1440p with everything maxed out and extras enabled except I disabled SSAO and tuned down grass detail and tree detail to medium which saved me 10-20 frames.
xLee Aug 22 @ 7:29am 
@bagyib you probably have a bottleneck problem. You should look into PCIExpress lanes. From my experience, optimizing PC builds at work, TWW3 should run at least at 60fps on your configuration, IF the MoBo/processor can handle that RTX2070.
Demon117 Aug 15 @ 7:27am 
My specs are higher but the game doesn't run on 4K 60fps for me
Fen-Sama Feb 22 @ 3:45am 
hey i tried this (wasnt having issues just under-preforming) and it made a huge difference, went from 75 fps to 128, so thanks
Sanguine Feb 20 @ 10:36pm 
nope used the right one... found the problem though, citrix, deinstalling let my fps shoot up over 100 stable xD
braydensolo1 Feb 20 @ 8:14pm 
What are your recommendations for a GTX1050 user :((
bagyib Feb 20 @ 6:26pm 
I do not understand what is going on here, gents. I can hardly achieve 20fps in battles with the following config:
I7-10875H @ 2.3Ghz
RTX2070 Super
I researched and applied all the recomendations from different sites, but I`m around 20fps on Medium settings which is awful.
I was able to run Warhammer 2 on max settings without any problem.
Mad Larkin Feb 20 @ 6:19pm 
I don't think this is gonna be playable till denubo's gone
Messiah360 Feb 20 @ 4:45pm 
When you mark the "unlimited memory option" the quality of the graphics changes.
PyroFox Feb 20 @ 12:16pm 
im having a problem with crashing when alt tabbed, how to fix?