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Addicted To Weight
Created by PePePePePeil
Overview :
Display weight information on digital watch panel. (for Build 41.5*)
Confirmed to work with Build 41.78 and also work on MP.

Features :
  • Displays the weight information as a number (integer part) a
Created by Tchernobill
So you are here ?
Ah.. you're bored of spending your life preparing your next meal.
You've come to the right place.

How to initiate the food preparation ?
  • You need an empty Bowl, Frying Pan or Griddle Pan.
  • You need food accessible.
Chat Bubble v0.6
Created by nater
With this mod installed, a small chat bubble will be displayed above your head when you start typing in MP.
The bubble will not show up if you are under the 'Admin' tab.

New game is not required for this mod, it should be safe to add/remove the m
Engine Keeper
Created by Tchernobill
Inhibits taking parts from an engine at and above 60% condition.

The value can be modified with modoptions.
The value can be modified with sandbox variable Mod EngineKeeper ECT. (deactivated by default with -1 value)

Fluffy Hair
Created by Scavenger
This mod will add for almost all hats new adjusted hair models for the default hairs to keep their original shape when wearing something on the head. No more Ponytails or flat hairs!
You can still turn your hair into ponytail if you wish so.

Fuel Side Indicator
Created by kabaww
The latest blog post by The Indie Stone ( seems to hint that they will add a fuel-side indicator to the vanilla game on Build 42.
I'm so happy that the developers notic...
Mod Options (Build 41)
Created by star
ModOptions WIP (paused)!

Allows other mods to be customized.
Any mod author can add custom options to their mod.

More Description for Traits [41.78]
Created by Champygnakx
Update November 2nd, 2023:

- Updated the Ukrainian translation (thanks to @Dream Doc)
- Updated the Korean translation (thanks to @earlyou)
- Added the Italian translation (thanks to @Lore11)

This mod is intended for pla...
Playable Arcade Machines for 41
Created by PseudonymousEd
Also works in Multiplayer Builds 41.60+

When the weather outside is frightful...

Stay inside and play on your scavenged arcade machines!

Enjoy decreased boredom, unhappiness, and stress by playing one of the three existing arcade machines, now ava...
Rain Wash
Created by NoctisFalco
Rain washes blood and dirt away. Including the character's body, clothing, equipped bags, equipped and attached weapons, the vehicle your character is in and vehicle attached to it or last used vehicle and vehicle attached to it.

How it works
SSR: Core
Created by Oneline
This mod ensures compatibility between other modules of SSR modpack

Tested on Build 41.78


Join my discord server for updates and support:
SSR: Newsboard
Created by Oneline
This mod implements newsboard with real-time updates

Tested on Build 41.78

Client-side installation:
1) Subscribe
2) Enjoy

Server-side installation:
Step 1: Java mod (optional)
Simple Playable Pianos
Created by PseudonymousEd
Play the Western Piano! Gain levels in the new Piano skill! (Builds 41.50 or 41.53+)

The Knox Country Conservatory of Music (KCCM) was founded in Muldraugh in June 1993. It is the premier institution for piano instruction in the greater Muldraugh are...
Skill Recovery Journal
Created by Chuckleberry Finn
Lore-friendly(ish) solution to the loss of a character.
True Actions. Act 1 & 2 - Sitting & Lying [for MP disable anti-cheat type 12]
Created by iBrRus

#To make the mod work in multiplayer in the server config disable anti-cheat prot
True Actions. Act 3 - Dancing
Created by iBrRus
Almost all important events in the life of a primitive man were marked by dancing: birth, death, war, the elec...
Tsar's Common Library 2.0
Created by iBrRus

Common library for Tsar's Companies.

Additional equipment for vehicles: refrigerato...
Weapon Condition Indicator [41.60+]
Created by NoctisFalco
The mod shows condition (durability) of a weapon attached to the hotbar (back, belt, holster, etc.) or equipped in the primary hand. And many other useful features.

- Two types of weapon condition indicators: icon (star or bubble) and...
bikinitools [41.xx + MP] - independent vehicle spawner, skin changer and automations!
Created by bikinihorst
What's this? FAQ HERE
This is a collection of things I find useful and / or lacking while playing or to help with some annoying things, mostly w...
Created by co`
Ladders You Said!?
Yes! Ever wished you could climb those ladders to escape from a horde? Ever dreamt of crafting your own ladders? Well this mod is for you then!

  • Climb ladders
  • Climb fire poles
  • Craft wo
Viperel's Vehicle Spare Parts
Created by Viperel
Do you constantly break your vehicle components and can't find replacements or repairing them never makes them good as new? Viperel has got you covered with realistic recipes for crafting new vehicle parts.

Best used in conjunction with my...
Propane and Gasoline
Created by Choppermonster

Create Propane and Gasoline

Make a new propane tank with 7 units of a propane torch, 8 metal sheets, 2 Welding Rods and level 7 metalworking

Refilling gas and propane will prioritize empty tanks/canisters

Refill Lighters with gasoline

Turn ev...
Undead Survivor
Created by Scavenger
This mod adds currently 5 new outfits which only spawn on zombies!
More to come time to time


- Outfits will spawn on zombies, this is the only way you can find them
- You can tuck the trousers into ...
Working Treadmill
Created by F_C4RICA
Want to train your fitness?
With this mod, now you can use a treadmill. You will gain fitness XP a little more than squat and gain sprinting XP as well. If you carry weight is more than a half you will gain strength XP too.

-You can change fit...
Sleep With Friends v1.2.1
Created by Snuggles
Sleep With Friends v1.2.1 - Sleeping Solution for Build 41 Multiplayer.

Get a full nights rest in multiplayer in a fraction of the time! No more 20+ minute sleep times! No more fatigue-less games! No more organizing a server bedtime!

Sleeping Bags!
Created by PaperWyvern
Adds working sleeping bags to Project Zomboid!

Search places you might find a tent for them. Like Self storage and hunting stores!

Rollup sleeping bags to store them as 3d models in your base!

