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Creators.TF Map Pack
This is the newest map pack for all of the unofficial community created maps currently in the Map Rotation.

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Bagel (2021)
Created by Yrrzy
Reuploaded for 2021 to fix some workshop things.

One week before the events of ...
Created by Defcon
Cascade is a fast-paced king of the hill map designed to support 6v6, Prolander, Highlander, and casual 12v12 gameplay. The layout takes inspiration from several classic koth maps while introducing a few of its own unique twists on the gamemode’s conventio...
Created by hondjo

KOTH map set in a bioindustrial environment where the two teams fight over some green rods and whatever hides beneath them.

Current version: B10
TF2Maps thread

Custom content credit to

Japan pa...
Created by iiboharz
RED and BLU fight over control of a top secret data center located somewhere in the Badlands.

Created by ICS
pl_fifthcurve_rc1 - 5 control point payload map!

This is a new version of one of the older maps that i did few years back. I asked some feedback about the original one at that time from Valve and i got it. It was pretty detailed decription on what was ...
Created by AsG_Alligator
Spytech themed supervillain lair map. Loosely based on Bond movies of old with a little bit of The Incredibles sprinkled in.

Single stage 3cp attack/defend map.

Direct download for the bsp for dedicated servers:
Created by KrazyZark
Merasmus has haunted Fastlane and now its more scary, spooky, ghastlier errm

This is an Halloween version of Fastlane

if the skeletons are not moving then type this into console with sv_cheats enabled "nav generate"

If you want to play the m...
Well Event
Created by Spipper
If you want to try out the map for yourself, type map workshop/1534896855 into the console

1920: Local Entrepreneur Douglas Jones is forced to abandon his dreams of managing a hotel in the middle of nowhere, as it turns out he built i...
Villa (5CP)
Created by e-man
cp_villa is a 5CP map set in a French hill town designed for competitive 6v6 play. It has received extensive testing for the 6v6 format and is now part of the official RGL 6v6 map pool. I'm proud to finally release it to the TF2 Workshop

Assets used:
Created by theatreTECHIE
RED have an observatory in the mountains, which is something that BLU doesn't like. So BLU want to blow it up...

PL Vigil is a single-stage, 4-point payload which was designed for both casual pub and competitive play.

This map has been played in RGL, ETF...
Created by MegapiemanPHD
Runner up in the Meet your Map competition, Synthetic is designed for both competitive and casual play. Inspired by other competitive maps, such as Arctic, Product, and Coalplant, Synthetic offers a variety of gameplay styles with a focus on verticality an...
Created by UEAKCrash
5CP map designed for Highlander and standard pub gameplay.

Heavily tested in competitive and pub games through it's entire development. Getting played in UGC Highlander Season 16 Week 7! To see more on this and my other maps, check out my [url=https://...
Gorge: Reborn
Created by Bill Shit
A rebalanced and renewed version of cp_gorge, with additional spawn exits, flanks, pathways, windows and defensive positions.

Bill Shit - Designing and building
qualitycont - Bug testing and building - Feedback and ideas...
Created by Yrrzy
Hades is an original Capture the Flag map set in a Greek-inspired underworld, featuring some unique mechanics!
Fight to rescue Redmond or Blutarch Mann's souls from the u...
Helltrain V2
Created by Panckakebro
All aboard Hell Train as it takes a wild ride through 6 unique dimensions! This is a Halloween themed Capture the Flag map where you steal the Coal Core from the enemy train to power your own. Additionally, every time the portal warps the map to a differen...
Created by Toolbox 24
Humidity is a five point payload map set on the largest island of an archipelago in the southeastern pacific.

Red team makes energy for the inhabitants of the islands by burning coal and wood, but when Blu team starts using hydroelectric power to make el...
Created by Jusa
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5CP map set inside a Soviet Russian chemical plant, where СИН (BLU) and КРС (RED) fight over the control of secret research labs both teams have hidden inside.

The map has been designed for pub ...
Koth Ashville
Created by No You Don't
Ashville has been played for many years in Highlander as a whole, starting in 2012. Designed by Kevin "Mackey" Mackey, "Ashville" was originally made for 5cp, but later turned into a KotH map which has seen many seasons in UGC and RGL together under the al...
Created by SturmTea
Clean Up! - B15
We want smooth walls!

