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Vampire Survivors

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Unlock MissingNo
By Allerion
Unlock the second special character found in the game.
Here's how to do it
To unlock missingNo you got to kill death, no joke

As you probably already know death can't be killed, so you need to be a filthy cheater and modify the damage of an item to get to the 30 minute mark and kill him.

So you first need to get to the game's root folder, if you don't know where this is the path looks like this Steam\steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors

then you got to find the file with the source code in it, main.bundle.js. Navigate to resources -> app -> .webpack -> renderer and the file is going to be there.

Full path: Steam\steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors\resources\app\.webpack\renderer

Edit the file with a text editor and you need to find in the code your preferred item, in my case it is Garlic because Garlic is awesome. Press ctrl+f and type the weapon you want followed by .png for example (garlic.png). Now you need to find where in the code the power of garlic is set and change the number to the desired power

Take a note of the initial power just so you can revert it back after you are done with killing death, save the file, open the game find the item (choosing a character that starts with said item works too) wait for the 30 minute mark to hit and one shot death. Now you might notice that the game isn't over yet, no ♥♥♥♥ you are supposed to lose. So quit the run and on character select you will be able to buy death for 1100 gold (I think I can't remember)

Oh and don't forget to change the power value back or uninstall and reinstall the game both revert the power of the item back to normal.

Thanks for reading

Edit: You are better off searching the line with weapon.png instead of just weapon

Edit 2 A beautiful person from reddit u/gabriot made this video as well going through the process
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󠀡󠀡 Feb 22 @ 10:54pm 
CAN confirm this method no longer works with modified game files.
SPumch Feb 13 @ 2:08pm 
Tried it today, when death arrived and i touched it with my garlic he just stopped moving (no I didn't get the character)
All-Seeing Guy Feb 2 @ 9:38am 
I just did it today by modifying all of poe's stats / multipliers, for example setting his health and regen variables to 100 and then setting his power multiplier to 9 million. For example, starting from Poe's charname line:
'charName':'Poe','surname':'Ratcho','spriteName':'Old3_01.png','walkingFrames':0x5,'description':'Permanent +25% pickup radius and -30 max health.','portraitName':'p_poe.png','isBought':!0x1,'price':0x1f4,'maxHp':0x100,'armor':0x100,'regen':0x100,'moveSpeed':0x1,'power':0x9999999,'

this makes EVERY weapon you pick up incredibly strong and the backlash damage doesn't do enough to matter.
Mulley Feb 1 @ 4:51pm 
Think this has already been patched, even adjusting health/regen/armour values no longer works
SmileOnSpeedDial Feb 1 @ 12:13pm 
The only way I could see it being viable without cheats was with the freeze item, but because he kept duplicating it was not able to keep up with the amount of deaths on the screen :(
redsmokeboy Jan 31 @ 10:50pm 
increase armor, dmg your self never take much dmg. Poe - change armor to large amount hp so forth. have not messed with buffs.
Frank Horrigan Jan 31 @ 12:09pm 
@Noria I think he has a HP value in the millions, so i don't think its possible to kill him without actually cheating
Noria Jan 31 @ 7:23am 
Has anyone tried maxing out skill cooldowns, maxing out effects duration in the store, getting the same passive skills in game, getting Arca for another +15% cooldown, and maxing out a skill that gives you an invulnerable shield? I'm going to try - maybe it will help to survive death and kill her without cheats. In any case, if you are under the effect of the shield, then death does not kill you until it ends - I checked. Also if you super lucky u can pick up freeze thing from groung after 29-59 timer - maybe it can freeze death or amulet that destroy full screen - need to try this/
LiXiS Jan 30 @ 11:20am 
'name':'Max Health','description':'Augments max health by 10% per rank (max +30%)','texture':'items','frameName':'HeartBlack.png','isPowerUp':!0x0,'price':0xc8,'maxHp':100000.1},{'maxHp':0.1},{'maxHp':0.1}],[_0x2a0a34['REGEN']]:[{'level':0x0,'hidden':!0x1,'bulletType':_0x2a0a34[_0x46c4d4(0x232)],'name':'Recovery','description':'Recovers 0.1 HP per rank (max 0.5) per second.','texture':'items','frameName':'HeartRuby.png','isPowerUp':!0x0,'price':0xc8,'regen':100000.1}

I changed both to 100k and it now ignores the self damage, you can do the same to aoe range and growth.. and luck... and magnet..

LiXiS Jan 30 @ 11:17am 
Just add in max health and recovery multiplier for purchasable upgrades and it bypasses the damage dealt to yourself.