Unroll sleeping bags to sleep on them.... I mean You k...
Noir's Attachments
Created by Noir
  • Choose between 11 attachment slots to customize your backpack
    -Short Weapon
    -Utility Left
    -Utility Right
    -Left Side
    -Right Side
    -Small Container Left
    -Small Cont
MixTape Music [True Music]
Created by トミー (Tommy)
This mod is an addon for True Music that adds a handfull of long length mixtapes into the game (up to 30 minutes, for double sided cassettes).

Adds the following, each with ~30 minutes of content related to the title :
Mixtapes: 0
True Music
Created by iBrRus

It's time for true music in Project Zomboid again.
The mod allows all users to add their music t...
'91 RANGE ROVER Classic
Created by KI5
Iconic SUV from 1991, perfect fit for your post apocalyptic world of project ZOMBOID. It now comes with a full set of armor, roofrack and many extras to explore and use. Have fun!

Main features:
  • 2 chassis variants with their unique pr
'90 Lada Niva
Created by KI5
Beast from the east. Small, light and great off road. Ram that horde on your way to the mall and take a shortcut through the woods, who cares, you have a Niva.

Now with more power and rl gear ratios, reduced repair skill requirements so anyone can re...
'89 LAND ROVER Defender 110
Created by KI5
The king of off-road, now in project ZOMBOID! Go on the longest trip ever, you have the machine for it. It can carry all your gear, it's powerful, reliable and looks good. If you like it big, Defender 110 is the machine for you. It now comes with a spare t...
'89 LAND ROVER Defender 90
Created by KI5
The king of off-road, now in project ZOMBOID! If the 110 is too big and heavy for you, Defender 90 is smaller, lighter and faster. It can carry your gear, it's powerful, reliable and looks good. It now comes with a spare tire compartment and... a spare tir...
'85 Mercedes Benz W123
Created by KI5
Handsome, reliable beast from the 1985. They say reaching 500,000 or 1,000,000 km with only minor mechanical issues was common, so you know this thing will start when you need to make that getaway from that horde across the street. You may ask, who "they" ...
'67 Cadillac Gage Commando
Created by KI5
Time for some armored goodness! This armored Caddy will save you from the biggest horde, and everything pz can throw at you. When you are inside of it, you will only hear your heart and zombies pounding, but you are safe.

  • Fu
'87 TOYOTA Land Cruiser FJ60
Created by KI5
It's one of the most iconic off road vehicles ever, old school SUV with a lot of load space, if you find the one with the roof rack, you are in for a treat. It features many little extras you will have to find on your own. Gear ratios come straight from th...
'88 Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Created by KI5
It's a Golf! Mk2! The most iconic hatchback ever, right here in Project Zomboid. Take it for a joyride and keep it forever. Well balanced handling, load capacity and performance with gear ratios from a rl mk2.

It comes in 4-door and 2-door versions with...
'88 Volkswagen Jetta Mk2
Created by KI5
Sedan version of the most iconic hatchback ever, it was a huge hit in the Americas, now right here in Project Zomboid, now with even more load capacity! Well balanced handling, load capacity and performance with gear ratios from a rl mk2.

It comes in 4-...
'86 Oshkosh P19A + Military Trailers
Created by KI5
It's the end of the world, food, fuel and beer are running low, zombies are ruining every base you make, it's time to go full nomad. Move from place to place, loot all the places and move on. P19A is the perfect vehicle for that. Built to last for decades ...
'82 Oshkosh M911 + Military Semi-Trailers
Created by KI5
So you want to move your whole base to another location, or you want to hoard all the gas in Knox County, maybe you just want to steal all the fridges and get them to your super secret base, you do you, I'm just here to help.

M911 was the workhorse of U...
Created by KI5
This time something for base builders out there! ISO Containers!

Containers are perfect for storing heavy things, vehicles parts, unused furniture etc... Gas tanks have all the functions of a gas tanker trailer. Perfect for large backups of gas in your ...
'92 AM General M998 + M101A3 Cargo trailer
Created by KI5
And now... for something completely different, fully animated M998 HMMWV!

I've been asked many many times to make this thing and I refused for many reasons but the time was right and it seemed like a great candidate for a test. A concept to see what PZ ...
'59 Cadillac Miller-Meteor + ECTO-1
Created by KI5
A Cadillac hearse in the apocalypse? Sure!

It's loooong, has a lot of storage and it's upgradeable with even more storage and full armor set. And the best part is the Ecto-1 optional variant with all those features too!

Main features:
    Night Vision Goggles
    Created by ricochete

    this mod now depends on NVAPI. Make sure to install it before


    This mod adds a new item called FMA_GP_NVG_18.

    Tidy Up Meister
    Created by PePePePePeil
    Overview :
    Automatically returns to the original equipment when the operation is completed.
    Confirmed to work with Build 41.78.

    Features :
    • When an action that switches equipment when performed, such as disma
    Fx Slav's Textures
    Created by 1st.Fleet
    A patch up of Slav's face textures for starters finish the face textures to match with the body Pic for examples.
    Big thanks to Flada for his permission as well...
    Headwear Won't Fall
    Created by dane
    This Mod alters the Chance for any Headwear(Hats, Helmets, Goggles, Glasses) to Fall off the Character/Zombies using Sandbox Options

    Tested on a Dedicated Server, Local Host & Singleplayer
    If There are Any Problems [url=https://ste...
    ExtraSauce Sac
    Created by MonsterSauce
    Allows easy access to containers; inside bags.

    Allows adding shortcut for bags; that is in your:
    • inventory
    • equipped bags (backpacks, fannies, hands ...)
    • loot containers (trunks, car seats, cabinets, trash bins, bags o
    Clean dirt
    Created by God's Will
    Clean up your room before fighting zombie invasion!

    This mod allows you to clean dirt and graffiti from walls and floors with bleach and mop/towel.
    Should be savegame and MP compatible.
    Google translated, so probably needs some corrections.

