Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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BELMEZ - Ancient Fortress
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Jun 15, 2014 @ 8:48am
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BELMEZ - Ancient Fortress

Belmez is one of the most ancient fortresses in the lands that now form the Kingdom of Agatha. It was built under the reign of Telmon the Cunning in his obsession to ensure that his dynasty's dead had a safe and peaceful burial site to rest and, since then, under its stones lay buried the bones of the greatest Kings and Nobles that these lands have ever seen. The immense swamp that surrounds the promontory has always served as a natural defence in front of the different armies that have dared to penetrate the inhospitable landscape.

Since the start of the brutal civil war that devastates the country, Belmez fell into Mason control as its devout and scarce inhabitants saw their traditional ways would be better protected under a strong leadership. After waging war all throughout the Kingdom and capturing Feydrid in Stoneshill, Masons imprisoned him in Belmez and King Malric himself is there, personally supervising his custody, hoping he will rotten hoplessly. Nevertheless, Agatha has assembled an army that may prove them wrong.

Main innovations

- vertical siege ladders + ability to kick them away from the wall by defending team

- new fixed element of defence in siege warfare ----> the "basket of stones"

- mobile spawn system (Agatha will be able to spawn on moving boats)

- new swamp vegetation and new arquitecture

- completely new & polished audio created by U.F.O. (including: intro music, swamp and desolate ambient sounds, ghost sounds etc.)

- pickable fire arrows (removed until random damage bug is solved)

- Place the Flag objective mechanism (not exactly the same as Ctf, as its your team's flag the one you place in order to conquer the position)

- optional objectives (Forward spawns) and tactical tips


Objective n.1 - "Recover the Siege Camp"

Agatha's Siege Camp is under a Mason counter-attack or "sortie" by defending troops. The reinforcements arrived by boat must rescue the remaining forces; while Masons must ensure prisoners burn alive in the improvised bonfires, killing anyone who pretends to extinguish them.

Optional: Agatha can capture a forward spawn in the swamp by Recovering some Supplies.

Objective n.2 - "Conquer the first Wall"

Having recovered the camp, Agatha is in the position of resuming the siege. Success in taking the first wall will be evident when Mason banners are replaced by those of the "passant" Lion. Capturing the first wall will give access to the village.

Optional: Agatha can breach the left tower with the catapult to outflank the enemy.

Objective n.3 - "Use the Commander's Burial Firewood against the Gate"

In order to access the second defensive line, Agatha must set fire to the gate taking advantage of the situation. Masons have built a funeral pyre for one of its best Generals fallen in combat and the cart used to unload firewood is still near. The mission consists in pushing the cart towards the gate and setting fire to its load.

Optional: Agatha can capture a forward spawn inside the village by setting fire to the Barn.

Objective n.4 - "The Masons are flooding the dungeon. Rescue the King"

In a last attempt to frustrate Agatha's plans before total annihilation, the Masons open the Castle's cistern and flood the dungeon hoping his desired prisoner will drown. Agatha must fight through the ghostly catacombs & dungeons and free Feydrid from his cage.

Optional: Agatha can destroy a door to outflank the enemy.

Objective n.5 - "Only one King shall reign"

Feydrid is safe, re-equipped and ready to resume the leadership of the Agathian army. Masons are entrenched inside the Castle and King Malric conducts the defence. Both teams will fight for victory, deciding whether to adopt a timid stance or a more aggressive one in this epic duel.

Optional: Agatha can lower the drawbridge to outlfank the enemy.


Maps included:
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Jun 28, 2014 @ 3:47am
Cletus Van Damme
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•҉Baron voŋ Moorland Aug 31, 2016 @ 6:07am 
Heck yeah!
Friend invite inbound...
Corsario  [author] Aug 31, 2016 @ 3:20am 
Thanks a lot! I recall my friends and I having a very good time doing those screenshots in our alpha private sessions. The map was very ambitious and has been the source of more than a few headaches, but its been very satisfying to see a lot of positive feedback and to play it as an official map.

Ive pretty much left Chivalry behind, but your comment has reminded me I have a map in the drawer which is almost finished. Its an oval arena style map which your Moorland Skirmishers community might enjoy. You can even name it, cuz I still dont find a term that suits it (I can send you some screenshots via steam for that purpose). Keep an eye on the workshop!
•҉Baron voŋ Moorland Aug 30, 2016 @ 9:52am 
Amazing map! and your screenshots for the map are really well done! Love the one with Maulric pointing on the map!
Penguinator Jul 8, 2015 @ 8:03pm 
badass, dark, and epic
SkipSkool Jun 5, 2015 @ 3:16pm 
Hi Guys and Author Corsario

I am hosting this and some other custom maps on my server.
The IP is:
You can directly connect using the console ingame by Pressing ''〜''.
If that doesnt work try the apostrophe key. On my keyboard it's one of the keys just to the left of Enter.

Once console is open enter: ''Open''

You can also find the server in the browser with the name ''Custom Maps LoTR GoT Fast Download EN/DE''

Thanks and have fun
Edward Plantagenet Jun 3, 2015 @ 9:54pm 
Love this map
doopboredle Mar 16, 2015 @ 6:15pm 
I feel it should be reversed:
Agatha defending
Mason attacking
that would make more sense to me.
Root Beer Enthusiast Oct 26, 2014 @ 9:17am 
this is a damn good map
Reese Oct 26, 2014 @ 12:06am 
Congrats on the map getting into the base game
Dr.Rush Oct 19, 2014 @ 11:38pm 
Говно, карта не работает