Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Internet Cafe Simulator 2

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100% achievements guide [UPDATED]
By TheShieldsTTV and 1 collaborators
Walkthrough for All achievements and getting rich quick.
All Achievements and Getting $100,000 quick
I have 100% this game in less than 12 hours.

Here is the fastest way to 100% this game.
Do not do this if you're trying to grind out the game as you can get 100k in less than 4 hours.

1.Tutorials -its simple, just do the tutorials, if you cant do this at least, uninstall.

2. Blackjack- Find the rabbit club, spend 100$ at the bodyguard to go inside. Back room behind bar has a poker table. Play it once. Done

3. Family - Make sure you talk to the beggar and do his quests, sleeping causes progression of days, everyday the beggar will have a new quest, you must actually sleep to progress his missions. one of his missions he asks you to beat up a bald guy in a white tank top, just look for the guy who looks like Vin Diesel and knock him out with the baseball bat and return to the beggar to complete quest.

4.Fighter- Knock some people out.

5. Cracker - Crack a game using the cmd console on your PC.

6. Police investigation - Just let the police come up to you and search you, they randomly will search you in the game so dont try and instigate them, it doesnt work.

7. Reporter. When you leave your apartment, there are two dumpsters straight ahead of you, look between them, Amogus.

8. Thief- knock out a thief trying to steal from you.

9. Game Lover - EZ, just buy all the games on Steem on your PC. (Steem is downloaded from the app page on your web browser in game)

10. Mining - Buy bitcoin miners and mine over 1 BTC and then go sleep in your bed.

11. MMO golem- play warcry classic on your PC and kill a golem

12. Flying Cafe - another quest from the beggar (his last quest) (progression day 7 from sleeping) he needs $1,500.00

13. Hotdog- buy the Hotdog stand from your cafe site

14. Free Spin- Buy the free spin for $2000.00 on Fruit Spin

15. Crypto- buy a cryptocoin

16. Richest - (this part is important) HAVE $100,000, then GO TO SLEEP. It only triggered it for me by sleeping.

Note: Money guide will be updated. You should follow this strat, but you should also invest in as many bitcoin miners as you can. You should also upgrade so you can buy more bitcoin miners with the skills. Click "X" to open the skill menu.
Guide on how to get rich quick i.e. 100,000 in 2-3 hours
When you start the game you will start with $2,000. Don't waste money on PC's yet. Just buy the $1370 (or the $1400 if you don't care) arcade machine on Zamora. (they both give you the same $120 income so just buy the cheaper one) Place it in your cafe and open your cafe. Everytime someone uses it, you will immediately get $120 per time. You will get around idk 6-800 day. Day 2-3 buy another $1370 arcade machine. You will then double your income. Do this like 4-5 times until you have 6-7 highest end arcade machines. You will now be making around 2,000-3000 a day. Feel free to save up and buy the highest end PCs, Vr tables, console, etc one at a time. Employ all the employees and start upgrading your shop. Around 5-6 irl hours in you will have a max shop and be able to afford everything.

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Achievements, Update #1
Guide for the 7 additional achievements added in the update.

Selling about ~15 items to the seller in town will award you this achievement. You can purchase his own items and sell them right back to him, or simply sell items from your cafe.

Salesman Sell many items to seller

This achievement is unlocked for having mined a full bitcoin. This can be done by purchasing bitcoin miners and graphics cards in the backalley. You need to insert the code found on your PC, in the miner app, to be able to start your BTC mining.

Crypto Miner Earn more than 1 coin

This achievement is earned for getting 21 in blackjack. Blackjack is found in the backroom of the strip club. You only need to be $10 at the time.

21 Win by 21 in Blackjack

When being searched by the police, run away and manage to escape the police. The way I did it was to run into the elevator to my apartment without the police managing to catch me. Otherwise, simply try to escape. Better stamina upgrades recommended.

Lawless Run away from the police!

This achievement is earned for earning a million dollars, then going to sleep. See the money making section in the guide for strats.

Millionaire Become a millionaire!

This one is almost the same as the crack achievement, except you have to crack a game with hard difficulty. Recommended to only send 2 to 5 at a time. See the game-cracking section of the guide for more details.

Crack Perform a hard crack

This achievement is earned for buying the most expensive of all gears in War Cry.

Full Gear Reach highest gear in Warcry
More detail on cracking a game
To Elaborate on how you get the cracked achievement. Go on Your PC. go on www, go to apps, download the command app for using the cmd console.

while having the cmd console up on the left side of your screen, bring up your internet (www) on the right side of your PC and click on Cracked. Itll give you an IP number. In your console command type: join server (IP given on your cracked website) i.e "join server 173.453.23.1"

Once youre into the cracked server. Click the how to crack button on the top right. It will explain how to crack a game.

View a game itll give you and ID. i.e 542Dg6h or something like that

In your command console you have to send packets to that game to find the right port

So in the command console you'll type "send package (or packets or whatever i cant remember itll tell you in the How to crack menu) (Game ID) (number of packets to send at a time)
example command "send package 542Dg6h 30" this will send 30 packets to the game ID you wish to crack

Keep sending packets to that game ID until you find the right port, it will tell you the correct port once you find it. TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THAT CORRECT PORT NUMBER. or just remember it.

now to crack the game youll enter the command "crack (Game ID) (Correct port number)
example would be "Crack 542Dg6h 173"
itll crack and download to your PC. Achievement done
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Created a new section called "Achievements, Update #1" - which is a guide for all the new achievements. The rest of the guide will be updated later :steamthumbsup:
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Thanks for tell about achievements.:badcat:
and for some people question about golem .for kill golem mission ,you have to full of items and all advance items.
Kuaker Jan 30 @ 1:50pm 
I have all the achievment exept for tutorial, fuck you
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How am I supposed to kill a golem?
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where is these so called new generators for stopping electricity fails
Moto Jan 12 @ 8:48pm 
If you don't care about having fun and just want to make money, make sure you start the game by buying the $1370 arcade machines and start gambling on the PC. I've had the fruit slot in the background and I end up making 1000s. I'm mid game and just made $60k in free spins. The slot is a high chance to pay back.
MR.Bribert Jan 12 @ 10:09am 
the best