    Workshop ...
    Position XY
    Created by Mamka
    Your position in X & Y coordinates

    Simple and cute one

    Mod shows your X and Y coordinates on the top left corner, and also shows cells (It's a chunk 300x300) for fast-coarse find on map.

    Now, you can change display states
    0 - Disabled
    1 to 4 - S...
    Night Vision API
    Created by ricochete

    NVAPI is a Night Vision API designed to help modders integrate night vision capability to their assets.


    * one can see through the darkest night
    * view brightness is proportional to the amount of ambient light
    Refined Hotwiring
    Created by ShadowSWilliam
    Ever regretted hotwiring that sweet sportscar? Ever got your hotwired car stolen by your friend and who then (somehow) managed to flip it? Or do you just want to become a local car key salesman, perhaps a famed car keysmith?

    Then you're in the right pla...
    Soul Filcher's Farming Time
    Created by soulfilcher
    Compatible with 41.78

    UPDATE 08/23/2023:
    -Fixed being unable to roast Coffee Beans (it might not affect existing benas in a save, try harvesting new ones).
    -Added Lemongrass seed packets to the spawn list.

    New crop types:
    Beet, Cauliflowe...
    '74 AM General M151A2 MUTT
    Created by KI5
    MUTT was a replacement for the Willys Jeep and was later replaced by HMMWV, impressive bloodline for an impressive machine. Its small size will help you in tight, crowded scenarios. It can be fitted with armor plates that will help you survive longer. Draw...
    Created by eris

    Displays expiration date of food as inventory bar + tooltip.

    Requires Nutritionist trait to see exact stale and rot timer. (Optional)

    Idea is based on an existing mod, food expiry date.

    • Exa
    Noir's Rifle Slings
    Created by Noir
    I asked Akyet if I can upload my own version of his Rifle Slings, he said yes so here's is

    • Adds a Sling slot to equip 2h guns/melee weapons
    • Sling can be wear in four positions
    • Slings doesn't worn out
    • Slings keep
    Happily Never AFTAA
    Created by 4N1M470R
    Welcome to Happily Never AFTAA!
    As before, I recommend watching the attached video to see all of the things this mod adds to the wonderful world of Project Zomboid.
    I also recommend supplementing Happily Never AFTAA with The Teacup Mod
    Craft Helper Continued
    Created by Lanceris
    Craft Helper for build 41.65+

    This is an updated version of Craft Helper (41.x) by b1n0m with additional features and improved UI.

    This mod will add a "Craft Helper...
    Water and power controls
    Created by bikinihorst
    What is this?

    A simple mod that allows turning water and power on and off again via chat commands or via context menu. This does not save the original values so if this is important to you, the obvious usage would be for after the water / power...
    '78 AM General M35A2 + M49A2C + M50A3 + M62
    Created by KI5
    Deuce was a workhorse for decades, adaptable and reliable machine, good choice for the apocalypse. It can be fitted with armor plates that will help you survive longer. His front bumper will take a lot of punishment before it breaks and it will protect the...
    Draw On The Map - Free Hand Drawing
    Created by Notloc
    Draw On The Map adds a new free hand drawing tool to the game map!

    This tool allows you to freely draw lines of any shape. You can customize how thick and filled out the line is, allowing for bold full lines, thin dotted lines, and everything in-...
    '84 Mercedes Benz W460
    Created by KI5
    First generation G-Class, boxy, underpowered and not so legal in the US. But it was still possible to import one, so try to find one in Kentucky! 3 Chassis variants, 30+ skins, craftable full armor, roofrack, multiple bumpers/bullbars, bodykit and 3 sets o...
    Mod Manager
    Created by NoctisFalco
    Improved mods selection screen.

    UPDATE 2022-02-05
    - "Disable all" and "Disable all (except favorites)" options will not disable Mod Manager when editing the default mod list.
    - Fixed an error when changing the screen resolutio
    Has Been Read
    Created by PePePePePeil
    Overview :
    Add the unread mark on the book's icon that has not been read or has been read only halfway.
    Confirmed to work with Build 41.78 and also work on MP.

    Features :
    • Books that have not been read will d
    Server Messages
    What is the purpose of this mod?
    Sends a message in chat when a player connects to the server and when a player disconnects from the server.

    Message in chat will be sent from the player that is connecting/disconnecting.

    Adds Sandbox vars to...
    '80 Kawasaki Kz1000 Police
    Created by KI5
    Famous Kz1000 Police bike from 80s TV show CHiPs!

    It's animated, packed with features and has a lightbar, what else would you need? It's not the fastest bike but that will help you survive for longer, it has 3 storage boxes for some necessities. Runflat...
    '92 NISSAN Skyline GT-R (R32)
    Created by KI5
    Godzilla is here! Find it and tune it with a huge number of parts, mix and match them to get your unique look. Many spoilers, bumpers, rear bumpers, sideskirt sets, exhausts and so on...

    Main features:
    • 1 chassis that can receive all t
    Improved Hair Menu
    Created by DuckDuckQuak
    Replaces the hairstyle, skin color and clothing dropdowns with a 3D preview.

    Also changes the in-game haircut menu.

    • Drag the preview to rotate the model
    • Click to select
    • Arrows switch pages

    Proximity Inventory
    Created by Mx
    Reverted version of this mod to the date of August 21, 2023 | version: 1.0

    Proximity Inventory

    Are you tired of having to manually loot a pile of 300 zombies to find some damn cigarettes?
    Are you tired of getting lost in the 30th b...
    Created by Tchernobill
    With this mod looting is done automatically.
    With this mod store your loot in one click.

    So you are here ?
    Ah.. you're bored of spending your life looting dead corpses and searching through furnitures..
    You've come to the right place.

