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Achievements Guide in Monaco: What's Yours is Mine!
By Noodle and 2 collaborators
A comprehensive guide to complete the original 13 achievements, including the secret achievement, in Monaco: What's Yours is Mine.
This guide is based on the PC/Mac version of the game, not the Xbox/PS3 version. There are similar achievements in the Xbox/PS3 version but there may be different physical requirements for its achievements.

This guide is 4 years old. This guide is for the achievements included in the 2016 release of M:WYiM.
Finish The Prison Break with a score under 1:10

Mission: The Prison Break
Character recommended: Locksmith and Pickpocket, the other players
Difficulty: Easy

  • Once the Locksmith has unlocked their cell, have the Locksmith help unlock the rest of the cells, this'll save you up to 5 seonds.
  • Have everyone at the gate before the tunnel entrance to speed up teh unlocking process.
  • Have everyone help unlock the access to the tunnel.
  • Ignore all stealthiness, sprint through the lasers and quickly get into the vent.
  • Once you get through to the top level, collect all the coins and have your group split up into 2 groups to help collect all the coins in the Offices and in the hallway.

Top time i've gotten is 1:02 with this method.
Kill everyone in a mission

Mission: Any level!
Character recommended: Cleaner
Difficulty: Very easy

  • SImply kill all hostile entities in a mission, checking to see if you've visited every part of the map for all guards and agents.
Silent Withdrawal
Complete Banque Albert without being seen.

Mission: Banque Albert
Character recommended: Mole
Difficulty: Easy

(!) You must complete this achievement on the map, Banque Albert.
(!) You must go Mole in order to successfully complete this acheivement.

  • Dig up towards the Main Vault (Dig all the way to the western wall from spawn, then go up untill you can see the lasers.)

  • Time your entrance and exit, timing the rotation of the laser beams to the 3 seconds it'll take to snatch the trophy.

  • Go to the objective completion point.

This achievement is really simple and shouldn't be too complicated.
Technician - Finish any mission with only wrenches in single player
Mission: Any map featuring the wrench, Centre Hospitalier, onwards.
Character recommended: Gentleman or Cleaner
Difficulty: Easy, depending on which map you try

Equip the wrench, collect as much coins as possible to receive another wrench. Go straight through the mission, making sure to not get killed, and get to the objective by only using the Wrench.
Bring the Bleach - Gib three attacking guards simultaneously with C4 without dying in single player
Mission: The Prestige (easier to be completed on this map)
Character recommended: Gentleman
Difficulty: Very Hard

There are 5 guards located in the room direcctly east to the spawnroom/sewers. Attract guards to the room near the street level exit then position the C4 near the barrels in the room before the street level exit. By then, the guards should have walked over the C4 and you should get the achievement. This achievement can take some time, so be paitient.

Use this map to complete this achievement:

Bring The Bleach Achievement Map (Recommended)
Bring The Bleach Achievement Map
Dem Bones - Revive an online teammate
Mission: Any mission except for any PvP mission
Character recommended: Any playable character
Difficulty: Very Easy

Simply revive an online teammate by walking over them, it should automatically start healing the chosen player. If there are two players dead, on top of each other, then the most recently deceased player will be revived first.
I Work Alone - Complete Act I Single Player
Mission: First line of missions
Character recommended: All characters, depending on the mission
Difficulty: Hard

Complete all missions on the very first storyline (The Locksmith's Story) and successfully complete them in singleplayer. To check that you've completed the mission in singleplayer successfully, a trophy labelled 'P1' will be lit, indicating completion.
Whacked - Win an online PvP match
Mission: Passport Denied, Corpse Flower, Dark and Stormy
Character recommended: Any playable character
Difficulty: Very easy

- Collect all trophies, usually 4 or 5 trophies, and make it to the esscape point, it'll be shown to you once you've collect the target amount of trophies. It can be either a car or boat.
Identified - Complete Campaign Act II
Mission: Second line of missions
Character recommended: All characters, variating between each mission
Difficulty: Hard

After cleaning out any 2 of the Act I missions, you will be able to start doing Act II (The Pickpocket's Story), which is quite a bit more difficult than even some of the later Act I levels. You will need to clean out all of the Act I missions in order to unlock all 8 of the Act II missions.
Unscathed - Complete each mission once without dying
Mission: All campaign missions, not community-submitted missions
Characters recommended: All playable characters
Difficulty: Very Hard

Beat all of the campaign levels without dying. You can track it by viewing the four trophies under the level name in the level select menu - the third trophy is the one for beating the level without dying. That includes co-op. Everyone has to stay alive.
Time to Retire - Achieve all four trophies on every solo and co-op mission
Mission: All missions
Character recommended: All classes
Difficulty: Ungodly amounts of difficulty

In order to complete this achievement, play with a few friends to get 'Cleaned Out' for all the co-op trophies for each level, then play solo to get the 'No Deaths' notification and all the single player trophies.
Guard patterns can change from playthrough to playthrough, so always be paying attention if you're going for the no deaths or a safe clean out run.
Note that during the third level and beyond, you will start to see coins hidden in the environment, such as under people, in safes, and in stacks of money. This means that you will at least need the Cleaner on some of these levels, depending on where the coins spawn for you.
Cerveau - Beat all of Campaign 1 and 2 in Zombie Mode
Mission: All of the Locksmith and Pickpocket missions in Zombie Mode
Characters recommended: Any playable character
Difficulty: Very Hard

