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While surfing the mods, I would like to keep track of mods for possible future subscription.
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Door to Unowned Cell and QASmoke
Created by Spidertech
I really just made this for myself, but figured I'd share it anyway. I don't like using console commands that much, but I find these rooms useful and the only way normally to get to them is to use console commands. I also figured not many people would norm...
Flyable Dragons
Created by J3X
This mod adds two flyable dragon mounts; Dremlokmir, an Elder Dragon, and a Skeletal Dragon. You can fly around on the dragon just as if it would be a flying horse (no Dragonborn circle around only control). The dragons do not help the player in combat and...
Lyran's Hold
Created by HighWarlordBob
WARNING: Make a back-up save or two before installing this mod. I don't want to be blamed for what might happen because of some stupid technical problem. By itself, this mod functions flawlessly. It may have conflictions with other mods that I have not tes...
Radioreggae's Hair Workshop 2
Created by Radioreggae

This is standalone hair MOD for your female homanoid character.


Last update on the steam. Because steam uploa...
Return of the Amulet of Kings
Created by Flippy Flops
The Amulet of Kings was first given to Alessia by Akatosh. After which all kings of the Septim bloodline wore it too protect the Empire. After being destroyed at the end of the Oblivion Crisis, citizens of Tamriel believed it to be lost, until the return o...
Salem - skyrims best Arena mod
Created by chopfest
You will find out how to access Salem by subscribing. You can then head to Riften and go down the steps near the water. Speak to the salem traveler leaning against the wall next to Elgrim's Elixirs. He will give you a special book that lets you know how to...
Special Delivery
Created by SilentRider
There is a mysterious cabin near Riverwood. The guards say there lives a hunter, but an adventurer told them there is even more.

No one believed him.

Are you ready to pursue the matter?...
Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II
Created by hfiani
Basically this mod gives you the ability to tame any beast - even Dragons! - from any mod and any DLC.
Your tamed beast will follow you and assist you in combat.

This needs SKSE 1.6.16 at least. link[]

Before po...
The Abysmal Depths
Created by Jake
The Abysmal Depths is a nordic dungeon located near Whiterun. It has 4 levels, with a crescendo event, puzzles, loot, plenty of enemies, traps, and an ending boss fight.

This is my first real "mod" and I hope you enjoy it. Please report any issues, glit...
The Dungeon Pack
Created by Snjolaugur
Its a dungeon pack of two dungeons with some lvl npcs and Loot the entrances are located under(near) the bridge you start on if you enter Whiterun and if you like you could send me a video of you going throug the dungeon/s my email
The Myth Of Naraag
Created by SayHelloToMrBullet
The Myth of Naraag is a short, challenging, lore friendly, side quest. The quest tasks you with challenging a powerful undead mage called Naraag in a fight to the death.

To activate the quest, you must find a book called 'The Myth of Naraag.' It can be ...
More Enemies 1.2
Created by Krezmick
Updated Finally! sorry about the wait, will be working on some more. Also I have another project that needs to be worked on.

*****IMPORTANT NOTE***** i am not trying to copy any other creature or monster mod. I simply made this at my own free will. I th...
Rideable Serpentine Dragon Conquest Of Skyrim
Created by Darkknight957
This is a simple addon mod that adds 3 rideable Serpentine Dragon followers.
This mod should work with any mod it adds new files,I cloned the Serpentine Dragon.
They are set to hover over and orbit the player.
The Dragons will fly to you,the dragons do ...
Altair Assassin Robes from Assassin's Creed
Created by linkorz

This mod adds Altair's Assassins Robes, from Assassin's Creed 1. The armor is ripped from the PC version of ...
Sniper Gear
Created by amusquiz
This mod adds Sniper race,sniper armor,and sniper weapons.

To find the sniper gear go to the Whiterun gate look for a chest.

All the gear is inside.

You can now craft Sniper arrows.

The sniper race stats are.