    How to access y
    True Actions. Act 3+. Dancing on VHS
    Created by iBrRus

    Since the release of our Dance magazine, we have received many letters of appreciation from people in our st...
    Created by Chuckleberry Finn
    Creates a button that appears when an error occurs.
    Makes error reporting clear and easy for less tech-savvy players.
    '91 Geo Metro
    Created by KI5
    A perfect starter car! Small, easy to maintain and armor up with some common materials. Grab some planks, nails and screws and build your little crappy wooden fortress on wheels. The wood will not be able to take much punishment but it will be enough to ke...
    '63 Volkswagen 1300 Beetle
    Created by KI5
    The Beetle! It comes in 3 flavours: the classic one we all know, small light and fun to drive, dune buggy variant for the adventurers and the high performance one for the racing enthusiasts. They all have their unique features but share most of the parts f...
    '93 Ford Mustang SSP
    Created by KI5
    A very special Mustang, Special Service Package Mustang. It is smaller and lighter than the CVPI series, it comes in 4 variants: Regular Police, KY State Police, Unmarked and Decommissioned aka civilian variant. They share 2 body chassis variants but have ...
    '69 Chevrolet Camaro
    Created by KI5
    Even more muscle car action in Kentucky! This time it's the Chevy Camaro! 2 chassis variants with their own distinctive features! Camaro has a full set of armor and many parts to customize it. It's fast and loud, it lacks in storage and tire protection jus...
    '99 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
    Created by KI5
    It's another Crown Vic! But this one is from 99! It features a full set of armor and some modern flashing lights! Trunk is big, rear seats are huge and there is even a gun rack inside. It comes in 2 variants, normal police chassis and the unmarked car with...
    '93 Ford CF8000 Elgin Street Sweeper
    Created by KI5
    Tired of a messy, dirty and bloody neighbourhood? Too many corpses in front of that new base? Flies are making your post apocalyptic life unbearable? Time to steal a top of the line, all new, 93 Ford Elgin Street Sweeper! It can pick up items, corpses, ash...
    '92 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
    Created by KI5
    It's the 90s Crown Vic, with some useful features, full set of armor and some flashing lights! Trunk is big, seats are huge and there is even a gun rack inside. It comes in 2 variants, normal police chassis and the unmarked car with some cosmetic differenc...
    '90 Ford F350 Ambulance
    Created by KI5
    Type 1 ambulance on a Ford F350 frame! Packed with parts, features, armor and some surprises. It has a lot of storage compartments inside and out, but it's wide, long and heavy so don't expect it to break any speed records.

    Main features:
    '90 Pierce Arrow Pumper
    Created by KI5
    It's a red fire truck! Arrow comes with an optional water tank, a lot of storage compartments, some fire department items, craftable armor and many more features.

    Main features:
    • 2 front Bumpers with 2 tiered protection
    • Fully anim
    '69 Mini Mk2
    Created by KI5
    The smallest 4 seater you will find in Kentucky! It's small, agile, light, small, silent, fun and small. It comes in many optional pop culture variants. It has a full set of armor and many parts to customize it. Also small.

    Main features:
      '89 Isuzu Trooper
      Created by KI5
      Have plans for a long drive, maybe want to try out that nomad life? A trooper with a full set of armor, generator, some extra gas and a lot of space to store stuff will be your best friend! It comes in 3 variants: Short RS 2 door, normal 4 door and the 4 d...
      '93 Lincoln Town Car + Limo
      Created by KI5
      It may be the end of the world and you are on your 17th day of potato diet but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some luxury here and there. Town car comes in two variants, normal chassis for you luxury needs or the stretched one in limousine variant with ...
      '90 Zanella 50cc Delivery Scooter
      Created by KI5
      Small, agile and with some extra storage! It will keep you alive in situations where faster bikes will probably kill you. Ideal for small deliveries in urban areas and not so good for long road trips.

      Main features:
      • Detachable storag
      '28 Brough Superior SS100
      Created by KI5
      Big and powerful! One of the most iconic classics of all time, Brough Superior SS100 looks fantastic even 100 years after it was designed! It has 2 variants with interchangeable parts.

      Main features:
      • Detachable storage bags on the bac
      '70 Plymouth Barracuda
      Created by KI5
      Up for some more muscle car action in Kentucky? One and only Plymouth Barracuda! 3 chassis variants with their own distinctive features, try to find them all! Barracuda has a full set of armor and a some parts to customize it. It's fast and loud, it lacks ...
      '49 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab
      Created by KI5
      First generation Dodge Power Wagon is a legend among pickup trucks. It is big, powerful and reliable. And if that is not enough for you, there is an Apocalypse variant that is even bigger and even more powerful, there is also a Police variant. All variants...
      '97 ADI Bushmaster
      Created by KI5
      It's 1997, Australia was under a full quarantine for four long years, but they managed to keep the virus out. Now, they are sending their first RECON teams around the world, and one of the highest priorities is the Knox County. A few small teams have tried...
      '89 Ford Bronco
      Created by KI5
      It's a Bronco! That is all! This bad boy comes with many features to expand it, some will require you to choose, some will be available at the same time. It's part of my 80s Pickups set that has compatible tires, armor, seats, roofracks and some other part...
      '88 Chevrolet S10
      Created by KI5
      Chevy S10, one of the most popular pickups of the 80s, this variants comes with many features to expand it, some will require you to choose, some will be available at the same time. It's part of my 80s Pickups set that has compatible tires, armor, seats, r...
      '82 Jeep J10
      Created by KI5
      Time to chase some tornados or not! J10 is considered a fantastic workhorse and it can take a punch, or 79, depends on how much armor you slap on it. It comes with many features to expand it, some will require you to choose, some will be available at the s...
      '13 Yamaha Vino 125 + PizzaBoy
      Created by KI5
      Small, light and silent! Vino may have a newer year of production but the classic look will help it fit in with the older models. It has 3 variants, stock one, rare one with back storage bags already on it and a PizzaBoy tribute variant, everyone that play...
      '70 Dodge Challenger
      Created by KI5
      How about some muscle in Kentucky? A lot of power and even more noise, Dodge Challenger! Now with 5 variants, with a lot of distinctive features, something for everyone! It has a full set of armor and a bunch of parts to customize it. It's fast but it lac...
      '86 Ford Econoline E-150 + Pop Culture vans
      Created by KI5
      Lloyd and Harry took a wrong turn and ended up in Kentucky! Try to find their Mutt Cutts van or just enjoy the space and adaptability of Ford Econoline with 3 different chassis types, full craftable armor set and up to 6 seats to bring the whole crew on th...
      '08 Mercury Sable
      Created by KI5
      If you are looking for something more modern, for your rp server or a single player run, or you somehow managed to survive in Knox for 15 years, why not treat yourself with a Sable!

