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Synthesis : Customizing your Gear!
By Cy
This guide will teach you how to customize your equipment through the "Synthesis" skill. Synthesis will let you do customization to your equipment such as: Changing the appearance of your piece, adding or changing dyes, and transferring Gear Stats to another accordingly.
Let's get to it!
Learning the Skill!
Go to Sofya City Library and learn the "Alchemy" skill tree in the Others section:

You will be able to learn up to different Tier of the Skill Tree depending on the Maximum Level you have on a character.

While you can also do it in Synthesis Shops in towns, but it is VERY expensive.
The Skill Tree
After learning the skill, you will be greeted with this skill tree:

The 1st row focuses on the Alchemist Proficiency Level
The 2nd row lets you craft consumables and improve the success of crafting.
Disregarding Process material skill, the 3rd row lets you to Synthesize your armor.

Again depending on your max level, some skills here may still be locked.
Factors to Consider
Proficiency level:
Your "Synthesis Proficiency" Level determines the customization limit you can do to your gear. The limit increases for each 50 levels of your Proficiency.
Default : 1
Level 50 = Limit: 2
Level 100 = Limit: 3
Level 150 = Limit: 4
And so on....
These values explained more later.

Chances of Success:
Your Chance of success to customize the piece is determined by two factors.

A. Personal Stat: TEC
The Technique increases the chance of success of your overall crafting, refining, and synthesis skills. Can be unlocked when Level 40 is reached through Player ~> Status ~> Build Character

B. Technical Synthesis Levels
The level of each of these skills determines the success rate of the customization.

Thus, you may or may not maximize the level of each of these skills while having 255 TEC.
Or allocate more skill points to these skills while only allocating some to TEC
To Synthesize your equipment, head to
Skills ~> EX Skills ~> Synthesize Equipment

First you'll be prompted the two pieces to be combined:Only one piece will remain after customization and can no longer be retrieved, thus be careful on synthesizing. As for example, Dyes are quite expensive.

You'll be asked which piece appearance will retain. For this example, I'll choose my B*rney costume

The Synthesis limit will now take into factor in this section. Since my Proficiency Level is only LVL150, I'm only able to do 4.
Selection of piece appearance will consume 1pt from the Synthesis limit we talked about in the previous section.

After choosing your preferred piece appearance, you'll be lead to the page to dye your piece. If one or two of your piece, you are able to select either or one. Dyes A, B , and C refers to the parts of your piece with respect to its part.
Each dye selection will consume 1pt of the limit.

Armor Status:
Next off, you will select which piece status will retain. This feature is useful for selling costumes or piece appearances. As only crafted equipment can only be traded or sold for Weapon and Armors, you'll be sell the appearance an untradable piece by synthesizing it with even a cheap crafted one for the sake of being able to trade.

You are able to see the preview of the changes you've made and Success Rate of the Synthesis before hitting the "Synthesize" button. If a piece option is not locked or selected, for example appearance, it will randomly select between the appearance of the two piece to be synthesized.
Final Words
Congratulations! You have reached the end of the guide!

Synthesis is enjoyable feature to play with as you are able to make costumes and fully customize your equipment!

If I have mistaken or missed any info with regards to the Synthesis Feature, you are welcome to point it out.

If there are any more questions regarding this Guide, please leave it in the comments section.

Thank you!
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Summer Jan 15 @ 2:53pm 
Phrasmotic Jan 15 @ 7:02am 
Ah, that would work - looks like the laziest you can get for all 3 dyes is 4 locks then.

Cy  [author] Jan 15 @ 7:02am 
Dye of Equipment 1 for slot A will be up to RNG.
It will either retain the dye or not. If you want to save both dyes though. You can:

Make the appearance of both armor the same.
Thus, you can skip the selection of appearance of armor, saving the 1 pt. 0/3
Select the 2 dyes. 2/3
Stat. 3/3
Phrasmotic Jan 15 @ 6:53am 
I think so? I mean like if equipment 1 has a dye in slot A and equipment 2 has a dye in slot B, you choose the look of equip 1, the dye of equip 2, then stats, and you'll get both dyes with only 3 locks?
Cy  [author] Jan 15 @ 6:40am 
dyes from all the pieces involved will take factor in synthesizing.
Thus, if multiple dyes(1 from each piece selected) can be dyed in the same part, the one selected will take priority, the other which not will be gone. If not selected, it will be random from both pieces.
Cy  [author] Jan 15 @ 6:35am 
@Phrasmotic, is this what you meant if its only 1 dye?
Step 1:
Appearance Selection : 1/3
Step 2:
Dye selection
A : Red :2/3
B: N/A
C : N/A
Step 3:
Status Selection: 3/3
Phrasmotic Jan 15 @ 6:00am 
Curious about dyes - since it would require 5 locks I think to get all 3 dyes + appearance + stats? Can you do 1 dye, then that equipment will keep the dye on the appearance lock instead of the dye lock, so that you'll only need 3 locks?
FiendDer Jan 13 @ 6:06am 
thank you for making a guide about customizing gears for new players