Not Tonight 2

Not Tonight 2

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100% Achievements + walkthrough
By rin
This guide will help you get all achievements as efficiently as possible.

- Need to add more details for roadtrip 1 and 2.
- My first guide. Comments very much appreciated :D
MapO guide
For an in-depth MapO guide on achieving the pesky A grades, check out:
They've done a great job with detailed explanations and I love their little comments :D
Achievements summary
Personalised Buy a Phone Case
Stationary Fan Buy a Clipboard
Looking Fresh Buy a Hat
Buy a MapO Home Security Item Buy a MapO Home Security Item
Roadtrip 1
Old Friend Let Dave into the Honeybee
Shannon??? Meet Shannon at the Mountie
Pop goes the... Wizard? Don't miss a single flying wizard in both Camelot levels
I have the highest ground! Beat the Admiral in a duel without getting hit (Choose the higher ground options)
Not-so National Treasure Steal the Declaration from the White House without raising an alarm (Janitor, Valley Forge, Gift shop, We hold these truths to be self-evident...)
MapO Fan Achieve a MapO grade 'A' on all locations in Roadtrip 1
Complete Roadtrip 1 Complete Roadtrip 1
Roadtrip 2
Mega Religion Hit peak religion - Pay the monthly subscription
- Don't let any devils in
- Hit bonus2 on both nights
- Go to morning service and donate
- Pass the soccer ball back
- Hit the guestlist bonus on the 2nd night
Devils are cool though Let no Devils in!
LFC Fry all chickens that try to escape
Yes, Today! Play 'Yes, Today' while in Raleigh
Goody Two Shoes Get max stats for Raleigh battle 2 - Allowed entry to Anthony Johnson
- Picked up Sean
- Played soccer with the children
- Didn't allow Sean to buy a fraudlent deed
- Stopped chief from getting into the grinder
Devil in Disguise Get min stats for Raleigh battle 2 - Denied entry to Anthony Johnson
- Ignore Sean
- Kicked the children's soccer ball
- Allowed Sean to buy a fraudlent deed
- Allowed chief from getting into the grinder
MapO Aficionado Achieve a MapO grade 'A' on all locations in Roadtrip 2
Complete Roadtrip 2 Complete Roadtrip 2
Roadtrip 3
Where we're going we don't need air Take flavoured oxygen in LA
Tasty, tasty air Take all the correct oxygen in LA
We were here first Let Dave in at the wall
Detective Sanchez Solve the murder in Goaters Gas (Killer is Billy Bob)
Martyr Extraordinaire Get all possible Martyr points
MapO Fanatic Achieve a MapO grade 'A' on all locations in Roadtrip 3
Complete Roadtrip 3 Complete Roadtrip 3
Oops! Send Kevin, Malik or Eduardo back to the Gulag
Take that, Government! Rescue all your friends from Miami Send Kevin, Dave, Joe the Wizard, Malik, Sean, Angel, Eduardo, Jorge, and Kenya into the re-education camp
Get the Good Ending Get the Good Ending
Complete the Game Complete the Game
Play the Secret Level Play the Secret Level Click on the buoy at the Eastern side of the map (thanks to @Katan!)
► Roadtrip 1 ; Kevin
CURRENTLY IN REVISION - Add specific days
Day 1

Day 2
  • "She doesn't need to know."
    • Received Mom's dumplings
    • Received Old Canada ID

  • "No minors. And more people means more cash."
  • Let Dave in
    • Obtained Old Friend achievement
Day 3
  • "I'm here to work as a BouncR."
  • Use Old Canada ID
Day 4
  • "No. Seattle."
    • Received Varmint hat
  • Equip the Varmint hat
Day 5
  • "Is your chicken meaty?"
  • "Jorge Suarez"
  • "Oh, yeah. I'm, uh, helping him with that."