      Main features:
      • 10 color variants (Alloy, Black, Dark
      '83 AM General M923
      Created by KI5
      M923 is using the absolutely massive M939 chassis, so it's big, very big. Hillbilly got its name for the oxidised steel plates that were used to up armor it into a fortress on wheels. 3 seats in the front, 3 in the back. Back seat passengers can open their...
      Created by Tchernobill
      Features and tools with high reuse potential.

      Global Object
      Remove All Items
      Created by Tchernobill
      Allows to delete all items from any container (instead of requiring it to be a trash can).

      This is mainly intended for multiplayer runs with item respawn, so you can delete containers a bit more conveniently.
      I am confident TIS will find a better way i...
      Lingering Whispers...
      Created by Sebastian
      Throughout your play-through, you may hear a singular murmur in the horde, a contorted voice at the door as it tries to break in, pleading souls hidden away, fleeting minds of men giving guidance or begging for mercy as well as lot more.

      No Vanilla Vehicles
      Created by Kraz
      A simple mod.

      If like me, you feel the base/vanilla game vehicles look weird and much prefer realistic vehicles this is for you.!

      Intended for use with Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars! mod or any other vehicle mod, It will prevent all vanilla vehicles from ...
      Item Owner
      Created by Noir
      MP Only
      Tracks the last user who put that item in his inventory

      This was made for Valhalla Community[]
      Website Valhalla Community[]
      Another Vehicle Claim System
      Created by Lu5ck
      Hello survivors, Another Vehicle Claim System (AVCS) is a vehicle ownership system designed for MP. Yes, there is indeed already a vehicle claim system feature in a mod called Valhalla Community but this mod works differently and is a complete standalone m...
      Created by Chuckleberry Finn
      Fixes a common issue with tooltips caused by modders overriding BodyLocations.

      Copyright 2023 Chuckleber
      Tsar's Common Library & AVCS Compatibility Patch
      Created by Lu5ck
      Check for permissions before performing ISUninstallTuningVehiclePart action
      Load after Tsar and AVCS

      Workshop ID: 2965124692
      Mod ID: tsarslibAVCSCompatibilityPatch...
      Udderly Skillbook XP
      Created by UdderlyEvelyn
      Gain XP from reading, configurable restriction to different skills and other settings - based on (though very very diffrent now) Sarah & Karim's Multiplayer Addons mod with permission (friends of mine actually <3) with added features!

      • Configurab
      buffy's Admin Logs
      Created by buffy
      Do not load this through the main menu -> Mods button. It is to be loaded in a server's .ini ONLY!

      Logs most admin commands/important things an admin can do in your server's ./Logs directory in the _admin.txt file
      and in the _itemEditor.txt f...
      [Server Tool] Death Log
      Created by KONIJIMA
      Death Log by Konijima

      Keep track of every player's demise with the Player Death Logging mod! This handy server-side tool records detailed information about each character's death in a dedicated server file. Analyze the data to discover trends, id...
      Common Sense
      Created by Braven
      Common Sense
      It's something so simple, but PZ lacks it sometimes.
      This mod solves this issue by adding many Quality of Life improvements to the game.
      I plan to continuously update this mod, adding more and more common sense to the game over tim...
      bikinitools: Server Edition [41.xx MP]
      Created by bikinihorst
      This mod was tailored to the needs of the Project Apocalypse[] Community
      Feel free to use this pack on your servers, but do not copy, modify or otherwise redistribute files or code contained
      Valhalla Community Server Mod
      Created by KodeMan
      For Valhalla Community Server only.

      Join our Discord[]

      Workshop ID: 3018630991
      Mod ID: BBL
      Mod ID: ValhallaBuildTool
      Mod ID: VCBuilds
      Mod ID: ValhallaPacking
      Mod ID: VCEngineRebuild
      Mod ID: ValhallaPinksl...
      Udderly Up To Date
      Created by UdderlyEvelyn
      This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

      • Quits the server when a workshop update is detected (pair it with an auto-restart script, cron job, or service to turn
      Vehicle Repair Overhaul
      Created by hehehemann

      Find a clunker you love but its one zombie tap from disintegration? Fix it up!

      Repair and Salvage - Vanilla Vehicles and all the great Workshop Vehicle Creations!!

      Adds many more repair options fo...
      Fix Inventory Tooltip lag
      Fix Inventory Tooltip lag

      This mod fixes a performance issue in the game that causes it to freeze up for a period of time, most commonly whenever you rip up clothing.

      The problem becomes exponentially worse with the more clothing item mods y...
      Created by star

      Now you can defecate and urinate.
      Try to be very careful while you are going to the toilet or you may get dirty!

      Created by Tchernobill
      Makes it easy to add moodles for modders.

      How to create a new moodle
      If you wanna create a Moodle * then follow the next steps, replacing * by your moodle name.

      1/ Moodle Texture
      Add Moodle *.png under media\ui.
      Should be 30 by...
      Created by Braven
      Death Counter!
      A simple, yet powerful tool for Multiplayer. This mod adds a button to the bottom left of the screen that when pressed displays a scoreboard with all Player deaths.

      How does it work?
      Simply click the skull button and t...
      Reorder Containers - Backpack Orders
      Created by Notloc
      Reorder Containers is an inventory mod that allows you to customize the order in which containers and backpacks appear in the inventory.