This update is focused on reducing even more brushes that can be seen from mid. The update also features the newly art passed buildings and balance changes. Scout now has more routes from his side of the field, but ca...
Created by KrazyZark
A badlands reskin mostly for detail practice.


Vickery skybox by Nixon
Overgrown Prop Pack by Crash
Borneo assets by Heyo, TheNoobThatWas
Fubar's quality plumbing set by fubarFX
The frontline pack
Vineyard ivy props by Dr. Spud
Created by UEAKCrash
cp_overgrown is a 2cp map a new custom overgrown South American jungle villa resort theme, created originally for the 2015 Summer 72hr Mapping Contest, and later updated in collaboration with Pear for consideration in the Jungle Update.

The ...
PL Snowycoast Pro
Created by Docteur Whoa
Competitive variant of Snowycoast, also known as Summercoast, for Highlander. Current version is RC8e.

Some of the changes include :
- Cart is no longer stopped by doors
- New ways for B, C and D
- Increased lighting in dark areas

Feel free to send any f...
Created by enderandrew
Made by leprecan. Uploading because it isn't on Workshop.

This is a variation of Badwater to address competetive play.

Changes include:
- A new forward spawn location for BLU on capping B.
- Walls shifted to increase space in Under on the route to C.
- A...
Problitz: Barnblitz Pro 2021
Created by 4LOM IN KENOBI????

Thank you Fubar for creating the original Barnblitz Pro
This version of the map is not associated with Fubar and has been made with his permission.

If yo...
Created by Mimas Torres
This is the viaduct you know and love, but remastered! Over the years, there's been an ongoing effort to polish and maintain koth viaduct. We've pulled every stop to make the map as unobstructive as possible while preserving balance and performance. turnin...
Created by Jusa
Ramjam, because who does not like jam?

Press SUBSCRIBE to download the map! (Then type "map koth_ramjam_rc1" in the console to load it ingame)

Features two opposing jam companies:

Berries Liquefying United


Refresh: Warmtic
Created by bereth thread[]
tf2maps download[]
"Refresh:" i...
Created by Billo
Sharkbay is a king of the hill map set on a port filled with sharks. Fight with your team in order to capture the point and take over the ship in the center of the map!

Key Features:
➤High FPS/Good performance overall
➤Unique take on the king of the hill ...
Created by void~
Welcome to the killing floor...

Slaughter is a fast-paced King of the Hill map set in a food processing plant. Navigate the bloodied halls and use the fully-functional conveyor belts to ambush your foes - but watch your step, hazardous meat grinders might...
Created by axion bolt thrower
Spillway is a compact king of the hill map with short respawn times and varied fighting spaces of both tight corridors and larger, open arenas. Teams fight to wrestle control over a hydroelectric dam in a hectic back-and-forth, with the ever-present threat...
Created by ICS
RED base was stranded, but re-activated on top of the mountain. Push the payload cart and destroy their rocket silo before they launch the rocket!

Stranded is a payload map, a result of nearly 10 months of hard work on my own pace. Its unique from chang...
Coldlands (KOTH)
Created by KrazyZark
Merry early christmas


End of the line prop pack by Fr0Z3nR
Snowy wood supports by Tumbolisu
SnowyCoast prop pack by Earkham
snowcat model by Square
Xmas Calenders by Void
Christmas lights (move_rope) by Bakscratch
Candy cane model by ...
Created by Jusa
Ramjam is now Jinglejam.
-Booby trapped gifts

Thanks to:

Tyler for the modified gift models.
TF2maps and Facepunch for hosting the Workshop Wonderland.
UEAKCrash for tf_generic_bomb stuff.
Evil Knevil and NassimO for the de...
CP Amaranth Event
Created by Berry
A holiday reskin of the original CP Amaranth by Berry and TheoF114.


Gameplay: Berry
Original Detail: TheoF114
Skybox: Owlyoop Cockatoo...
Snowbase is a two stage attack / defend CP map set on a coastal mountain island with heavy spytech. The map features a layout that is somewhat non-conventional but easy to learn.

Map by Idolon
Spytech theme based on "Extol" map by Yrrzy
New assets by ...