Sneak 100

Light armor 100

Broken Angel Armor
Created by jackGa
Location: Palace of the Kings Upstairs

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want ***

1/ Steam (subscribe is Okay and it will auto download, but no esp)
2/ open skyrim Launcher, and click data option, it will auto download ...
Master's Gear
Created by Caine VanScythe
This is my first published mod. This set of armor and weapons will make you a god. It will most definitely take the challenge out of the game. This mod is only for those of you that want to be as powerful as a god, but don't want to
mod it for yourself. ...
Turbosnowy's Succubi Mayhem
Created by Turbosnowy
Hi folks,
Me again sending more crazy stuff your way - This mod introduces a new race of monsters into Skyrim - these being evil demons called Succubi who are after your blood, and quite capable of taking it. Please watch the videos for an idea of what t...
KillerKeo's Skimpy DragonBorn Replacer
Created by Killer Keo
To who are unaware DON'T CLICK ON THE "Free Elder Scrolls Online Beta Keys" Links

This Mod Required the Dragonborn Dlc To work

The Mods I used for my character is Epic Elves and a Ponytail Hairstyles, Apachii Hair from nexus

This is a repl...
Review Studio 4.0 with Green Screen Rooms
Created by Voodu
The Review Studio mod for Skyrim is meant for use by video creators when reviewing armor and weapon mods. I can also be a useful tool for modders and any one else who likes to create movies and screenshots. It provides a clean, empty space without distract...
Jenna - Elven Ranger Companion
Created by Dogtown1
Jenna has a custom bow and armor, the bow is playable and she has an extra suit of armor that allows the player to look like Jenna, as seen in the screenshot

she has many assassin type perks making her very stealthy and dangerous with her bow

you wil...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
Created by Maty743
Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!
If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my [url=
Nord Hero Armor
Created by Weistber
Adds a recipe for Nord Hero Armor to the skyforge when you receive the ability to make Ancient Nord Armor.

Nord Hero Armor is Ancient Nord Armor with the armor rating of steel plate.

I found the awakening of the Skyforge insipid. Ancient Nord Armor ...
Mavari Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
>Mavari Armor

This mod add a new set of High Resolution Light Armor to the game.It's FEMALE Only.

The armor is based on an original 2d concept art made by Virginie Carquin.You can check her deviantart page here:
Practical Female Armors
Created by JZBai
aka "Less Sexy Armor Redux version 1.3" on the Nexus[]

This is the Steam edition of my mod formerly known as "Less Sexy Armor Redux." It changes some of the female armors to be more consistent with t...
Heroic Armor
Created by Brandybuck
Ancient Nord armor, available after completing the Companions questline, is no better than Iron armor. It's almost like you're wearing some moldy stuff looted out of a barrow. This is unacceptable for the heroes of Skyrim!

Heroic Armor provides the Anci...
Jack of Blades Armor & Weapons
The Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM:

Mod Name

By deusraijin (
March 18, 2012

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installing the plug-in
4. Playing the plug-in
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known...
Royal Elven Armor And Weapons
Created by zAph'
Retextured, Standalone, Craftable & Temperable

There should be no issues, works with all races.

to get the gear ingame either go to the forge and craft it,(you must have elven smithing first)
or you can drop the console, enter help royal, and use t...
Blades Light Shonobi Armor (READ DESCRIPTION)
At the time i created this mod the workshop was unable to handle the file size, so it had to be uploaded to the nexus THIS IS A PLACEHOLDER
Bandolier - Dawnguard
Created by 🦎 Sai'Raks
Any questions, answer to which can be found in the description will be ignored.

IMPORTANT, Please read:
This mod requires Dawnguard to work. It only adds 2 items in 2 different col...
Black Mage Armor
Created by Reko
Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by every race, male or female.

Pure Evil Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Boots of Pure Evil
- Cuirass of Pure Evil
- Gloves of Pure Evil
- Helmet of pure Evil
- Aura of Pure Evil
- The Silence of Passing 2h sword
The REAL Ancient Nord Armor
Created by Frankenstein
I was alway bugged by how the Ancient Nord Armor you get for completing the Companions Quest Line SUCKED. It's sh** compared to most heavy armor out there and that for all that running around, saving the Companions and all.
Finally, i chose to fix this.
Plate Armor Plus
Created by aodnagne(하회)

This is conversion of Oblivion mod : Plate Armor Plus – Womans Move Edition originally posted by nao4288.

I kinda liked its own shape, especially how it looks like around the body in original format thus I tried to make this as close as...
Bloodskal plate (standalone)
Created by Nephutis
This is a standalone retexture of nordic carved armor. It is craftable and temperable, it requires a piece of nordic carved plus some gold bars and a few heartstones. This is because it is about 20% higher than nordic carved stats wise. Tempering it also r...
soul armor
Created by PACMAN
soul armor
light armor for females


status is the same as the dragonscale armor
you need the glass smithing perk and the same materials as the dragonscale armor plus
a filled black soul gem

To be find in the category mi...
Akaviri Samurai Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Akaviri Samurai Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all genders and races. The Akaviri are great dragon slayers from another continent. The fabled Blades of Tamriel forged their armors in the like of Akaviri warriors.

