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Atavism MMO Creator
Jun 27, 2014 @ 12:52am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Atavism opens up the development of 3D virtual online worlds and MMORPG games to everyone regardless of programming knowledge or artistic ability. Integrated with the Unity engine as the client, developers now have direct access to one of the highest anticipated MMORPG engines in the market.
Focus on developing the game, not the programming, and have a prototype or full game up within a few weeks, even if your team is very small. You don't need to have a million dollar budget anymore to develop a MMO game as we have already done most of the heavy lifting with pre-designed plugins for every system, all you need to do is setup what stats you want to use with them. If you really want systems of your own you can also code your own plugin systems and even share or sell them to other developers who are using Atavism.

What sets us apart from other engines is that we have a open plugin system already done with all the basic MMO systems you will need to get up and running within a few hours. You also get the server software which allows you to setup your own servers anywhere you want and give you full control with out any royalties or monthly subscriptions. Using Atavism as the back end server system and Unity as the front end client we have the best of both worlds where we have a solid networking system to allow thousands of players into one world while using the super advanced graphics rendering system of Unity as a client. Even non-programers can use Atavism to bring their ideas to creation with a easy drop down system.

Key Features
As we have been working on this we have had over 150 Development Companies test and use Atavism already in the closed Alpha release to polish and make sure Atavism meets the needs of what game developers want from a engine like this. With that we have already developed over 18 different plugins that allows you to customize your game easily without any coding and linked them into a Editor that you open up in Unity for easy access. Here is a list of some of the plugin features that's been developed.
  • Data Base Plugin: Setup your database information and be able to link directly to it through the editor which allows you to do changes instantly to things pertaining to your MMO game.
  • Instance Plugin: Create and setup new instances in your game which can be anything from Dungeons you want players to explore or even a different world in one MMO.
  • Accounts Plugin: Control all player accounts from this plugin and set different access levels such as setting certain players as GM's in your game.
  • Mobs Plugin: Create any mob template from a click of a button with stats and loot you want them to drop, then spawn these mobs in-game where ever you want in real time. You can even spawn a dragon right in front of other players while they are standing next to you in game.
  • Loot Tables plugin: Setup different loot tables and drop chances of items for your mob templates.
  • Factions Plugin: Use this plugin to easily setup your different factions in your game as well as what their standings are to one another.
  • Quests Plugin: Create different types of Quests for your players which you then add to any NPC you want to give the quest out. Create a chain of quests that can guide your players through your storyline.
  • Dialogue Plugin: Create different dialogues for your NPC's. You can also use this system to allow multiple outcomes in the storyline depending on what a player chooses while speaking to a NPC or even allow access to certain quests only if a player asks a NPC certain questions.
  • Items Plugin: Create all the items for your game with this, add different stats to items and functionality.
  • Skills Plugin: A full skill system which allows you to open up skills when players level up with XP or level up their skill by using it like the old UO style game play. The choice is yours.
  • Abilities Plugin: Create different abilities for your players that can get when they have a certain skill. They can use these abilities in a wide range of ways from combat to crafting to professions.
  • Effects Plugin: Build your own effects for your game to make it unique like a melee-strike effect that deals physical damage or a magic effect that heals your player.
  • Coord Effects Plugin: Setup different animations, particles and more to run on events such as play an attack animation and a particle when you use a strike ability.
  • Stats Plugin: Design any type of stat you want for your game with this plugin.
  • Player Character Setup Plugin: Setup what races, stats and classes you want your players to start with as well as where you want them to spawn and how you want starter characters to look like.

With all these plugins we also have standard things like chat channel, combat , full inventory system and much more in Atavism. The best part is you can easily use and incorporate other assets from the Unity Asset store into Atavism which will expand it even further for you (For example, there is a plugin developed by another developer for UniStorm which allows you to have a weather system in your game).

Our Mission
Our main goal was to develop a tool that allows developers to easily get their game going and add content to it with out spending months to just get a basic game play live. With what we have for you now anyone can create there own MMO game in a shorter period of time than what it would have normally taken.

For more information please visit our website.
Our website : Website link []
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Oh damn, thanks for getting back so quick.
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Wow, I'm waiting!