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FarmingPlus 2.0
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FarmingPlus 2.0

Farming Plus 2.0

Note - This is a complete rework of the original mod that will be compatible with the newest version of DayZ. This mod will update as needed to stay with the DayZ community.

Thanks to our friends a Fresh Spawns for this amazing teaser!

FarmingPlus 2.0 introduces a way for you to catch chickens and pigs with a Burlap sack. Once caught and released the animals will become tamed so they will no longer be spooked by your presence allowing you to co-exist peacefully.

You can build your new pets a home in the form of a chicken coop or pig pen. Assigning animals to a home (by attaching to the inventory slot) will make them persist through server restarts.

Feed your chickens with 10 seeds (any type of seed). 3-10 minutes after feeding the chicken will lay an egg. Rooster's won't produce eggs for obvious reasons.

Hatch your eggs by placing them in a chicken coop with an assigned mother hen. A new chicken will spawn at the chicken coop about 10 minutes after the egg was placed, providing the mother hen is still alive.

You then need to feed a rooster before you are able to hatch more eggs.

  • ➼Catching chickens and pigs.
  • ➼4 Building Structures, a fence, gate and a chicken coop and pig pen.
  • ➼Create persistent animals by attaching them to a chicken coop or pig pen.
  • ➼Create persistent animals by attaching them to a chicken coop or pig pen.
  • ➼Feeding chickens for eggs.
  • ➼Hatching eggs.
  • ➼Cooking eggs, in a pot, on a fireplace or stabbed on a stick.
  • ➼Chickens and pigs you have captured / hatched will have calm behavior around players.

Crafting Recipes

➼Farm Fence Kit = 1 log + 3 Planks

➼Farm Gate Kit = 1 log + 3 Planks

➼Pig Pen Kit = 1 log + 5 Planks

➼Chicken Coop Kit = 1 log + 5 Planks

To upgrade the chicken coop place

➼10 Nails + 5 Planks + 1 Metal Plate

to the slots in the chicken coop, and build up with a hammer or hatchet.
Destruction tools
To break down the fence, gate and chicken coop.
➼ axes, hatches, crowbar, sledgehammer

FarmingPlus was originally part of BaseBuildingPlus
Farm Gate, Chicken Coop and Farm Fence, all custom made by the awesome man W00kie!
Pig in a sack model custom made by the mighty Juusto!

My Discord & Server!

No Repacking.
You are not allowed to repack or reupload this mod or any content within it without permission.

Please contact me if you found any bugs/failures when using the mod.

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