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Far Cry 3 Sweps REMAKE
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Jun 16, 2014 @ 10:32am
Jan 17, 2015 @ 8:36am
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Far Cry 3 Sweps REMAKE


I spent a good while trying to learn modeling, and thanks to that i have been able to do projects Which were the FC3 model rips. I eventually got the hang of model porting which allowed me to move on and start animating sweps. This allowed me to make my csgo swep pack.
Now the reason that I am here for is because i was browsing through my workshop, and i noticed one of my old projects. Some of you might recognize my abomination known as the Far Cry 3 Sweps. These sweps were quite literally just css models slapped with Far Cry 3 models. I was looking through this pack and I realized that i could redo these, only better!
I will be using my Buu Swep base with these, but i am adding stuff to it.
Currently the Sweps have C_Models and Frame by frame copied animations from Far Cry 3. The sweps also have attachments.

This pack contains the following SWEPS (all are c_model compatible and come with attachments):
- Ak47
- Mp5
- Spas12
- 1911
- P416
- Z93
- Bow
- 44 Magnum
- D50
- 6P9

This pack also comes with 3 ammo entities

More sweps are to come, just be patient, animating takes a long time!


Left click = Shoot
Right click = IronSight / Scope
Sprint key = Holster / sprint
Sprint+E = Attach Silencer (lowers damage but raises accuraccy)
Sprint+R = Attach Scope (Increases recoil but raises accuraccy)
E+Left Click = Change fire mode on spas

- Workshipper for the original css realistc base.
- Leeroy for the smoke particles
- lord czar of cazkaban: for the hand swimming and falling animations.
- Valve for the models
- Me for animating, rigging, coding, basically everything.

I've been making these sweps more/less at the same time i started the csgo sweps, taking my free time to animate and code. if you are feeling generous, then please Donate here! [] Thanks <3
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Dec 6, 2020 @ 5:40pm
PINNED: Want to use these animations?
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Jun 8 @ 1:41am 
i cant use the ammo packs when i click E on them
ikenadro May 26 @ 5:51am 
[Far Cry 3 Sweps REMAKE] lua/weapons/weapon_buu_fc3_1911/shared.lua:441: attempt to index global 'wep' (a nil value)
1. unknown - lua/weapons/weapon_buu_fc3_1911/shared.lua:441
Bruhternity Nov 29, 2020 @ 1:15am 
you are me and i am you
Caedes Nov 28, 2020 @ 8:49pm 
@Hat Kid
If none of that works, it could mean there's a problem with the files' initial installation. It could have been that you downloaded one and/or both addons prior to a key update. Or it could just be that Steam didn't transfer all the files you needed when you downloaded them before. In which case, I would recommend unsubscribing from both and redownloading first Buu's base, then the weapons themselves. That might sort it out. If not, feel free to friend me and I'll try to help you troubleshoot it. That is, if Buu doesn't help you resolve it first.
Caedes Nov 28, 2020 @ 8:47pm 
@Hat Kid
I'd suggest disabling ALL your add-ons except this, Buu's base, and anything else you think is absolutely essentially (like VJ Base or TFA Base). Then start a new game. If the weapons are working, it means you have a conflicting addon. If that's the case, go through all your addons one page at a time and reenable them. Once a page has been enabled, start a new game. If the weapons are still working, move on to the next page. Repeat this process until you get to a page that causes an error. When you do, disable and reenable each potential addon until you isolate the one that's causing the problem.
Caedes Nov 28, 2020 @ 8:44pm 
@Hat Kid
Hey! Hat Kid! Greet to see ya! How are things since you got your Time Pieces back? If it helps, the solution to your problem might be that you have a conflicting addon. Stop me if I'm off base here, Buu. But it sounds like Buu based their code off something else on Gmod. Something Counter-Strike related. So you may have a Counter-strike addon that is leeching off the code you need to make the animations for these SWEPs work.
Caedes Nov 28, 2020 @ 8:39pm 
Would you consider bringing back the FC3 Flamethrower and Silver Dragon Knife too?
Hat Kid Jul 30, 2020 @ 5:00am 
i've subbed to the base and downloaded this pack, and it's just errors. I NEED HELP.
jimmy mafia Jul 29, 2020 @ 4:58pm 
i wonder if this will ever be put on tfa or arc
Hat Kid Jul 20, 2020 @ 6:36am 
uh the guns are just errors, and i installed the base. i think i need help with it.