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Guarding Athena : HADES
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Guarding Athena : HADES

The army of the underworld is eager to conquer this land.
The goddess once again recruited young heroes with different fates who come from different time and spaces.
As the most devout warrior, you will rediscover the hero's journey in the mythology,
Under the guidance of the gods, you will become an excellent warrior of the gods, resisting the surging tide of the underworld.

===About this game===
The DOTA2 rebirth of the classic defense game "Guarding Athena".
1. Develop the habit of setting a password when creating a room, creating a room with a password (you can cancel the password upon creation) can effectively avoid being banned due to version updates.
2. When entering the game, you can do the main quest first, you can get gold coins to strengthen yourself by practice in the training room.
3. Multiplayer game will be easier, while playing this game alone can provide full experience.
4. Do not force yourself to challenge high difficulty, the difficulty that makes you feel happy is the best difficulty we recommend.
5. After the game is over, you can strengthen the sacred objects, and build and upgrade a powerful sacred object to help you challenge the higher difficulties.
6. Please do not use any script to afk farm, the developer team found that player with the use of script must be banned. It is recommended not to hand over your account to any booster. The developer team is not responsible for the financial loss caused by booster.

===How to play Q&A===
Q: How to play this game?
A: It is recommended to enter difficulty 1, pause the game, and check the novice guide NPC in the training room (only available in difficulty 1). After carefully reading the guidance of NPC, you will find additional surprises!

Q: How to quickly return to the base?
A: Press the same DOTA2 shortcut key for TP scroll item, you can find it in the DOTA2 settings.

Q: How to quickly enter the training room?
A: Press the DOTA2 neutral item shortcut key to enter the training room. You can find it in the DOTA2 settings.

Q: How to quickly synthesize items?
A: To synthesize items on the hero, you can click the Synthesize button at the top of the inventory, and the priority is to synthesize from left to right and from top to bottom. Items on the ground can be synthesize using the courier's quick synthesis skill (the fourth skill), which can be quickly perform 3-to-1 combination in stacks.

Q: What is God Blessing Fusion and God Blessing Gem?
A: God Blessing Fusion is to obtain the attributes of the equipment in the form of not occupying the inventory; God Blessing Gems can fuse the effects of Level 6 equipment and unlock the additional God Blessing effects for the Level 6 equipment.

Q: How to shorten the game time?
A: Click on the "immediate release the waver" in the upper right corner, only if you are sure you can beat it.

===Player Community ===


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