Lost Ark

Lost Ark

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Mokoko Seeds - Morai Ruins
By MoldySpore
Details on where the Mokoko Seeds are in the Morai Ruins, including maps and images showing exact positions.
Mokoko Seed Map - Morai Ruins
There are 11 seeds in the Morai Ruins, many of which are off the beaten path or hidden behind walls or obscured paths. Here is a complete map of the area with the seeds marked.

Detailed Mokoko Seed Locations
Here are the exact locations of the seeds.

The first seed is off the main path, and requires a jump up to a platform after defeating the enemies in the nearby area. Here is where the jump point is:

The first seed is then around the circular platform on the south side of the hut.

The second seed is also off the main path and requires a jump up to another area. Here is the area where the jump is:

The seed is due south of where you land after jumping, at the edge of the platform.

The third and fourth seeds are together in the same area. First you must head down a fallen pillar. Here is where the pillar is:

At the bottom of the pillar there will be a couple enemies to take out. Once they're dead, you will be able to walk over a nearby vine, and access a small area where the two seeds are.

The fifth and sixth seeds are hidden behind a wall that can be destroyed. After you take the first long zip line, where the enemies jump out at you while you zip, run north until you can't anymore. On the west wall break down the false wall and the two seeds will be in that room.

The seventh seed is also behind a false wall. The false wall is located in this location on the map:

Once the wall is broken you will have to jump down. The seed is nearby on that platform.

The eighth and ninth seeds are together in the same area. There is another pillar you must descend to access them. Don't climb the wall nearby or you will miss access to these ones!

One of the seeds is out of view at first until you go far enough north.

The last 2 seeds, the tenth and eleventh, are nearby to the previous two. Use the fallen pillar, north east of where you went down to access the eighth and ninth seeds, to bypass the waterfall and head up to where the seeds are.

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