In order to complete this acheivement, you must complete all missions in Campaign 1 and 2 in Zombie Mode, making sure to acheive all trophies to collect all coins in every mission. You may speedrun through the maps to compelte this achievement.
[Secret Achievement] Play it again Sam - Play an entire song on the piano with 3 players
Mission: Manoir Moucharder or Casino de Monte Carlo or the map below!
Characters recommended: Cleaner, Redhead and other playable characters
Difficulty: Hard

On the level "Manoir Moucharder", where you must rescue the Gentleman, you will notice that he has a piano in the main room on the first level of his house. Head inside the house however you want, knock out the guards. If you really use brute force, you'll probably want the Redhead as well, but you'll at least need the Cleaner to sit on top of the guy playing piano to keep him asleep. Once you're all in the piano room, gather around it so you can all push toward it to play it (one person at the keys, one above the piano and one below). This acheivement is also achieveable in the mission, "Casino de Monte Carlo", although it's pretty hard to complete it there.

EDIT: Sonan X in the comments mentioned you can achieve this achievement by playing the piano in Zombie Mode. Much more legitimate. And supposedly less work than what's been written here.

P.S. This update was made 4 years after the guided was published. Big wow.

Achievement Map: Made by DarthJack007
The song takes a full minute to complete, so don't give up if it doesn't pop immediately.
Thank you very much for reading! I spent over the past 2 weeks making this look good and come up with the basic methods. I hope you guys get in with the action and help out write out the achievement methods.

EDIT (09/18): Thanks! This guide has great sentimental value. I created this when I was halfway through high school, and now I'm in uni (college, for you Americans out there). This guide has been continuously updated through the highs and lows of my life. Why I keep updating this; I don't know. What I do know: Life can be a b----, but it's what makes it worth living. -Noodle
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Noodle  [author] Sep 11 @ 4:02am 
@Sonan X

I can't personally confirm it, but thanks for your input!
Sonan X Sep 9 @ 3:20am 
Sounds like a lot of effort to make a guide for 'Play it again Sam'
Why not just play a level with a piano in Zombie Mode?
KliPeH Mar 9 @ 3:34pm 

The trophies are:
1. Singleplayer
2. Multiplayer
3. Cash out
4. No deaths
5. Zombie mode

Each trophy can be earned both in SP and MP except those exact two - SP only in achieveable SP and MP only achieveable in MP. If you earn a trophy in SP you don't need to earn it again in MP, it'll persist throughout the playthroughs. Grey trophies are trophies you don't yet have. The very first Locksmith mission (Prison Break) is bugged and its No-Death trophy will reset every time you restart the game; if you went through all the missions and got all 4 trophies in each one, and still didn't get the achievement, go through the mission again without dying.
KliPeH Mar 9 @ 3:34pm 
2 of the missions don't have any trophies required to earn the achievement. I believe it's the last Locksmith mission and the first Pickpocket mission. The quickest way to get the largest amount of trophies would be to play Zombie mode (1) in Multiplayer (2), without dying (3) and cashing out every time (4). Note that if you're playing Multiplayer it's enough for one person to die to block you from getting the No-Death trophy for the remainder mission. Only the Locksmith and Pickpocket campaigns are part of the get-4-trophies-in-all-missions achievement.

Good luck!
Amy Feb 2 @ 4:12pm 
Nice guide dudes !
MRetro Sep 9, 2017 @ 12:54am 
Now that the game got updated, there are 5 trophies, and the achievement description now says "Achieve all 4 trophies in every coop-mission", so I'm guessing that now you only have to get the last four. I could recognze that these trophies were:

1- Single Player
2- ??
3- Get all the money
4- No deaths
5- ??

However, does the trophies achievemed by playing solo (like the money or the deaths ones) count towards the achievement, or they have to be made during coop?

★Luxion★ Jul 29, 2017 @ 5:56am 
Is it normal that I didn't get the trophy for cleaning out coins in "Identity" level even If I saw that big "Cleaned out". I did it in zombie mode. It's the only one level in both campaigns that I cleaned out but didn't get the trophy. Is it bug or what? Also I don't know If only I don't see trophies in "Fin" levels. I saw them after compliting them, but restarting game makes the trophies invisible. Any help please?
leftgamer7 Jun 9, 2017 @ 3:05pm 
1st Tip: for the Cerveau Achievement: Use the Cleaner.

Cleaner Can instantly Kill any Female Zombie who didnt see him.
Makes it easier to sneak through the hallways.

2nd: Tip Use the Traquilizer Gun or Shotgun.

The tranquilizer is a good stealth sniper rifle and the shotgun can save your life when you get chased by many Zombies.

3rd Tip: its easier to get the cleaned out trophies in zombie mode because the zombies have to be close to you to deal damage.

yeknesak Apr 6, 2017 @ 6:29am 
hello at first thanks for guide. I'm looking for 2 other players to achieve secret achievement. If anyone is interested just let me know
Noodle  [author] Mar 11, 2016 @ 9:37pm 
@OneExtremeEnigma That is correct!