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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Weak Ai Civs boosts
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Jun 17, 2014 @ 6:14am
Jun 29, 2014 @ 9:42am
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Weak Ai Civs boosts

This mod attempts to address shortcomings of civs in game where the Ai struggles immensely either because the UA is something the AI can't grasp or take advantage of, or, it has such a bad UA and lack of a UB (or a bad UB) that playing against them is so easy it's laughable.

The end goal of this mod is to allow players to feel free to take a strong civ because no matter who the AI opponents are there should be a good challenge. Provided you are on a difficulty level that suits your skill that is!

The changes:

Venice: has been given a brand new promotion "Spirito di Ezio" LeeS helped me with. 50% bonus when they fight adjacent to their capital. 30% bonus when 2 tiles away, and, 10% bonus when 3 tiles from the capital. this should help them survive onslaughts from aggressive neighbours, and prevent their units from being offensive minded where I didn't want them to be. For those who say it doesn't match the civ, google the phrase "you may have the universe but leave me Italy". I think it nicely matches their struggle and defense of Venice from the Huns.

America: loses cheaper border purchases. The Ai simply doesn't use this and it's pretty weak and lame. Lets be realistic. America now gets 20% faster great person generation. Free Great Engineer @ physics. This may be tuned up slightly after play testing.

Mongolia: have been given a significant culture bonus for killing units. 125% -- 25% more than what Aztecs got. The Aztecs have had their ua changed. Mongolia is so narrow minded that this culture boost should hopefully help a little.

Aztecs: didn't need buffing, but with Mongolia taking their ability I wanted to create diversity. They've now been given 150% faith per kill which ties in nicely with Montys high religion flavour.

Carthage: Still gets free harbours, and now 50% reduced naval maintenance cost. I decided to leave the UA passing through mountains in tact. With Dido's high naval flavour this will benefit Carthage nicely.

Denmark: Here I incorporated Barathor's mod which introduces the Stave Church. Its production cost is reduced from 120 hammers to 100, and produces 1 happiness. The Church is a +1 gold instead of -2 maintenance. A nice little bonus where the Ski Infantry was incredibly weak. Then I turned my eyes to the Berserker's: they are now very offensive minded. They get a foreign lands bonus and bonus vs wounded enemies, and no defensive terrain bonus. Harold should be fun to play with and against now.

Germany: Hanse is the same as it is but now available at Guilds. Barbarian bonus is gone, and they now have 50% lower maintenance for land units.

Iroquois: Simple mod from Krajzen's; the longhouse is now +5 production and then all the extra production from trees. Makes this UB really shine. The AI seems to shine with this civ and now with a less useless UB that's all I felt needed to be done here.

The Celts: Free great general at Iron Working. This was the civ that needed the least boosting, and I hope this does the trick. They have a nice UB and their UA gives them a religion.. well see how the AI handles this.

The Netherlands: the luxury bonus is gone. A free Great Merchant spawns at Optics. Social Policies cost reduced by 20%. Seems to be not quite as powerful as Polands "Solidarity".... in concert with Poldars and the Great Merch hoping it's enough.

Byzantium: Byzantium Palace now grants +3 faith. Free Great Prophet appears at Theology.

Japan: I incorporated Homusubi's Japanese enhanced, with a minor change. The Dojo still gives +15% XP to Navy. Japan was a naval powerhouse in the 20th century and it seemed wrong to just totally take away from that. Dojo also gives +2 culture. I really like this mod and think it is a beautiful change to Japan. Big props to the author. Unlike Japan enhanced, Samurai remain at 21 strength.

Sweden: with America getting a boost to great people this UA started to look very small considering that there's no UB for Sweden. Combined with a terrible start bias I decided to change their bonus to 15% per friend GP bonus, and in honour of Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite) a free GS when dynamite researched. I've also increased the friendship willingness for Gustavus Adolphus to 8 from 6, on par with Gandhi. If his UA is based on how many friends he has, the AI should be willing to be friendly with people.

Russia: Russia's Krepost now gives +1 science for every 4 citizens, where as the Library does 1 every 2. A small boost, but with Catherine's science flavours a fitting one.

