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Infinite Weapon Repairs/Durability [Video]
By `Creative
You never have to say goodbye to a weapon again!

Techland have hidden the 'Korek Charm' away in a secret room in a specific building - which can either be accessed solely through some paragliding effort, or as this guide focuses on - via the VNC Tower which requires you to have completed the 'Broadcast' storyline quest.

The Korek Charm is a weapon modification giving +500 durability, which you can repeatedly add to any weapon with a charm slot - essentially giving it unlimited durability. Read/watch on below to see how you can locate it!

Any clarification needed at any point here, message in the comments :)
Video Guide
    Ignore the common zombies present in my video - these appeared after my first visit to this secret room, they will not be there in the first visit. As I'd already completed this run, my cables were already plugged in, so you'll see me un and re-plugging them in so you can see me connect them lower down the building.
Text Guide
In the video I've started in the ground floor of the VNC building, so that everyone knows exactly how to get to the top of the building and across to the building containing the secret room with the Korek Charm (and other Easter Eggs).

The below step by step is from when you have paraglide-landed from the top of the VNC building, the top of the building where the secret room is (1:00).

  1. 1:05 - 1:30
    On the rooftop, plug in the power cable, and with it in hand, you will need to fall down two sets of storeys (one storey at a time) to access the 'power point' to plug your cable into. Depending on your abilities you may take fall damage, so heal up if needed.

  2. 1:31 - 1:56
    On the opposite side of the floor you're on, you will find another power cable you need to plug in, and take with you down another few storeys. The first storey drop you will need to fall slightly to your left. Once you've fallen down 2 storeys, plug in your power cable.

  3. 1:57 - 2:34
    Once again on the opposite side of the room, will be the 3rd and final power cable you need to plug in, and take with you. Unlike the previous two steps, you will need to use your new-found grappling hook (or less ideally, your paraglider) to drop down to the 'outdoor balcony' type of area. Followed up by an easy one storey drop, and lastly another grappling hook to get down to the level where the secret room exists.

  4. 2:35 - 2:47
    Plug in your last power cable, which will inturn power the 'Defense System Panel' which you can use your GRE key on to open the doors to your right.

  5. 2:48 - 2:53
    !WARNING! - As indicated in the video, a boomer is waiting for you behind the wall at the other end of the corridor. Walk up to half way down the corridor to lure it out, then back up and knife/arrow it for a quick kill.

  6. 2:54 - 3:45
    Accessing the 'Korek Charm' - Straight ahead at the end of the corridor is a small table with 4 chairs around it. Sit on each chair, and stay seated on the 4th chair. You will start to see a glow just above the table and after 5-10 seconds, the Korek Charm will appear for collection!

  7. 3:46
    Additional Easter Egg #1 - Just underneath the TV next to the chairs you sat on, is a speaker system you can turn on to listen to a 'rock version' of the Dying Light 1 theme song.

  8. 3:59
    Additional Easter Egg #2 - There is a bedroom with a few teddy bears inside. Sit on the bed and more teddy bears will electrically appear. At the end, the blank poster will change to a 'Techland' poster, and shortly after - the 'Left Finger of gloVa' weapon blueprint will appear for collection!

  9. 4:20
    Possible Easter Egg #3 - Near the bedroom is another area where you can sit down (by the TV). I'm yet to work out if there is any additional easter egg that can be triggered here..
Map Location
Below is a quick snapshot of where
A) The VNC Tower is - that you'll be paragliding off, and
B) Which building you'll be paragliding to (where the Korek Charm is located).
Additional Easter Egg #1
The Korek Charm isn't the only easter egg in this secret area. Navigate through the house and sit on the bed where a few teddy bears are. More bears will periodically spawn, followed by a weapon blueprint on the Techland poster - the 'Left Finger of gloVa'.

Additional Easter Egg #2
Underneath the TV next to where you get the Korek Charm is a speaker system you can turn on to listen to the Dying Light 1 theme song (rock version).

Possible Easter Egg #3
Just outside the Teddy-bedroom where the TV is, is another spot where you can sit down. I'm yet to work out if there is any additional easter egg that can be triggered here..

If you work it out let me know!

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Higgity Sep 18 @ 3:02am 
rip korek charm after patch :steambored:
tabooscooby1st Mar 6 @ 5:58pm 
Thank you
`Creative  [author] Feb 12 @ 8:25pm 
Hey @tabooscooby1st - :steamhappy:

Please see the 'Map Location' section I've just added to the guide. :steamthumbsup:
tabooscooby1st Feb 12 @ 6:30pm 
Can you add a map please
Max Feb 11 @ 4:55am 
I like how you can't read and accused the poster of lying when he's literally explaining the steps of how he did it through VNC tower (Which I would do to make the para easier rather than Fing around)
R3AP3R 3LIT3 Feb 11 @ 12:39am 
i got up hare and i did not completed the 'Broadcast' storyline quest in order to access it. so y lie
`Creative  [author] Feb 10 @ 4:30pm 
Not yet, still looking in to it @Gekko !
Gekko Feb 10 @ 11:31am 
did you figure easter egg 3 out yet?
PocketYoda Feb 8 @ 4:45pm 
Thanks interesting.