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Dota 2 But Multicast
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Dota 2 But Multicast

Heroes are blessed by pure skill. They have chance to multicast any item or ability up to 5 times. This blessing is known to be even powerful than what Ogre Magi naturally does. Just be careful you might never know what to expect as for outcome of any casting.

Note1: There's a chance that multicast doesn't work for certain abilities or get buggy.

Note2: I tried to reduce the risk of game crash by banning some heroes but that can still happen.

Note3: General rules of my but template:
Glyphs are limited to each time a tower falls and will not affect creeps.
Buybacks are limited to one for entire match.
Neutral items, and shop stocks will be handled by mode itself.
Universal shop is activated and secret shops don't exist.
Couriers are in turbo mode with much less movement speed (still faster than normal dota).
GPM and XPM are handled by mode (courier and watchtowers won't be in charge of generating).
Fountain has true strike and will gain permanent damage per non-creep unit it hits.
Backdoor protections are a way stronger.
Creeps damage/health gain overtime will be handled by mode and there's no limit for how powerful creeps might get overtime.
Unseen fog of war is enabled.
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Space Corgi Mar 1 @ 10:18pm 
That would be awesome! I'm more of a solo player, and I would love to try this mode out in the comfort of a bots game.
LAca  [author] Mar 1 @ 9:42pm 
Thanks for your comment, I personally would love to play the mode with bots as well.

I will try to look into it as I find free time, but no promises since I can never be sure when I can find enough time for it.
Space Corgi Mar 1 @ 8:34pm 
Any chance of adding bots to this mode?