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HDG - Domestication Mod
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HDG - Domestication Mod

A Stellaris mod based on the Human Domestication Guide universe created by GlitchyRobo

Ever wanted to domesticate the universe, but dont like machines?
The main focus of this mod is the addition of the Domesticators civic

Keep florets!
This job replaces a portion of clerk jobs in buildings and civics that give them, with an additional job for every 8 planetary population and from the planet's capital building.
Florets produce extra unity, amenties and reduce crime!
With the new Haustoric Implant technology, replacing Subdermal Implants, your florets will gain the Haustoric Implant trait!
This locks them into the chemical bliss, without the production malus, reducing their impact on empire sprawl and increasing the amenities and unity they produce.
To keep up with the endless demands of new sophonts, your empire also has slightly decreased consumer goods usage!

Pet the universe!
With this civic, you also unlock a new subject type: Domesticated Protectorate!
Along with the normal effects of a protectorate, you also exchange population, dismantle their millitary and give them your ethics and primary species!

Put wayward florets in good homes!
The civic also unlocks the Benefic Acquisition ascension perk.
Rescue sophonts from their oppressors with the Raiding bombardment stance, or lure them to your empire with the Biorhythm Transmitter starbase module.

Show off your florets!
Leaders can acquire their own florets over the course of the game!
Florets provide unique effects for their owners. Try to rescue as many as you can!

Re-bloom your leaders!
Leaders will rebloom when they die, resetting their age and traits, while only suffering a small skill decrease.
Best of all, they keep their florets in their next bloom!

Other featurs
Custom icon art by Miss_Praxis. Ser work is seriously amazing.
2 Affini Compact flag symbols. - Art credit to GlitchyRobo
Beeple species portrait. - Bee portrait credit to Hirvia, Alexthe666 & ⑧ ҠƗ₱ɗєҠƗ₱.ᵉˣᵉ [⇄]
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Orokitty Mir Jun 4 @ 9:33pm 
Just learned about HDG, and definitely hopeful that this gets updated to 3.4.*, I cant wait to help all those poor ferals become their best them out in the galaxy :D
DeltaVelorum Feb 23 @ 12:43am 
Really good mod! Finally it is possible to domesticate all the cute xenos. -buzzchamp.aff-