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Basics of the US Forces
By Viper123_SWE
This guide will cover the basics of the new US Forces army as well as basic tactics revolving around the US units.
I will not be doing any in-depth analysis with statistics/values, it will be purely basic stuff covered in this guide.
Introduction & the Basics around the US Firebase/HQ

Greetings fellow General, i see that you have taken an interest in the US Forces!

Be it because you wish to master this army or to learn their weaknesses, this guide will most likely give you the information that you need.

The addition of the US Forces is also the addition of several recognizable units from the first Company of Heroes game, many CoH veterans will feel at home with the familiar units such as the Riflemen squad and the M4 Sherman however the US Forces is not what it used to be.

The US Forces has been given a near-complete overhaul since the first CoH, most notably is their base called the Firebase or simply HQ.
Unlike all the other armies in CoH2 and the old US Forces, there's no longer a need to construct new structures.

A US player will start with one Rear Echelon Troop squad and with a fairly large pre-built firebase, fortified with sandbags, barbed wire, tank traps and a pair of MG nests.

This Firebase is the heart of your operation, without it you lose.

The US Firebase starts off with all the neccesary structures needed to train/build all of the units, however only one is unlocked at the beginning of a match (Barracks), all of these structures are different Command Posts.
To unlock the other units you will need to pay a specific amount of fuel and manpower to activate each CP, to activate a CP you need to purchase the CP officer.

Each CP officer provides different bonuses and you must train each officer at least once in order for you to activate all of the CP's.
Should an officer die in combat the CP will remain active and you can choose to train him again at a lower manpower-only cost.

Below are pictures that shows you the CP officers:

(Platoon CP, provides support weapons such as the Browning HMG team, AA flak etc.)

(Company CP, provides anti-tank wepaonry and light armor.)

(Battalion CP, provides heavy units such as Sherman M4A3's and M36 Tank Destroyers.)

Another new feature only available in the US Firebase is the addition of Gun Racks!

In the Barracks you will find weapon upgrades, these upgrades unlock weapon racks inside the base.
Owned and friendly infantry units may receive new support weapons at the gun racks at a cost of 60 munitions.

Not only Riflemen but vehicle crews, officers and other infantry can be upgraded without delay and then all of a sudden you have three squads of AT riflemen armed with Bazookas.

There are three gun racks loacted in the Firebase/HQ, one for the M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), one for the M9 Bazooka and one for the M1919A6 Browning HMG.

All but the Browning HMG can be unlocked via research through the Barracks, the Browning HMG can be unlocked as a passive commander ability, as of now that ability is only (AFAIK) avaible to the Infantry Company commander.

These gun racks can help the US player (and his allies) quickly upgrade infantry and improve effectiveness late-game, note that, no matter how big, each squad can grab two weapons.
Infantry Basics + US Ambulance
During the start of a new match the US player will be able to train three basic units:

The Riflemen squad, the Rear Echelon troop and the WC54 Ambulance.

Rear Echelon troops works as basic combat and construction infantry, but unlike their Russian and German counterparts they are more adept at static defense rather than rushing towards hostile defenses.
(Although they do have basic pioneer gear such as barbed wire cutters etc.)

Rear Echelon troops can secure territory with Munitions and Fuel caches.

The Riflemen squad is a five-man squad of fairly well-trained and well-equipped soldiers armed with M1 Garands and frag grenades. Riflemen are good at providing anti-infantry support, manning defenses and reinforcing weapon teams.

They have better durability and range than the Rear Echelons however they lack the basic construction capabilities that their German and Russian counterparts have.
(Unless you play as the Infantry Tactics commander which allows the Riflemen to build sandbags and mines.)

WC54 Ambulances is the third unit avalaible in the starter CP building.

Unlike the Russian HQ medics and German medic stations the WC54 is a mobile healing station which comes in two modes.

The first mode is the default truck mode, the ambulance will reinforce owned and allied infantry when standing still and not in combat, the player can choose to heal all infantry in proximity of the ambulance for thirty seconds (Ability).

Second mode is on foot, the medics can disembark from the ambulance and start healing individual soldiers however since nobody is driving the ambulance can no longer reinforce squads in proximity untill the medics climb back in.

Also, please note that empty ambulances can be taken as fast transports by all other infantry, both owned, friendly and hostile as the ambulance is essentially abandoned when the medics step out.
(Bots love to use the unarmed ambulances as scouts, beware that friendlies may steal empty ambulances on the field.)

Following the ambulance are the weapon teams of the US Forces.

The weapon teams include the .50 Heavy Browning LMG team, the M1 57mm anti-tank gun and the M1 75mm pack howitzer.

All of these excel at defense and at holding objectives such as Victory Points.

Together they form a combination of long- and mid-range anti-infantry and anti-tank group.
I intend not to write alot about these three units as they are fairly similar to both their Russian and German counterparts, excluding some abilities.

Last but not least is the US vehicle crew, all US vehicles have crews that can disembark, allowing them to repair or flee from the vehicle.