Calyps' Bosmer Ceremonial Armor
Created by calyps

(long and interesting lore based description about a Bosmer princess like Merida and a Altmer prince who tried to woo her by gifting her this arm...
Light Mithril Armor & Weapons - Standalone, Craftable
Created by ljames
Standalone, craftable Light Mithril Armor (Male and Female) and Weapons. I made this using the Ebony base meshes, so essentially the armor is just a retexture of Ebony, with crafting changes and stat changes. Currently the only stats that are different are...
Orcish Blademaster armor and weapons standalone
Created by Vita
Orcs - the strongest and bravest warriors of all Tamriel. Talented smiths with thousands years of expirience, and keepers of the orichalque smithing secret for generations. But why? Why do they have to wear this crappy , ugly vanilla orcish stuff made of I...
Calyps' Razor Assassin Armor
Created by calyps
An assassin armor in both light and heavy, male and female varieties. Craftable under Ebony with Advanced Armor perk. Part of my "I hate darkbrotherhood default armors" mod series. Also found being sold by a short hooknosed vendor just u...
Dawnguard: Craftable Falmer Armors v1.1 (Ancient added)
Created by Caerlocc
New version: 1.1: see changes below

For those who don't recognize this armor, Hardened Falmer Armor and Heavy Falmer Armor are 2 armor sets, visually identical, that are part of the Dawnguard DLC. However, they are hard to find, as they only spawn on h...
Schwertleite Set
Created by XiNAVRO
A female armor for the CBBE body made with pieces from various armor mods, Schwertleite comes with a one-handed longsword and a shield of a similar design scheme. The name, Schwertleite, was taken from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of th...
Eli's Nightwatch Armor
Created by Eli
This Mod adds a new armor and sword.
The Armor is the Nightwatch Armor from the Game of Thrones Series by George Raymond Martin.
The Armor and Sword can be found at Outpost above Ysgramors Tomb (Already marked on Map)
The armor parts are:
Scout Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download this package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only

Scout Armor - Weapons Only
More Material Variants - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Madrilous

What is MMV? Well More Material Variants is a solution to the problem which arises once your favorite armor is no longer strong enough for your needs. At this poin...
Stoutheart Armor
Created by Brandybuck
The true Nord warrior boldly displays his stout heart before his enemy. Inspired by Tsun, shield-thane of Shor, this is the armor set for the bold and mighty. So gird your loins and head into battle with Stoutheart Armor.

This is a "cosmetic" lore frien...
Warchief Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Warchief Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy or light armor set. This armor is a fusion of Orcish brutality, Nordic resilience, and tribal bloodlust. If you want to feel like a beastly barbarian marauding the countryside, this set is for you.
Redguard Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Redguard Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy or light armor set. This set was built to cater to the Redguard players out there. There was only one Redguard themed armor set in all of Skyrim... until now.

ll - Det...
Imperial Legate Equipment
Created by BioWire
A standalone set of Imperial Legate Armor. Inspired by Imperial Watch Armor from TES IV Oblivion, Recreated for skyrim.Earned after killing Ulfric Stormcloak. Now Craftable under Imperial with Dragon Armor smithing perk!

Legate Helmet
Vanguard Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
**The first automatic open/closing helmet mod in all of Skyrim! See below!**

'Vanguard Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both males and females. The vanguard of an army are the first soldiers in line. They take the brunt of the the e...
Hedge Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Hedge Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set. This armor brings back memories of Oblivion with it's knight in shining armor feel. If you prefer an exquisite, royal looking armor, this set is for you.

ll - ...
Bright & Dark Tyrael armor
Created by oni.kore
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING 6 LINES: i've been getting a few error when trying to upload the file on the workshop and it seems that some subscribers have problems trying to download it. I am really sorry about that and it seems that it is a known bug (http://...
Steel Maiden Armor
Created by Cherik
There are a total of 6 available and a pair of boots and some gloves.
There are 3 colors and 2 variants.
The armors are only Available by crafting them or by console manipulation if you like(not sure of the codes)
All you need to craft it is some steel ...
Assassin's Armor Set
Created by Half-Dead
So after a long time of being unsatisfied with my "Better Shrouded Armor" I decided to remake it as a stand alone with the problems fixed.