  • Let the teen in and give him the correct poutine.
Day 6
  • Grade A achieved
    • Received Canada Jacket
  • "Stall for time"
  • "I quickly left as they disappeared through the divider" (-20 morale)
Day 7
  • "Hey Mage"

  • Let Joe in
  • Hit bonus2
Day 8
    • Received A mask
  • Hit bonus2
Day 9
  • Achieved Grade A
    • Location bonus unlocked
    • Received Mage Cloak
  • "Cut south on US-20 E"
    • Received A Grade Tracker

Day 10
  • Any
  • Any
  • Equip the mask
  • Don't let unmasked people in

  • Tell Auntie about Jorge and his plans
Day 11

Day 12
  • Achieved Grade A
    • Location bonus unlocked
    • Received Rubber Hat
  • "Approach the bow of the ship"
  • "Stand tall and raise your arms out to either side"
  • "Close your eyes and fly" (+10 morale)

Day 13
  • Use iron umbrella

  • Equip your mask.
  • "Lighten the mood with a joke"

  • Let FunkMaster 3000 Dave in
  • "Hit Ron with a sick pun"
  • Any
Day 14
  • Any
  • "Look you'll still get your SnaggleDoll"
    • Received Jorge's trader card

  • "Time to hit him with a Kevin special"
  • VIP password: RaveMaster 5000
Day 15
  • Achieved Grade A

  • "I'm here to help Jorge."
  • Hit bonus2 on both jobs.

  • Show Jorge's bouncer ID, Jorge's dirty mask, and Jorge's trader card to the Admiral.
  • Defeat the Admiral by jumping to get the highest ground.

  • Wear the cone hat the moment you get it.

  • Janitor
  • Valley Forge
  • Duck into the gift shop
  • We hold these truths to be self-evident...

  • Hit the guest list total.

  • Use Mom's dumplings. (+20 morale +20 hp)
► Roadtrip 2 ; Malik
Day 1
  • "Turn the music down"
  • "We don't have a great relationship right now" (-$20)
Day 2
  • Avoid fines on both jobs
Day 3
  • Use Terry's ID
  • "1276"
  • VIP password: Sweetbean
Day 4
  • "America"
  • "Hit the menu button"
  • "Seattle"
Day 5
  • "Head to the bathroom"
  • "I'll stay in line"
  • "I'm staying"
Day 6
  • Wear the funky suit on both nights
Day 7
  • VIP password: Castellano
  • Let Anthony Jones in.
Day 8
  • "Pull over"
Day 9
  • "Maybe Angel is Catholic?"
  • "Sign me up, Father!" (-$50)
  • Don't let the devil in
  • Hit bonus2
Day 10
  • "Go to morning service"
  • "Drop in some cash"
  • "Pass the ball back"
  • Don't let the devil in
  • Hit bonus2
  • Hit the guest list bonus
Day 11
  • "Show resignation letter"
Day 12
  • Don't let Sean in
  • Don't get any warnings during both jobs.
Day 13
  • "Before I forget, Alo said hello"
  • "This one says Jim"
  • "I'll take it" (-$150)
  • "She said you're a fool and a sweetheart"
  • "Well, okay. If it's not safe." (-$500)
Day 14
  • "He said if he's the fool, you're the fool's gold."
  • "There's nothing I could do for that guy anyways..."
  • Equip the cult outfit
Day 15
  • "Use cult ID"
  • "The world outside is hard. But I continue to smile."
Day 16
  • "Sure"
  • "Check the canteen"
  • Give placebos to level 3 creedsmen
Day 17
  • "Dodge right"
  • "Throw with strong right hand"
  • "Grab the rock"
Day 18
  • "Waitress work makes sense"
  • Don't let any chickens escape
  • Deny the chief entry
Day 19
  • Don't let any chickens escape
  • Deny the chief entry
Day 20
  • "Use Family tree"
  • "I'm saving my friend who's been detained"
  • Hit bonus2 on both jobs
Day 21
  • "VR game 'Yes Today'"
  • Return to Main Menu and resume game
  • "VR game 'Ascenders'"
Day 22
    • Obtained VR kit
► Roadtrip 3 ; Mari
Day 1
  • "I turned down the radio"
  • Show Mari's bouncer ID
    • Received Oxygen (MapO)
    • Received A Grade Tracker
Day 2
    • Received Oxygen (Lemon)
Day 3
  • Use Oxygen (Lemon)
    • Obtained Where we're going we don't need air achievement

  • Return to main menu and resume game
  • Use Oxygen (MapO)
  • "No thank you, I'm not hungry."
  • "Extra Mayo."

  • VIP password: Taelore
  • Let Robert in

  • "Press the switch labelled Alpine"
  • "Press the switch labelled Alpine"
  • "Search the eagle embossed desk. A chili stained napkin was lying on top."
  • "Check Taelore"
    • Received Eagle key
    • Received Spider key
  • "I used the Eagle key"
    • Received Border docs
Day 4
  • Use Oxygen (MapO)
    • Obtained Tasty, tasty air achievement
    • Received LA Outfit
  • "Head north east towards the hills."