      Simply drag and drop the container icons to rearrange them to your liking.
      They'll even remember their prefe...
      Vehicle Repair Overhaul & AVCS Compatibility Patch
      Created by Lu5ck
      Check for permissions before performing ISVehicleSalvage action
      Load after Vehicle Repair Overhaul and AVCS

      Workshop ID: 2980195055
      Mod ID: VehicleRepairOverhaulAVCSCompatibilityPatch...
      'Mo Crops
      Created by BlueFoot
      Have you ever wondered why you can't get seeds for other food items such as Eggplants and Lettuce in the game? Well this fixes that.

      This mod has no dependencies, just plug and play for 41.56+ If you want to get the seeds make your way to where you woul...
      Video Meister
      Created by PePePePePeil
      Overview :
      Add the skill information in the "Training Materials" list. (for Build 41.5*)
      Confirmed to work with Build 41.78.

      Features :
      • Some VHS allow you to gain EXP and learn recipes by watching them. For
      Created by Tchernobill
      Automatic Tailoring Training.
      Easy hole reparation and patch.
      Hole detection and missing patch detection.

      So you are here ?
      Ah.. you probably wanna protect yourself but tailoring would destroy your fingers and brain.
      You've come to the right place.

      Manage Containers
      Created by Jeff
      Works with existing saves for singleplayer and multiplayer.


      What's the purpose?
      You've just finished a big haul, you're back ...
      Map Legend UI
      Created by NikGamer
      Liking the new map feature, but still don't remember what all the building colors stand for? Suffer no longer.
      This mod adds a legend from old town maps to in-game world map.

      • Works with all stable builds (41.
      STALKER Armor Pack
      Created by Kyne's Peace
      Please, check the discussions and the pinned messages.


      - Adds about 100 outfits and 70 head pieces to the game, based on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe, including the three vanilla games and outfits from the Anomaly mod. Beginning from...
      Mini Health Panel
      Created by Speedy Von Gofast
      A minimalistic health panel. It either hides and shows up when there is wounds to be treated or can be permanently shown.


      What does it do?
      It give a permanent overview of your character's woun...
      You drive, I sleep
      Created by Chuckleberry Finn
      Be able to sleep while someone else is driving.
      Only to be used for long romantic road-trips with the bros.

      Harry's Hair
      Created by harrycheez

      Simply Adds new hairstyles and natural hair colors. It also replaces the hair textures with one that cooperates with hair colors better.

      Most of these were done for my friends and people who have helped me a lot with modding.

      These all have hat vari...
      Spongie's Hair
      Created by spongie

      To unlock all hairstyles via the in-game "Cut Hair" menu use [url=
      Created by S4ro
      You wanna live in the woods but you need medicine? No problem for a real Herbalist!
      This Mod adds new recipes and related items for making compressed Painkiller, Antidepressants and Antibiotics, and even adds foods and cooking recipes always r...
      Created by Mackus103
      More Plushies to Collect
      Wanted to expand your plushie collection? Well here are quite a few new additions with more to come.

      Current Additions:
      • Batman Spiffo
      • Bio Spiffo
      • Cactuar
      • Chocobi
      • Dave
      PKMN Trading Cards
      Created by Duchess
      v1.4 UPDATE PLANS:

      As of now this mod is basically complete - I do plan to add more cards, but this will be most likely in the form of an 'expansion' mod, so users can choose if they want to add it or not.

      There is one more outstanding piece of busin...
      Improvised Glass
      Created by Orc
      You've survived the apocalypse. You've memorized the Wood Time TV Jingle. You've stolen countless cars, survived endless nights and you've scavenged your little heart out and yet, that elusive windshield or home window eludes you. Not anymore! Introducing ...
      Light-Switch Overhaul
      Created by Nippytime
      You walk over to your Light-Switch and as you flick it you think.. Why can't I change my lightbulbs? Why can't I obtain the skills needed to place a lightswitch in my own player-made base?! NO MORE! It's our Light-switch and we shall do with it what we
      Tariqs Beards
      Created by tariqvehab
      Adds around 45+ beards and mustaches to the game . Some are references to movie characters . Most are just me messing around . Im fairly new to modeling and modding so if you notice any bugs or anything weird just let me know and I will try and fix the pro...
      Maintenance improves repair
      Created by Neidmare
      What does this do?
      • When you repair an item, the % repaired scales with your maintenance skill level
      • Every level of maintenance adds 5% to the total amount repaired, up to a max of 25% additional repair.
      • Gives a small amount of m
      Equipment UI - Tarkov Style Interface
      Created by Notloc

      Equipment UI
      Equipment UI is an addition to Project Zomboids interface that adds a paper doll (STALKER / Tarkov inspired) equipment panel for managing and viewing your character's equipment.

      Map Symbol Size Slider Plus
      Created by Alex
      This mod is a modification of the original Map Symbol Size Slider

      The original mod resets map symbol sizes in between game restarts, this mod fixes that so the symbol sizes get saved and ...
      Rewarding Night Combat
      Created by Nihilist Penguin
      Do you frequently find yourself wanting to venture out during the night but struggle with motivation? If so, this mod is for you. With it, you will have the opportunity to gain significantly more experience points for your combat skills during nighttime.
      STALKER Functional Exoskeletons REFORGED
      Created by Nasovic
      This mod is based on the STALKER Functional Exoskeletons mod:

      There was no way to turn off your exoskeletons. You had to unequip the battery to stop it from draining a...
      Pill Duration
      Created by Cpt. Metal
      Pill Duration

      This mod allows you to see the remaining duration of medical pills (Beta Blockers, Painkillers, Anti-Depressants, Sleeping Tablets and Antibiotics).
      You can change which of the bars is displayed in the window with the mod "Mod Op...
      Simple UI library
      Created by MrBounty
      Simple UI Library
      Want to make a simple menu for your mod to :
      - Ask the player to choose between two things?
      - Ask the player a nickname, age, height, weight, etc ?
      - Display a map ?
      - Display player-related information from your mod suc...
      Reorder The Hotbar
      Created by Notloc
      Reorder The Hotbar is a mod that allows you to customize the order of the items in your hotbar.

