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Piston Head Attach & Detach Script
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Piston Head Attach & Detach Script

PHAD - Piston Head Attach & Detach Script
This script allows you to attach and detach piston heads without mods, so you can summon CLANG more easily in vanilla worlds! You can use it to make piston jolts, speed exploits, very powerful clang stuff or other things.

1) Place a programmable block
2) Go to edit > browse scripts > find the script > copy to editor > click ok
3) Setup is done!

1) Get the piston name

2) Go to programmable block custom data and choose what command you want to run

3) Now write in the argument section "Command Piston name"

Argument examples:
Attach Piston 5
Detach Piston 5
Detach Clangy piston 4
Attach Piston
Detach Piston

1) When attaching piston head make sure that the new piston head aligns with the original one:

2) Make sure that the piston name is not default because after the new Warfare 2 update the game messes with default names when you reload the world or repaste the grid.


You can change the attach, detach and force scan argument, the time for how long the script should try to execute the argument. You can also change the color of the LCD:

The script scans the grid for pistons every 10 seconds. If you don’t want to wait, you can run the scan argument.
If you have 2 or more pistons with the same name, the script will control these pistons as one.

I think you can figure out what will happen

Q: Can I use this on my workshop creations?
A: Yes.
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mhwyoshi Jun 13 @ 10:53am 
I love it!
Rusted Droid Mar 21 @ 9:46am 
@76561198063449834 @LostNomad
Piston Clang Drive works by pushing piston moving part towards animated part of any door_block.
Tie animated part of door_block was killing player in 2014-2018 if ship was moving.
LostNomad Feb 20 @ 5:52pm 
How does the Clang Drive work exactly? I'm relatively new to advanced piston functionality and I'm having trouble recreating it.
Whiplash141 Feb 13 @ 1:07pm 
> Yeah, it was very useful when I was making those sprites

Awesome, glad to hear it and happy to see I have a user in the wild :)
Zooblesnoops Feb 13 @ 5:18am 
Great job, this is awesome! I hope keen add attach/detach piston head options as part of the base game someday :steamthumbsup:
T0pOxyg3n  [author] Feb 12 @ 11:44pm 
Yeah, it was very useful when I was making those sprites
Whiplash141 Feb 12 @ 5:53pm 
Did you happen to use my sprite builder application for those cute running screens? :D