- Completely rerigged from scratch
- No more clipping issues (I hope)
- Stand-alone and Replacement for shrouded...
Viking Chainmail Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Viking Chainmail Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor or light armor set for all genders and races. I found there to be a serious lack of chainmail in Skyrim. Now you can wear an authentic looking Viking chainmail set as you maraud the Nort...
Silencer's Vestments (New Version)
Created by draich
Adds two dark brotherhood themed assassin outfits to the game. This is an update to the older Silencer's Vestments mod I have up on the workshop. I've added a new version of the armor, called the braced variant. I've also added a ...
Gabriel Belmont Armor Castlevania LOS
Created by TheDarkOne1047
New annoucement!!!!!!! I haver been working on a new set of robes based on Dracula's armor from Mirror of fate and lords of shadow 2 using vanilla armor pieces, It looks quite good, and I even got a retweet of a photo submisson from the offical twiiter pag...
Ponty's Chainmail Armor
Created by Ponty
Adds 2 chainmail armor sets to the game. There is a heavy and light version (Chainmail Hauberk and Chain Shirt respectively), as well as Light and Heavy Coifs with Helms (based off guard helms), Mail Backed Gauntlets (based off the clothing gloves), and Ma...
Fiora Armors
Created by Cherik
In an attempt to mash my favorite games together i have created this humble set of armor modeled after the champion Fiora. it comes in two color sets and styles.
the color sets are one "vanilla" color set which i tried to base off of the games default ski...
Seratic Armor (Dark)
Created by Manic Zombie
Seratic Armor Mod Version 1.1 by Maniczombie

Update Version 1.15
Fixed Tempered Gauntlets

Update Version 1.1
Fixed no shadows issue.
Added Gray and Dark Variants, Links below.


This Mod adds a set of Seratic Armor to the game, cra...
Question Marc's Magnus robe
Created by Walpurgisnacht
Feeling like having some armored swagger? Head to my Ancient Magnus Armor mod! :

Now on the nexus!

Feeling like having some robe swagger? You're ...
Almalexia's Regalia Female Mage Robe (1.01)
Created by Enai Siaion

This mod contains 10 different variants on Almalexia's armor from Morrowind, available as both unenchanted and enchanted items, as well as handwear and footwear to go with them.

Azura Aspect
Boethiah A...
Ebony Warmage Set
Created by Eli
This Mod adds a new Ebony Warmage Armor Set and a Warmageblade.They can be crafted at the forge under Ebony section except for the hood it can be crafted under the Misc section.

Hope you like my mod.
Liliths Armor - Standalone Version
Created by Noukheim
Got problems, advice or ideas? Make a comment! All feedback is very welcome.

A Remake of this mod has been released Liliths Black Sun Armor with 100% race and gender support...
(Yet Another) Ranger Mod
Created by A__Gun
Full description below

If you like my work, please rate it :)

Version History
  • a1.6 New Winter variant of the armor. At the moment its's stats and everything are identical to the normal armor, it just looks differ
Tali Armor
Created by Cherik
I present to you, my humble attempt to create a Mass Effect inspired armor for Skyrim.
i know its not too lore friendly but lets just pretend :D.
It comes in 3 different color styles and two versions of each color, both being light armors.

The Blue Va...
JoO Praetorian
Created by JackoO
Current Version: 1.1
invisible Armor bug fixed (hopefully)

This mod replaces the original Penitus Oculatus Armor by my very own interpretation of the emperors personal guard - the praetorian guard armor....
Sovngarde Gold
This mod adds Golden Dragur armors to the Heroes of Sovngarde.
I did this long ago but for a reason or another I never published, I did because I was disapointed the first time visiting Sovngarde how all heroes there wore the same vanilla armors rather th...
East Empire Company Armor
Created by tygabor
Adds a new armor made specifically for the East Empire Trading Company. You will be given this armor by Orthus Endario after completing the Rise In The East quest, just come back to the Windhelm offices to pick it up. Of course I'm sure that a skilled thie...
Conan The barbarian Outfits
This is my attempt at recreating the Conan the Barbarian and The Destroyer Outfits with totally made from scratch meshes ( only the female version of the Hyborian uses a small portion of the female vanilla ancient nord armor due to it's similarity and dual...
Battledress Female Mage Robe (1.02)
Created by Enai Siaion

Tired of searching for robes for your wizardess that aren't either softcore prawn or lore friendly nondescript blobs? Look no further! The pack contains 7 armor sets containing a dress, gloves and boots with minor model v...
Heavy Nightingale Armor (Level 1)
Created by Death_possum
This mod adds a heavy version of the Nightingale armor via crafting. The heavy version of the armor is slightly better than Steel Plate armor, and can be improved further.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are three different versions of the mod, o...
Silencer's Vestments (Replacer Edition)
Created by draich
Adds two dark brotherhood outfits to the game. This is an update to the older Silencer's Vestments mod I have up on the workshop. I've added a new version of the armor, called the braced variant. I've also added a combined mask an...
Hartherz Armor / Hartherz Rüstung
Created by RoWar
Shiny Effect