      Simply drag and drop the hotbar slots to rearrange them to your liking.
      This mod also adds the ability to click on the hotbar slots as an alternative...
      Inspect Weapon
      Created by leScepter
      Tired of scrolling to your equipped section of the inventory to check your weapon's status and attachments?

      This mod allows you to inspect your currently equipped weapon on your primary hand at anytime, by:

      - Right Clicking anywhere...
      ClothesBox Redux
      Created by Authentic Peach
      Clothes for you and the zombies. - Over 100 items!

      Note: This was originally made by modder Mauser_NATO.

      I later restructured and organized the mod well after Mauser finished his work. However I can not update the original mod anymore
      Backpack Borders
      Created by Notloc
      Backpack Borders is a small UI tweak that adds a background and border to the container buttons in Zomboid's inventory windows.

      The change makes it easier to see each individual button, particularly when the player is using dark coloured backpack...
      Universal Gun Repair
      Created by Cosmic
      A mod to add a method of restoring all guns whether from the base game or any mod.

      Any gun can be restored using the process of disassembling, cleaning/repairing, and then reassembling.
      This mod is safe to add mid-game but you will n...
      Tools of The Trade
      Created by Greb
      Adds a variety of weapons and tools to the game world.

      • Adze
      • Army Mattock
      • Bearded Axe
      • Brush Hook
      • Crash Axe
      • Felling Axe
      • Hatchet
      • Pulaski Axe
      Zomboid Killboard [T15K]
      Created by Zuu
      Customizable Kill Rating for your server

      About this mod
      This mod adds a zombie kill rating for players. This mod was written for the server "The15karatPZ". It solved the main problem of other similar mods - microfreezes in players, during th...
      KP Armor Pack
      Created by Krolldar
      I don't like this mod, so I'm making a new one. Join my Discord server to learn about the current development:

      KP Armor Pack
      The mod adds new armor to the game
      I did not have enough imaginatio...
      Military Ponchos NERFED
      Created by RaRaRazuri
      Original mod by Akyet:

      Love the Military Poncho mod by Akyet for its practicality and fashion.

      But why does it give 40% Bite and 50% Scratch defense?
      Across nearly your whole body??
      On it...
      Primitive Survival
      Created by Ragnar
      Works with 41.XX

      A primitive survival mod that lets you survive better in the harsh wilderness of Kentucky.

      Full list of items and recipes is down below in the discussions.

      Workshop ID: 1969674962
      Mod ID: PSurvival...
      Canteens And Bottles
      Created by Greb
      Adds three types of Canteen, two types of drinking Flask, some Gym Bottles, some Waterskins, a Giant Water Bottle and some Jerry Cans to the game world.

      • Olive Drab
      • Army Green

      Better Sorting
      Created by ChobitsCrazy


      Complete overhaul to item categories and various name tweaks. Compatible with B41, B40, and Multiplayer(B40+B41)!

      Sapph's Cooking [41.78+]
      Created by sapph
      This mod was made and will be updated on my free time.
      Occasionaly there will be bugs and missing models, but they probably won't break your game.
      If you found a bug, be sure to let me know [url=
      Easy Packing + Organized Storage
      Created by GoldBar
      !!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!

      Hydrocraft users, Please activate EasyPacking for Vanilla. It's out of date and I'm going to remove EasyPacking for Hydrocraft soon because it's now no reason to exist after this update.

      Bookmark items as favorite if you don't want ...
      Valhalla Community Safe Zone
      Created by KodeMan
      This map was specifically made for the Valhalla Community.

      Located just north of Muldraugh.

      Valhalla Community is back! New WORKING link.
      Discord Link[]

      Workshop ID: 2778862629
      Mod ID...
      Valhalla Server Community Center
      Created by EnvyDemon
      A Community Center for the Valhalla Server.

      Workshop ID: 2685220065
      Mod ID: ValhallaCommunity
      Map Folder: ValhallaCommunityCenter...
      Daddy Dirkie dirks tiles
      Created by Daddy Dirkie Dirk
      A collection of tiles, this mod as a standalone will not have any effect on the game. This mod simply does the behinds the scenes magic to make all the tiles function as intended.

      Now, if you are not making maps/mods and are simply using this mod as it ...
      Dylan's Tile Pack
      Created by Dylan
      Adds custom tiles to map mods.
      To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

      For Modders: Editor tilesheets are found within the google drive or directly through the mod in the resource folder...
      ExtraNoise's Newburbs Tiles
      Created by ExtraNoise
      Standardized suburban development exploded in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s and continues to this day. The kind of communities where all the houses look a little too similar, where the sprawl stretches for miles in all directions. This is a collection ...
      Greens Custom Tiles
      Created by 2Green.
      Custom created tiles intended for my custom maps.
      (Once I have complete collection I will be realising source files for other map creators)
      If you appreciate my work, feel free to help a brother out.

      throttlekitty's tiles
      Created by throttlekitty
      This is a collection of world tile sprites I've made to be used as a resource in creating custom maps. Some sprites may have additional functionality, I'll be including lua for those in this mod as needed. I don't plan on making anything here craftable, ho...
      Created by STENDO_CLIP
      This mod replaces the models, textures and names of nearly all vanilla firearms, attachments, ammunition and magazines. It also adds several new lore-friendly weapons and items.

      ⚠️ READ THE FAQ ⚠️

      As of this version, 17 new fire...
      VFE - S.T.A.L.K.E.R pack
      Created by STENDO_CLIP
      This mod is an extension of VFE, adding a variety of S.T.A.L.K.E.R themed firearms.


      Temporarily, all weapons chambered for 7.62x54 will use "7.62 ammunition" and similarly all weapons cha...
      Gunrunner's Weapon Pack (A VFE Expansion)
      Created by The_Gunrunner
      This is a weapon expansion for the mod Vanilla Firearms Expansion. This will only work with that mod. All other firearms mods will most likely not work with it.

