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NOVA Frigate Starter Pack
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Jan 30 @ 1:41am
Jul 18 @ 12:24am
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NOVA Frigate Starter Pack

In 1 collection by Darvenstein
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Get ready to build BIG

Darvenstein Military Shipyard has released several block modules optimized for building big spaceships. Instead of using thousands of individual blocks with thousands of colliders, this mod pack provides you with massive individual building blocks, therefore decreasing collider and AP counts, which in turn relieving your computer from intensive calculations for big builds.

This starter pack contains all the parts needed to construct the Ashford-class Frigate (some assembly required), which includes :

DMS Torpedo Bay (Nuclear/Plasma Warheads) [HE, Weapon section]
Torpedo bay capable of deploying 4 space torpedoes in a single salvo. However it needs several seconds to adjust flight path and trajectory, therefore vulnerable to CIWS(s) and point defenses. These space torpedoes are state-of-the-art naval technology developed by Darvenstein Military Shipyard exclusively for the NOVA Faction

DMS ProgMat Armor Plates [HE, Power section]
Armor plates made with programmable matter capable of repairing itself. Drains a small amount of power when idle and considerably more when performing self-repair. Casually referred to as 'living metal', these armor plates are standard-issue for any ships constructed by Darvenstein Military Shipyard

DMS Ship Frame [HE, Standard section]
A sturdy frame to secure the structural integrity of spaceship hulls and modules. The ship's crew can also perform utility and maintenance duties via access hatches on both ends of this frame

DMS Naval Gyro [HE, Accessories section]
Massive gyroscope module to stabilize spaceships when entering a gravity well, as well as establishing a universal 'up' across friendly flotilla to better synchronize fleet combat movement. Due to the design being intended for spaceships, usage on smaller techs is strongly discouraged

DMS Naval Battery [HE, Power section]
Massive energy storage to provide power to all systems on a spaceship, install these modules in a stack for an even higher storage capacity

DMS Communications Array [HE, Accessories section]
An array of receivers and transmitters for sub-space communications, eliminating information delay between astronomical distances

DMS Full-Spectrum Scopes [HE, Accessories section]
A series of instruments capable of detecting the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radiowaves, microwaves (traditional radar), infra red, visible light, all the way to gamma rays

DMS Maneuvering Thrusters [HE, Flight section]
Powerful maneuvering thrusters for course correction and sublight movement. Due to the design being intended for spaceships, usage on smaller techs is strongly discouraged

Epstein Drive (ProxMod1) [HE, Flight section]
Originally invented by Solomon Epstein, this fusion engine has achieved a level of efficiency that was previously thought to be unattainable. The Epstein Drive was a vital technology that allows humans to colonize Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and the entire Sol System. This ProxMod1 model has been further enhanced with Proxima Dark to achieve FTL travel, allowing highly efficient interstellar transportation and marking the beginning of the Prospector's Age

Fully assembled Ashford-class Frigate

NOVA is looking to recruit new and promising officers to join our ranks, visit our Faction Thread [forum.terratechgame.com]
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Darvenstein  [author] Jul 18 @ 12:34am 
Update 18.07.2022

->Re-adjustment of all block modules' grade & rarity (for real this time)
->Torpedoes has an arm delay of 5 seconds to prevent them from exploding in your face. If a torp hits you before being armed, it will fall off to the ground, and will explode in 20 sec
zabuzabu8 Jun 2 @ 3:35am 
This missile? But can you make a shield and repair field that will not break?
GrimReaper May 28 @ 11:18am 
Maybe in the near Future a way to make the ship not use Better future gravity engine
Like a way to implemet a block that make the ship hover in plane and moves like a hover glitch is it posible plss?
Darvenstein  [author] May 27 @ 9:34am 
is this your first time using unofficial mod?

read this
GrimReaper May 26 @ 10:18am 
How do i get that fiels to work in the game bc idk?
Darvenstein  [author] May 25 @ 9:15pm 

read the desc carefully, you need CIWS from the TT forum
GrimReaper May 25 @ 1:23pm 
Anyone got any idea how to asemble this to be able to fly?
Bc i cant at all
Is all cool but there No instruction and the Frigate place in workshop not works bc missing 2 items
Darvenstein  [author] May 9 @ 12:08am 
Minor update:

DMS Naval Battery is now DMS Solid State Battery
->42% higher energy density
->37.5% more mass
->no explosion on destroy

Epstein Drive (Proxmod1) is now Proxmod2
->no longer requires conventional fuel

Minor particle fx adjustments for torpedo bays
Darvenstein  [author] May 5 @ 2:25am 
if your scu is bugged, put a cab on the epstein drive (so now it becomes a tech), and then simply store the tech
eaterequalsvoid May 4 @ 12:08pm 
@Darvenstein in the campaign if a block is unknown you can't craft it. My question is how am I supposed to get the Epstein drive into my inventory it is so big it doesn't want to go in.