Last thing people told me was an extreme shiny effect on this armor. I guess thats caused by missing specular maps.
So, I added them in a new bsa so you can download it. If there are any problems with the new files, thats ...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins
Location : Mistveil Keep outside main door,Riften Near the market place


Gilded Ebony Mail
Created by Deaf Mute
Adds the Craftable Guilded Ebony Mail (ebony mail retexture)and is compatible with both Male and Female Characters.

This is the standalone armor that will become available though the questline for my other mod.

Required to make: 1 Gold Ingot/3 Leathe...
Question Marc's Ancient Magnus Armor
Created by Walpurgisnacht
Now on Nexus:

This mod adds a none-replacer retexture version of the ancient nord armor. More specifically, it adds one armor fitted for all race, gender and size, and this armor is offered in 4 fa...
Dark Brotherhood Mail (Standalone)
Created by rylog9
I made this purely out of overly-obsessive hatred of the standard Dark Brotherhood armor, so now it looks like the brotherhood is actually protected than wearing a swimsuit.
This is a standalone version of the ebony mail, onl...
Female Nightingale Assassin/Thief Armor
Created by DRAGONREND73
Battlemage Mod
Created by Bel
Craft new Battlemage armors that will protect you more effectively while you decimate your foes!

Two new armor sets for mages who aren't afraid of heavy armor:

Battlemage Armor - based on Steel Plate, this armor provides additional magicka pool and s...
Dashing Swordswoman Outfit
Created by Anduniel
This mod contains 4 doublets and 4 hoods. Standalone, does not replace anything. Female only.

Where to find it:
Simply type: coc DashingTestCell for free samples!
Craft them at the tanning rack for combinations of Leather, Leather Strip...
Created by DRAGONREND73
The Blood Nightingale
This is a re-skin of the...
The nightingale assassin/thief armor
Created by DRAGONREND73
Unenchanted Vampire Royal Armor Set
Created by riandrake

I say there are minor spoilers, because as I have not quite finished dawnguard myself (entirely)... I found and added a couple items (albeit unenchanted, so it doesn't ruin everything) t...
Vampire Hunter armor for skyrim
Created by nonfri
IMPORTANT: school has started for me getting ready for my last 2 years in high school and i have alot of hard classes so i want to say i am still working on this mod as i want to add a follower but it will take some time TY for all the suscribers :D

Female Dark Dragonscale Assassin Armor
Created by DRAGONREND73
Conquistador Armor
Created by [HoB] Vulkaan🐺
Like my page on Facebook to stay informed about my work!

You always knew you were a Conqueror, now its time to dress the part! Dawn the armor of a Conquistador and take what you want from the godless heathen...
Armor of the Dragonborn
Created by Ulithium_Dragon

1) Description
2) Compatibility
4) What This Mod Does
4) What This Mod Doesn't Do
5) Installation
6) Uninstallation
7) Update Log
8) Future Plans For Updates
9) Tools Used
10) Permissions
11) ...
Nordic Hero Armor Retexture (Standalone coming soon)
Created by Edelschinkenschrank
This Mod REPLACES the Ancient Nord Armor Textures with fresh, bright, and actually reforged-looking Textures. They fit well with my "REAL Nordic Hero Retexture" Mod wich xou can find at my workshop ;)
Currently I have Problems making these a standalone, b...
Black Scaled Armor
Created by Draco1122
Black Scaled Armor by Karim (Now standalone and upgradable) Works with all races and female version is almost done can used but texture isn't finished.. Let me know if you see a problem.

Updated on 09/13/12 With retexture standalone on all bandit versio...
Dark Steel Plate Armor
Created by spissvinkel
A darker coloured version of steel plate armour.

* Items are in addition to standard steel plate armour, not replacements
* Same stats as standard versions
* Craft with Advanced Armors perk
* May be tempered and/or enchanted
* Sold by merchants, app...
Morag Tong Master Assassin Armor
Created by azoutback
*Requires Dragonborn*

Adds a unique enchanted set of Morag Tong armor for the stealthy assassin. Does not affect vanilla Morag Tong armors.

Same DR stats as Glass, same weight as Elven.