They can also capture points and help construct some structures, although they are very weak in combat.

Should you select the Armor Company commander you will be bale to upgrade each vehicle crew with Thompson SMG's, repalcing their M3 Grease Guns. This makes them slightly more effectve in combat although i still don't recommend putting them head-to-head against other combat infantry.
US Officers
Following the basic infantry are the Officers, the Captain, the Lieutenant and the Major.

All three officers provide useful skills on the field, using these abilities will give you a slight edge over OKW and Wehrmacht players.

Starting with the Lieutenant, he is a good frontline unit that gains veterancy from nearby allies in combat and works well in mid-range combat.

As he gains more infantry he unlocks the ability to throw frag grenades and smoke grenades, making him even better for supporting your other infantry.

The second officer is the Captain, who works well as a base support and frontline support.

One of his best abilities is to supervise a structure, reducing production time. This can be most useful at pretty much any time, considering that it doesn't cost you a single penny.

Especially when you need those three Shermans quick...

The third and last officer is the Major, he has the smallest squad out of the three officers and only carries a M1911 in comparison to the Thompson SMG's that the rest use.

The Majors best ability is to create a new retreat point, use him alongside some Rear Echelon Troops and a Ambulance to establish a reinforcement point close to the frontlines.

Thatt marks the end of this small section.
Vehicle Basics
The first vehicle available to the US player differ from each match (because you can choose to unlock two different vehicle-producng structures) so instead i will begin with the lighter ones and end it with the heavier vehicles.

Another thing to note is that all US vehicles have the ability to have the crew disembark, working as field-engineers and fast-moving point-capturing units.

The M20 Utility Car is the lightest vehicle in the US arsenal.

Good at harassing infantry and taking points the M20 can also, unlike its German and Russian counterparts, upgrade itself with armor skirts which increases its durability.

A good thing to note is the M20 crew are armed with bazookas by default.

Following the M20 is the Stuart Light Tank, most CoH veterans will remember the Stuart from the British/Commonwealth faction.

The Stuart is perhaps the the best light tank; fast, if not faster, as a T70 but with better guns and two coaxial LMG's it is highly effective against light vehicles.

Although do keep in mind that it is not as good against infantry like its OKW counterpart is.

Next up is the M8A1 Howitzer Motor Carriage, built on a Stuart chassis it carries a 75mm howitzer.

It is an effective and more mobile alternative to the 75mm Pack Howitzer, used in pairs or in groups of three they excel at taking out hostile defenses and groups of infantry and light-vehicles.

The M15A1 AA Half-track is next, armed with one 37mm M1A2 cannon and two twin-linked .50 browning LMG's it can literally shred both infantry, light-vehicles and aircraft alike.

As a veteran it can toggle to only target aircraft, gving the turret the ability to rotate 360 degrees.
When in normal mode the gun can only target hostiles in a specific arc around the half-track.
(Shown below.)

Make sure to position your halftrack correct and remember to use the reverse move order when pushing into enemy territory.

For more armored targets a tank destroyer would be a good choice, a long-range tank destroyer even better.

That is where the M36 Jackson comes in!

The M36 Jackson a fragile but powerful tank destroyer, its good gun and long range is what gives it a edge against pretty much all tanks.
Using two M36 Jacksons is usually enough to get rid of Tigers however one should note that it requires alot of strategy as the Jackson is not suited to engage tanks head-on.

A good tactic would be using it alongside one or more Shermans, like in the picture above.

While we're talking about Shermans, here it is, the M4A3 Sherman medium-tank!

As iconic as the Tiger tank itself, the Sherman saw alot of action in World War 2. It filled many roles such as bulldozers, mine clearers and whatnot. It is also an iconic unit from the first Company of Heroes game that has returned to hunt once again.

Shermans are most effective in groups or in combination with other units, highly mobile with a fairly good gun its only weakness is the medium armor.
The End
Thanks for reading this guide, if you liked it and/or found it useful please add it to your favorites, thumbs up and leave a friendly comment.

I will be expanding the guide with more content should enough people deem this guide useful.

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// Viper
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austinjld Jul 18 @ 7:41am 
I love the game. But with the Us forces the vehicles are getting stuck in the base way too often and it's getting annoying. I play Wehrmacht normally. I got them just to play around with them, but can't use them if everything is getting stuck.
Shan Oct 21, 2017 @ 6:44am 
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Thanks four your guide,wery coll!!:3
Viper123_SWE  [author] Mar 28, 2016 @ 5:02pm 
What do you mean open? Once they're registered to your Steam account you should be able to access the factions and their respective units in-game.
promusic Mar 28, 2016 @ 4:59pm 
I brought COH-2 with the Oberkommando and western front dlc. I can't open the dlc's to play them what do I do??????
Viper123_SWE  [author] Jul 4, 2015 @ 8:56am 
You can us the US forces in the main game, yes. Although you still need the base game.
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Viper123_SWE  [author] Mar 9, 2015 @ 12:56am 
Thank you for the kind words, don't forget to check out my guide covering the OKW forces.