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Gaia 2 V1.4.0.4
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Gaia 2 V1.4.0.4

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Welcome to the world of Gaia 2!

About Gaia 2
Gaia 2 is the latest official release of the Gaia mods.

Gaia 2 is considered a vanilla overhaul mod that consists of:
  • 300+ creatures
  • 300+ items/resources/equipment.
  • 50+ custom structures

Gaia 2 is not a core mod therefore it can be first or last in your mod list as it does not remap or overwrite anything.

It follows your server settings and can be customised massively.

So join us in this amazing experience and try Gaia out for yourself! I mean who wouldn’t want a badass Tomahawk that has special abilities?! Or reusable items?! Nothing like having your grappling line snap when trying to ninja yourself out of the jaws of a hungry Rex… or running out of bolas trying to keep a speedy Heavenly Tapejara at bay. We even provide you with tranq-bolas.

If that’s not your style, then you can always use frost arrows that explode upon impact and slow your enemies down by 75%. After all that excitement and running about it’s annoying having to constantly find a water source to refill your limited slot canteen…but, not with the Gaia Canteen that stores 10x the water! If that runs out, you can use a magical well that you don’t need a water vein for and can be placed anywhere to provide irrigation.

Gaia is ideal for all servers, you don’t have to have it load in first. It can be run on any map that uses vanilla spawners. PvP? PvE? We cater to both styles. Gaia is balanced and can be paired with most mods.

Do not run this mod alongside the original Gaia 1 mod as this is the latest release of Gaia and has been expanded on.

Contribute to Gaia 2 Development
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All Gaia 2 + future mods are always free for everyone to enjoy. However any generous contributions towards development allow us to purchase new assets, hire additional developers, cover any hosting fees + buy coffee for the many late nights cooking mod updates!

Gaia 2 Mods are Sponsored by Nitrado
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Nitrado is the worlds leading game server host provider and offers high-quality game servers at a low price that are available immediately.

Join our Discord Today
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Join our Community Discord for the latest announcements, update teasers, mod support or just to hang out with our amazing community.

Special Thanks
  • Credit to Prome for developing the original V1 of the Gaia mod collection. Without him Gaia would not exist!
  • Special thanks to Delanne in our Community Discord for being the most amazing Gaia knowledge wizard!
  • Special thanks to LeutianKane from Ark Eternal for being a mentor and helping development.
  • Special thanks to everyone who helped Prome develop the original Gaia mods.
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Sep 29 @ 9:58am
About the Bionic Dodos...
< >
Eristid99 17 hours ago 
anyway to reduce the hunter spawns? getting a ton in the swamps on Lost Island, also can you turn down their damage to .5 in the ini?
Akira  [author] 17 hours ago 
Naniii?!?! - You've got a bad mod install. Need to un-sub, delete mod folder, re-sub. Then wipe and reinstall the mod on your server. You may have to FTP to your host, which you can get the instructions of how to do so from your host provider.
Naniii?!?! 17 hours ago 
hello there i have the mod installed and its the first one in my list ive reset my server multiple times and i keep spawning in a dark abyss, no matter how many times i try to fix this the result is the same is there a fix for this?
GWSheridan Oct 3 @ 8:27am 
How can i change the spawn rate after killing dinos. As when kill a dino have thousands dinos spawning on you. Not good when your in your base xD
Akira  [author] Oct 2 @ 10:20pm 
Valerix - It isn't a bug, Prome developed that intentionally.
Valerix Oct 2 @ 9:33pm 
Bug report:
Player takes damage when standing on the Gaia Feeder.
The weights of 12 souls are fxxkin heavy
To make the statue, we have to up the weight over 1200

hsingh94093 Oct 2 @ 10:15am 
Blaze-double press F
Akira  [author] Oct 2 @ 9:46am 
donald.1997 Oct 2 @ 8:30am 
Hey There, i had a little but anoying problem.. i tamed two decaying Dinos and after a short time they just die. i Know its in the name that they decay. but can i prevent that ?