*Morag Tong Hood:
Assassin's Sight power. Detect life type ...
Legion Rearmament
Created by Knightm16
This mod modifies both the Imperial Legion, and Stormcloak Forces.

The Legion is pathetic. Leather/Studded armor for infantry? Against Aldmeri Troops in Elven? BAH! This mod Changes the Legion troops to be a more effective combat force. It goes beond ju...
Arctic Armor
Created by Rep
This mod adds my own Arctic Armor to Skyrim. Found at the Skyforge, and now craftable. The female world model is a bit messed up but everything else is fine. I've added a helmet now. Tell me if you like it or if you want it gone....
Realmshatter Armor Pack [RUS]
Created by Leo

Ссылка на оригинал (Original):

Мод содержит 3 набора брони для игры.
Все три версии брони: легкая, тяжелая и прос...
Dragon Armor and Dragon Priest Mask fix
Created by GreatVollen
A simple mod for Dragon Priest masks and dragonscale/dragonplate amor.

Will correctly align the armor set bonus for full dragonscale and dragonplate to the dragon priest masks, as well as increase the armorrating of dragonplate to be slightly better tha...
Dark Mage Robes (retexture)
Created by Wyzen
My first mod! It is a stand alone retexture mod that adds a chest in riverwood(at the blacksmith forge) that has all the dark mage armor.Please comment rate and subscribe. :)

It is a dark retexture i personally think it looks cool let me know what yo...
Escherion Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Escherion Boots
- Escherion Robes
- Escherion Gloves
- Escherion Helmet
- Escherion Visage
- Escherion Demonic Horns
- Hammer of Escherion 2h
- Demonic...
Chainmail Armor
Created by rambozo
My first and likely last attempt at an addon for Skyrim. I just felt the need to fiddle with the game, and chainmail is kind of neat.

Now, let me tell you how to get it; You simply craft it. it's just a simple craftable. It requires a couple steel ingo...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins


== Race == Woodelf (MALE ONLY)

== Location == Riverwood,the blacksmiths (Next to the steps in a chest ) ==

HighRes colored Magechainmail Armor
Created by Tellurric
Light Chainmail Armor, with High Resolution textures in 7 different colors.
The Armor uses a copy of the Original meshes from the Adeptrobe,
the Textures are based on the orginal version from Bethesdas HighRes-Texturpack.
The Mod is complete Standal...
Snow Elf / Falmer Race
Created by carlleach99
This mod adds the Snow Elves / Falmer of legend. Sorry that they look like the High Elves, there's not much I can do about that besides craft a new mesh, which I don't know how to do... but anyway, they're lore-friendly and aren't overpowered. I may be upd...
Ancient Sheikah Armor
Created by CallMeCal
Don't forget to Rate and Favorite if you like my mod! :)

''Have you heard the legend of the ''Shadow Folk''? They are the Sheikah...the shadows of the Hylians. They say they swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule and guarded the Royal Family...''...
Doom Knight Armor set
Created by lagrie
Added a black fur version of the armor.
This was requested allot from you, so here you go.
You can find it on the top roof of the castle....
Standalone Ancient Nord Light Armor
Created by buter1
This mod includes a standalone set of Ancient Nord Armor that is classified as Light Armor. It is craftable and upgradeable (as Studded Armor). Stats are similar to Glass Armor. Includes cuirass, gloves, boots, and helmet.

This mod does not affect the s...
Azgual Mask + Dragon Priest
Created by The Red Glow
This mod adds a new dragon priest with a new mask to the game.

I wasnt planning on posting this but I thought, might as well. You can find Azgual at the end of the Bleak Falls Barrow Dungeon.

Light, and Heavy armor- 2 Variants

Armor of the Ancient Nord
Created by e4envy
Hey there. Decided that the Ancient Nord armor was a bit too inferior despite being craftable (and otherwise obtainable) at the end of a questline, so I changed the stats a bit, without making it (in my opinion) too over-powered.

Ancient Nord Armor set ...
N7 Fury Armor
Created by rebel-o-conner
N7 Fury Armors

this mod add the mass effect 3 N7 Fury armor to the game.
no rip, it's a fanart, i made all models from scratch.

the armor sets are craftable with leather and iron.
armor is for both genders and enable weight morph.
a special dragon...
Hail Armor (Heavy)
Created by Arexiys
this mod is just a simple standalone Recolor to the Ebony armor.