  • Use Border docs
  • "Socialists"
  • "Poor"
  • "Eve"
  • "Muzzles"
  • "Grammatically incorrect"
  • "The 2nd Amendment"
  • "Bad for society"
  • "Red"
  • "Fake news"
  • "I don't speak Mexican"
    • Received Border docs stamped
Day 5
  • Use Border docs stamped
  • "Here. Greg sent me, by the way."
  • "Let me get this job out of the way." / "I guess..."
Day 6
  • "You could fit a sophisticated surveillance device in there."

  • Let Dave in
    • Obtained We were here first achievement
  • Hit the guestlist bonus
Day 7
  • "Head east"
  • "Head north east"
Day 8
  • "I just arrived. I'm here to work."
  • Use Mari's bouncer ID
  • "Yeah, about those rules..."

  • VIP password: Sebastian
  • Stop all MapO Cowboy robots (either this or next day)
Day 9
  • "There was a cop"

  • Let Sean in
Day 10
  • "I took the I-36 North, the long route of town."
  • "I turned onto the I-42 South."
  • "Then merged onto the I-10 to Mississippi."

  • "Head south east"
  • "Head south east"
Day 11
  • "Wait, one more thing."
  • Use the salsa
Day 12
  • "Speak to Billy the Cop."
  • "Hello, sir. I'm Mary."
  • "This job is too hard for a poor little lady like myself."
  • "The fishing hook in the ribs led me to suspect Sal. I headed to the riverside."
  • "Do you recognize this hook?"

  • Don't let Billy Bob in.
Day 13
  • "Why do they call you Evil Jed?"
  • "Billy Bob. Obviously."
    • Obtained Detective Sanchez achievement

  • Remember to purchase all MapO Home Security items
  • "Head north east"
  • "Head south east"
  • "Head north east to the Georgia border"
  • "Head east into Georgia"

Day 14
  • Equip Martyr outfit
Day 15
  • "Okay, yeah, sure... Kenya?"
  • "The fake has a spelling error"
  • MapO password: "Oh my Bob"

  • "Nope. Didn't see nothin'."
Day 16
  • Received Miami work fob
  • Earned MapO A grade

Day 17
  • Use Miami work fob
    • Received Military outfit
  • Use Military outfit
  • Check the painting
  • Check the damaged outlets

  • Allow entry: Kevin, Dave, Joe the Wizard, Malik, Sean, Angel, Eduardo, Jorge, Kenya
  • Deny entry: Admiral, Soup Man, Anna, Mr Castellano, Taelore, Kelly

► Second playthrough
Load Roadtrip 3 Day 17
  • Send Kevin, Malik or Eduardo back to the Gulag
    • Obtained Oops! achievement

Load Roadtrip 2 Day 7
  • Las Vegas Day 7 - Deny entry to Anthony Johnson
  • Salt Lake Day 8 - Ignore Sean
  • Salt Lake Day 10 - Kicked the children's soccer ball
  • Denver Day 12 - Let Sean in
  • Louisville Day 18 & 19 - Let chief into the grinder
  • Raleigh Day 21 - Start job
    • Obtained Devil in Disguise achievement

Play the Secret Level
  • Originally posted by Katan:
    Click on the buoy at the eastern side of the map
    • Obtained Play the Secret Level achievement
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nlassen5 4 hours ago 
On day 7, if you let the mage in, you have to answer you were charmed. Or you lose morale for lying
Cal Alæra Nov 13 @ 2:11am 
Detroit, Day 14, the correct password is Rave Emperor 5000 not RaveMaster 5000. :)
Blackb1rd Jun 11 @ 9:49am 
To unlock the secret level, you have to beat the game first. Otherwise very helpful guide :steamthumbsup:
rin  [author] May 24 @ 6:55am 
@Goodly Iguana I've added that to the guide, thanks :D
Goodly Iguana May 21 @ 5:09pm 
For day 10 it doesn't say weather or not to follow Auntie's instructions or the fired bouncr on letting in customers with masks or not. Missed a MapO stamp. You should follow Auntie's instructions.
rin  [author] Feb 15 @ 7:18pm 
@Katan Thanks for letting me know! I've updated the guide :D
Radagast Feb 15 @ 2:15pm 
For the secret level you have to click on the buoy at the eastern side of the map.