Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Collection of the entries submitted by the creators for the 2nd Edition of the Crown of the Dungeon Maker - Mapping Contest.
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Side note : You can find "The Market & Festival" Utility Map in order to sell/buy/rest/etc. between CODM 2 adventures.
Side note² : If you were a mapper of CODM 2 and your map is not in the list, contact me here or on discord with the link of your steam workshop adventure for the codm2. It will be added asap.

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CODM 1 Collection
Items (13)
Created by SirMadnessTV

Type: Utility Map (Shop)
Difficulty: n/a
Playtime: It's up to you
Starting Level Rec.: All
Version: 3.1 (08/07/2022)
Status : Complete

CODM2 - Shelter
Created by unclesporky
Far from civilization and seeking shelter from a torrential storm, you stumble across an inviting tavern.

A 1.5 - 2 hour adventure on a single small map that will take you through levels 1 to 3.

I am not usually one to toot my own horn too much, but ...
Created by Cervando
Your party has been contracted by a wealthy merchant to free a trapped Princess from The Athenaeum of Arcana, where she is imprisoned by her spurned would be lover, Prince Rugen.

My entry into CODM2

1. For parties of levels 1 to 3, ideally with a broad r...
CODM2 - Cynoc
Created by Cynoc
Is the local legend about the Woman in White false, or is there something more to that chilling tale whispered on quiet nights around campfires? You were supposed to be just traveling through on a delivery, so you didn't expect you would be facing the trut...
Dragonstone Saga
Created by EricWisdom
Before the Cataclysm, Dragonkind held great power. One of their secrets was the Dragonstone.

This is a tough adventure, scaling one difficulty level higher, in my estimation. Encounters can be very tactical-heavy for survival, with fights oft...
CODM2 - Mordring - The Dark Hand
Created by Mordring
A routine assignment lead you to investigation of a cryptic organisation called the Dark Hand. Who are they? What are their goals? Only one way to find out.

This map is a love letter to classic dungeon crawls meant for a level 1 party (level 2 possible ...
CODM2 - Solanchi
Created by Solanchi
You awake in a subterranean cavern filled with mystical totems and crumbling aged bones, you remember not why you are here but hold a burning desire to venture through.. The Cinder Throne.


Start with a Level 1 party.

Exploring for food an...
Mad Maraike (CODM2 - Halocarpus)
Created by Ornery
March through a mad mausoleum of Maraike. Designed to take parties from level 1 through to level 4-5. Contains mild puzzles....
CODM2 - Le Sagouin
Created by Le Sagouin
A beast has been raging in a region for several years and to claim a number of victims, you have been hired to investigate and get rid of the beast.

If you start level one, you finish level three before the final fight.
healer and identifier are strongly ...
CODM2 - Can you brave the ruins? - Sarjenius
Created by bob
A small dungeon created for the contest SOLASTA : CROWN OF THE DUNGEON MAKER II. The city council tasked you with finding two children of the city treasurer who went lost in the catacombs below the old tower at the Mary Fields. A nice reward will be paid....
codm2(viper forest)
Created by Old Raver
Created by GentlemenPanda
Your party has gone adventuring with the request of Sir Sildar a high member of the Tower of Knowledge, to find the long-lost Kingdom of Fandil. From what Sildar has managed to give you on Fandil you know that it fell into disarray after the final king sac...
The Wolf Who Cried Man
Created by daveyd
A small single location campaign created for the CODM 2 contest.

The road to Florin is long and hard. You spot a sign pointing to a Trading Post off the main road....