{{ the Armor can only be crafted at this moment. it need Glass OR Ebony Smithing perk,
{{ Can be found under falmer category at the Forge the armor.
{{ (to craft some need a comb...
The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Scout Armor
Created by JKalenad
This mod is provided AS IS. I don't have the time to dedicate to improving it any further.
Is it my best mod? Not by a longshot (pun intended), but I don't have any plans to continue working on it. Take it or leave it. "Fixing" the tunics and gaun...
Banditry: Forsworn Gear
Created by Brandybuck
"This was our land. We were here first. Then the Nords came and put chains on us." -- The King in Rags

Eschewing the craftsmanship of other factions, the Madmen of the Reach resort to primitve yet effective gear in their insurgency against Nord rule. No...
Bloodscale Armor
Created by zAph'
Retextured, Standalone, Craftable and Temperable

There should be no issues, should work with all races but i didnt test orc or kahjit, so let me know if they dont work

to get the gear ingame either go to the forge and craft it,(you must have dragon ...
‹‹ Forsaken Gear ››
This Mod adds a Player-Owned Non-Respawnable Chest to Breezehome (the Buyable House second in the row to the right when entering Whiterun) which is located just up the stairs in the House, as shown in one of the Images you can view above of this Text. It l...
Nightblade Armor Set
Created by Eid LeWeise
The Nightblade Armor set.

This addon adds an armor set suitable to the Nightblade (Rogue / Mage combo) style of play. The artwork is from the games Nightingale set

I love playing a combination of a sneaky rogue with a caster, but there is a problem w...
Olympian Race and Gear, Equipable Bound Weapons
Created by mjenkins
Go to Whiterun and look for the Barrel of Glory, through the gates and take a right after the first building. In the barrel there is a set of awesome daedric armor, DarkSider greatsword, DarkSider swords that are bound swords, two bows one bound one not, b...
Silver Ebony Crown
Created by krallen
As requested, a silver crown made for the silver ebony armor set. This mod only contains the crown; click my name on the right to check out the full set! The crown is forged under jewelry.
There is a seperate helmet for Argonians called the Argonian Crown...
Witchhunter's Armor
Created by MATLAB R2018a
This is a mod I came up with primairly for roleplayers, who are looking for a dark armor for the witchhunter sort of character. Currently, this mod includes a full suit of recolored witchhunter's armor, a shield, and arrows. In the future, I would like to ...
Craftable Light Ebony Armor And Ebony Mail
Created by >♊TwIInSpades♊<
My FIrst mod uploaded to steam, It features craftable Light Ebony Armor and Craftable Light Ebony Mail.
I plan to make a dagger version of the Ebony Blade and a few other items.
If you have any requests Ill be happy to see what I can do.

Hear is a...
Vagabond Armor And Weapon Set
Created by johnboygillett
Found in the Iron smithing tree good allround armor suitable for Vanilla Skyrim no DLC'S required and works with all DLC'S too nice array of weapons to suit all methods of play please subscribe and rate thanks :-)...
Heart Stone Weapons & Armor
Created by tx3000

Thieves Guild Variant Armors (craftable)
Created by Frankenstein
Added new, craftable versions of the Thieves Guild armor (non-replacer) with a more menacing look than the regular one. Craftable without any perks from the beginning. Stats are only slightly better than the average Thieves Guild or leather armor.

Crystal Rain + Ancient Stone Armor
Created by Ali3nActivist
This is Crystal Rain! With the help of some friends I decided that she would be the follower to reveal my brand new, first ever retextured armor design!!! Unfortunately, for the time being the armor is only avaliable for female charaters but i am working o...
Hunter's Armor
Created by MATLAB R2018a
Here's another mod that adds some armor and weapons specially tailored to hunters.

It's fur armor and steel weapons that I buffed to Elven tier. The forgable set has no enchantments; the enchanted set (as of yet) can only be obtained through console com...
Dovah Archery Assassin
Created by dajd196
Here's a very personal piece for me - the set of equipment that I almost never leave home without, the Dovah Archery Assassin set.
It includes a full set of Dragonscale armor and a Dragonbone bow with the enchantments that I find most useful when venturin...
Ancient Nord Tyrant Armor with Yngol's Helm (Non-replacer/custom)
Created by The Blind Wound
'Kay. Well, I had originally put this on the Nexus, then lost the main file, and remade it from scratch.

It is essentially the Ancient Nord heavy armor set, with the Yngol's Helm texture. Non-replacer, it is simply using the textures, renamed, and given...
A Blood Benders Armor
Created by dylandeheer
- Latest updates

This mod adds a new armor set called "A Blood Benders Armor".
This armor is intended to extend my spell mod called "A Blood Benders Mind[http//http]...
True Daedric Armor Revised
Created by dylandeheer
Fully revised and risen from the dead.
I am proud to reveal to you!