The Ottomans: All naval units now start with siege, giving them 50% bonus vs cities. Ties in nicely with their flavouring and current UA.

Songhai: I didn't want to try and re-invent the wheel with them, but, given that the AI flavour for them is geared towards the economy, I gave them a bump of 1/3rd more trade routes.

France: Napoleons culture flavour increased to 8 to match the UA. Military units receive a 10% bonus to XP needed to get promotions, where as Shaka and his Zulus get 25%. A minor bonus to their military but a nod to the high aggression flavour the French have in Civ 5.

Not compatible with Expanded Civlopedia Entries (Brave New World)
Not compatible with Japan Enhanced
Not compatible with Krazjens buffs.
Not compatible with Denmark Stave Church mod.

Referenced: and

Version 2 Changes:

-Sweden introduced into mod, with a 5% boost to their Great Person DOF to make it 15%, and, a free Great Person at Dynamite in honour of Alfred Nobel.
-Russia introduced with a small addition; the Krepost now grants 1 Science for every 3 citizens.
-Ottomans introduced with all naval units being granted Siege to help attack cities.
-Songhai introduced and given 1/3rd more trade routes
-France introduced and all land units given promotion "March"

Version 3 Changes
-Napoleons Wonder Flavour changed from 4 to 8

Version 4 Changes
-France's March Promotion removed. Replaced with 10% reduction in XP needed for promotions
-Byzantium now has +3 faith per turn from Palace. Free Great Prophet now comes at Printing Press.
-Russia'a Krepost has science reduced. +1 science per 4 pop, instead of 3. This makes it half as effective as a library.
-Samurai strength reduced down to 21.
-Netherlands social policy cost reduction change from 15 to 20%

Version 5 Changes
-Aztecs lose the slight culture bonus, 150% faith per kill should be enough
-Updated Carthage text to reflect they get 50% discount on maintenance of their navy, not outright purchase or build
-Theodora flavouring for religion upped from 7 to 9
-To offer more historical realism, Theology will now grand a free Great Prophet for Byzantium, instead of the printing press.
-Sweden's flavouring for willingness to be friends increased from 6 to 8, to aid their UA and the AI's ability to enjoy it.
-America's GP generation lowered to 20% from 25%

referenced mods: Japan Enhanced Krajzens buffs Stave Church mod
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Jun 30, 2014 @ 9:12pm
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The Grimwar Nov 5 @ 2:58pm 
Can you please make it so that Byzantium's palace produces 3+ Faith when a cetain technology is research? like Writing? Or Calender? it's make them more evenly matched in the race for religion in the early game.
The Grimwar Feb 23 @ 9:18pm 
Byzantium's too OP
Lickmajora Feb 14 @ 11:02am 
asadppacc Sep 8, 2016 @ 4:40pm
*favoring, not flavoring, yes it annoyed me....great mod none the less*

@asadppacc ... nonetheless, not none the less... it annoys everyone that you are actually trying to correct someone on spelling/grammar.
The Grimwar Jan 12 @ 3:12am 
You should change up Rome to reflect how they really were!

All Roads lead to Rome

The barbarian experience wall doesn't exist, and for the time someone is playing barbarians unlimited exp, they earn exp twice as fast, their legions can build tile improvements.
Forlorn Jul 28, 2017 @ 2:22pm 
Good mod works great
BearAttackMan Nov 14, 2016 @ 9:13pm 
I want to download this just because of your Spaceman Spiff avatar.
Noodle! Oct 12, 2016 @ 5:04am 
asadppacc, in Civilization the things that control the different civs are called "flavors". So flavorings are correct.
asadppacc Sep 8, 2016 @ 1:40pm 
favoring, not flavoring, yes it annoyed me....great mod none the less
Mr. Coffey Jul 17, 2016 @ 2:48pm 
How about Gandhi's UA "Is at peace always"
Tenacity22 May 31, 2016 @ 11:26pm 
You should change Gandhi's UA to be: +50% production bonus when building nukes. +10% nuke production bonus per civilization with a Declaration of Friendship. Uranium sources are worth double.