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Twelve is the Key
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Jun 20, 2014 @ 3:08am
Mar 22, 2016 @ 3:01am
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Twelve is the Key

So, why twelve? Sometimes puzzles need one to think outside the box, wouldn't you agree? This time you have the chance to put that brain of yours into work and solve your way through huge, dark chambers, narrow corridors and sleeping turrets (or are they?!). Are you up for the task? You sure are!


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Estimated time
20 minutes


Author's notes
Congratulations and thank you, fellow tester, for playing Twelve is the Key, my first map created in the Hammer editor. I hope you found the puzzles satisfying and that you enjoyed putting both of your hemispheres to use. Please tell me your thoughts, complaints, suggestions or your current mood, and I'll try to answer as soon as I can. Comments, aswell as criticism of the constructive kind, are well appreciated.

Version 1.2
The original Twelve is the Key was released on 20th of June 2014. As of 22nd of March 2016 Twelve is the Key has gotten a major update. You will find a complete list of the updates under the Change Notes. In short terms the map will now hopefully be a even more pleasent experience.

Huge thanks to the contributing members of ThinkingWithPortals,
TopHattWaffle's[tophattwaffle.com] tutorials and personal help,
and the generous minds of Valve Developer Community.

Start mapping
Are you interested in starting creating your own maps and puzzles? Besides the PeTI program in Portal 2 there's a second, slighty more advanced tool called Hammer. Please check out my guide on how to begin creating awesome maps on your own: Start mapping with Hammer
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Konke  [author] Jul 29, 2020 @ 11:50pm 
Thank you, especially for the Youtube playthrough. Would you mind telling me which areas you’d prefer a bit more lighting in?
DeathWish808 Jul 29, 2020 @ 10:45am 
Cool map. I would've preferred a bit more lighting especially in certain areas.

Konke  [author] May 8, 2020 @ 10:59am 
Thank you :)
Sophronius Apr 27, 2020 @ 3:16pm 
love this map, great look and style, very well done, lots to do and fun!
Konke  [author] Oct 28, 2019 @ 11:03am 
Happy to hear you made it to the end, whatever the means :steamhappy:
Calwin Oct 9, 2019 @ 8:03am 
I used the cube as a shield too. One of my weaknesses is not seeing things right in front of me. Poor observation skills I guess. I managed to complete the map though.
Databot1 Jul 10, 2019 @ 10:30am 
I somehow completely missed the portable wall behind the first turret, and ended up completing the level by using the laser cube as a bullet shield ...
Konke  [author] Feb 3, 2019 @ 4:54am 
Thanks for the comments!
gibber Jan 27, 2019 @ 8:16pm 
That was a fun one...thanks.
ShaggieIII Jan 22, 2019 @ 10:21pm 
I feel like I need a tetanus shot after playing that level. Awesome and creepy, well done.