”True Daedric Armor Revised”

Due to multiple requests, lack of conversion or options.
The six dangers of the unraveled deeps that lies beneath
the face of Skyrim. ...
Elven Steel- Heavy Elven Armour
Created by Smol Gem
A heavy variant of the in-game vanilla armour. Works for all races and genders. Crafted with steel, moonstone, and corundum. Fully temperable. Requires the Elven Smithing perk, obviously.
It has similar stats to Steel Plate armour, with slightly less pro...
The Betrayer of the Light
Created by lagrie
Added Wings

- Boots of the Betrayer of light
- Cuirass of the Betrayer of light
- Gauntlets of the Betrayer of ligh...
Daedric Redguard Armor
Created by lagrie
Daedric Redguard Armor
- Daedric Redguard Helmet
- Daedric Redguard Gloves
- Daedric Redguard Boots
- Daedric redguard Armor

- Daedric Scimitar

- Mzulf Npc
- Daedric Altar of the Redguard
Blade Ranger Armour- Light Blades Armour
Created by Smol Gem
A light variant of the vanilla Blades Armour, tailored for players with a player style which specialises in light armour. It should be compatible for all races.
This armour set can be found in the sky haven temple, in the same room as the Dragonbane Swor...
Ebony Guardian- Light Ebony Armour
Created by Smol Gem

A second conversion of a vanilla armour set. This time ebony, light armour. This armour falls between ebony and glass armour, being slightly weaker, but lighter, than glass arm...
Golden Steel Plate Armor and Weapons
Created by SirRottet
I have made this as a heavy armor alternative to my Golden Elven armor. The recipes for the first set require 10000 gold and the dragonplate equivalent piece. The weapons require the end perk for their type and 10000 gold....
The Sandstone Armor
Created by Gunchap Red
This mod adds a custom textured armor set that can be found in a custom textured chest the chest can be found near the road that goes through riverwood.
Enchanted Ebony Armor, a special Ebony Bow abd Arrows plus a special Katana
Created by Darkknight957
Enchanted Ebony Armor with multiple enchantments

Smithing,Archery,One Haneded and Two Handed 40%,plus Health,Magikca,Stamina 100 and Health,Magikca,Stamina regeneration 100%.
The Armor is also set higher than standard Ebony and there is Enchanted Ebon...
Thieves Guild "Former Glory" Enhancement
Created by jp
*UPDATED to v1.5.1* Thanks for 20k Subs!!!


In my opinion restoring the thieves guild to vanilla former glory was extremely underwhelming. One of the things that aggravated me the most was that although the thieves guild becomes ric...
VanNord Carved Nordic Armor and Weapons
Created by StavJr
A set of custom Nordic armor and weapons inspired by the great Kevin VanNord of GS Skyrim.

Blue, Red, Green, Cyan, Yellow, Orange and Purple versions included.

Craft at the smithy under Daedric.

Any issues please let me know.

Known issues N...
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
Created by Enai Siaion
Thunderchild features 29 new shouts with multiple effects, powerful abilities to improve your shouting, a new section of High Hrothgar, a high quality Greybeard Robe model, items, improvements and bugfixes to existing shouts. But only the most talented and...
Dragonscale Species
Created by arthurtheking03
(now it should be only Dawnguard if something's still wrong with DLCs' tell me)
IMPORTANT: This mod affects dragons - if you have another mod affecting dragons directly, it probably won't work properly.

This is mod tha...
Created by Shocker
This modification adds the Predator as a custom playable race as well as his armour and weapons based upon the film Aliens vs Predator.
*UPDATE: Added Thermal Vision mode to Powers. Equip and use by pressing the shout key. Has a duration of 30 seconds.
Golden DragonScale ArmorSet (Craftable Cultist Armors)
Created by Tappei
This mod add Golden DragonScale Armorset!

(need elven smithing perk)

-Armor: 35
-Weight: 4
-Value: 1000

-Armor: 30
-Weight: 3
-Value: 450

-Armor: 25
-Weight: 1.5
-Value: 300

Ashara Elven Knight
Created by Ashara


Thanks to Mikyluna for the ani...
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7 Skins and Weapons
Created by XFagtor (FrankerZ)
How the Title says, I have ripped out the models outta Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7 and merged them for Skyrim.
All rights reserved to Square Enix.

Why am I making this mod? It´s easy to explain: I haven´t seen in the entire workshop any object from C...