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TF2 Suited Scout, Heavy
Universe: Team Fortress
Models: Character
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Jun 14, 2014 @ 10:01am
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TF2 Suited Scout, Heavy

What happen if our most famous mercenarys give a try to wear Spy's Suit?.
This pack Including Heavy and Scout only! ( perhaps there'll be more later? )
Enjoy using the models, make sure to leave a rate and share it to your friends!

- HWM heads, with original teeth smoothing and textures.
- Additional bones for posing.
- Garry's Mod Compatiblity. ( Ragdoll only )
- 3 Skingroups! ( Red, Blue, Black )
- Including a fancy hair for scout!
- TFTIP high quality textures!

Garry's Mod version is available here:
Click here!

Credit List:
Maxxy - Model Rigging, Complie progress, Additional features, HWM heads.
Gamerman12 - Scout suit source.
Nahka - Heavy suit source
TFTIP team - Source of the high quality textures.
Gmod Pictures were made by my dearest friend, Speavy the "Aye" Man

Suited Demoman Model is avaible here: (Made by SedimentarySocks!)

If you want to see more:

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Jul 4 @ 4:08pm
Scout is just an error
< >
Sickman 1 Nov 12 @ 7:34am 
am i the only one that has scout with white hair?
Golden Oct 24 @ 5:10pm 
How do you cloak the scouts teeth and tie?
A Filthy Pheasant Oct 13 @ 4:52pm 
rip team recognition
BladeTheThirdⅢ Sep 23 @ 10:02am 
To those who dont know howto color the tie, add override materials > show element viewer - model > open materials and rightclick on *scarf* > add attribute - vector3 and type in: $color. If all steps done right you should get a 0 0 0 on $color on the scarf in the element viewer. In that case whatever number u replace the 0s should be, is the color for the tie. Also maxxy.. why does heavy have all taunts n stuff and scout doesnt?
Jelli Aug 10 @ 10:27am 
Hey, saw your list of priorities was, among other things, suits for mercs? It'd be cool to see medic in a suit next! BTW I saw someone draw a long-tailed suit on medic and it's very reminicent of his lab coat.
Zeppelin May 26 @ 12:57am 
How do you change the color of the necktie anyways ??
Patty_StrikeXD May 21 @ 6:32pm 
Search "Scout" or "suit"
Stan Marsh May 20 @ 6:33am 
There's no tuxedo scout appearing even when I search it up!
Patty_StrikeXD Apr 25 @ 9:58pm 
How to chance the black tie to Red Tie?
ServenDaphor Apr 25 @ 6:26pm 
Eggsy looks cool in tf2