      Weapons include:

      -Gold Red Katana
      -Mora Knife
      -Battle Axe

      Udderly Ammo Crafting
      Created by UdderlyEvelyn
      This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

      • Introduces "Scrap Metal Bits", worth 1/10 of a scrap metal for more granular costs (these can be freely converted back and
      Raven Сreek
      Created by DavidBlane
      This adds the port city of Raven Creek to the vanilla game world.


      Lake Ivy Township
      Created by [D-FENS]
      Lake Ivy Fishing Resort, Campgrounds & Township

      Workshop ID: 2252982049
      Mod ID: lakeivytownship
      Map Folder: li_township

      Occupied Cells:
      (29,32) (29,33) (29,34)
      (30,32) (30,33) (30,34)
      (31,32) (31,33) (31,34)

      Cedar Hill
      Created by Try Honesty
      Adds a new town to the vanilla map that I have originally created for "The Christmas Miracle" challenge mod.

      Replaces cell 16x19.

      I recommend to play with "Randomized House Chance" set to never in sandbox settings to prevent bur...
      TryHonesty's Liberty City Tiles
      Created by Try Honesty
      This mod is a collection of sprites for mappers.

      For Players:
      • You only need this if you've downloaded a custom map that uses these tiles.

      For Mappers:
      • You can find the tilesheets in
      Melos Tiles for Miles Tilepack
      Created by melos_tiles
      Always check the update log for recent new tiles I add to the pack!

      This is a custom tilepack I made for my own maps and for other mappers.
      As a player you will need this mod only for Maps that require this tilepack.
      (Screenshots may contain vanil...
      Monmouth County
      Created by BigZombieMonkey
      Monmouth County, more than just a map!

      Welcome to Monmouth County, located East of Dixie crossroads..

      Monmouth County is inspired by the locations of the View Askewniverse (Kevin Smiths movie based universe) but also includes numerou...
      BigZombieMonkeys Tile Pack
      Created by BigZombieMonkey
      My tilepack was originally designed to add tiles for my map mod Monmouth County, however, I am now started to add tiles for other map modders.
      As of today I have added:

      01/07/21: 1 Set of Bedroom furniture in 10 different colours

      You can find the tileshe...
      Created by Pertominus
      This tile pack has been made available for map makers to use. Some of the tile sheets are within the mod folder itself. The rest will be released when they are properly edited or if requested on the mapping discord.

      Several room definitions have been ad...
      Created by Xyberviri
      GOLD LTS Edition, this mod is complete.
      There are no more updates or changes coming unless Project Zomboid breaks something.

      Multiplayer Vehicle Spawning Library, Players will NOT have to be admin to spawn the vehicle.
      Also allows players to turn c...
      CarWanna ADDON: AutoTsar Car Titles
      Created by Xyberviri
      Adds PinkSlips support for AutoTsar Cars to CarWanna


      License: GNU GPL3 V3
      [IMG] [/img]

      Workshop ID: 2801242202
      Mod ID: CWATA...
      RV Interior
      Created by Maxwelt

      Simulate interiors of some vehicles. Support over a 100 vehicles.

      Each vehicle has 25 fully-customizable independent spaces.

      The power is tied to the car battery. Some trailers have no batter...
      Created by poopmans
      Welcome to Chestown, KY

      This town sits on the western part of the Exclusion Zone, south of Riverside. Tall apartment buildings and wealthy suburbs await you, however be wary of its narrow alleyways and even narrower staircases, death will awa...
      Wilbore, KY
      Created by pointblank98
      Known commonly by the locals as the "One Road Town," Wilbore is a bustling, cozy little village with only one road in, and little reason to leave!

      What it lacks in rural appeal, it makes up in commercial splendor, inviting both locals and guests alik
      Big Bear Lake
      Created by Petrovick

      16,23 17,23 18,23 19,23 20,23 21,23 22,23
      16,24 17,24 18,24 19,24 20,24 21,24 22,24
      16,25 17,25 18,25 19,25 20,25 21,25 22,25
      16,26 17,26 18,26 19,26 20,26 21,26 22,26
      Made for the Sunday Drivers community!
      Simon MDs Tiles
      Some tiles I created initially for my Stalker Stores (only the ones with no loot right now). Tiles will also be used in other mods I am working on.
      Thanks @Miss Raptor ( for providing your beautiful art so I can integrate t...
      Azakaela's Mountain Tiles -- AND MULTI LEVEL FORAGING
      Ever thought that PZ needs an elvation element?

      Well your prayers are answered. With these tilesheets you can achieve it through mapping!

      All assets are included in the mod as well as the properties that work the best.

      Feel free to adjust, tweak or edi...
      Autotsar Trailers
      Created by iBrRus
      Autotsar Trailers Inc. - the best trailers in Kentucky!

      Do you work on a construction site and you...
      True Crawl
      Created by iLusioN
      Update: True Crawl 2.3 CLICK HERE to see the changelog!!!

      ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀TRUE CRAWL![/h
      75% Less Food Loot
      Created by Champygnakx
      This contains 4 mods. PICK ONE.
      • -75% FOOD Loot: decreases the food loot by 75% (1 roll per table, same as the mod "Ridiculously Rare")
      • -50% FOOD Loot: decreases the food loot by 50% (2
      75% Less Loot
      Created by Champygnakx
      I removed the Zero Loot mod since as of 41.78 it can be done in vanilla PZ.

      This contains 3 mods. PICK ONE.
      • 75% Less Loot: decreases all loot by 75%, except zombie loot (1 roll per table, same as the mod
      CarWanna & AVCS Compatibility Patch
      Created by Lu5ck
      Vehicles must be unclaimed or unowned before allowed to convert to PinkSlip
      Load after CW and AVCS

      Workshop ID: 2964775658
      Mod ID: CWAVCSCompatibilityPatch...
      Large Progress Indicator (Compatible with Moodles Mods)
      Created by Riko Prushka
      Large Progress Indicator

      Introducing the Large Progress Indicator mod!
      Increase the size of your progress indicator to make it more visible.

      This mod is fully compatible with other moodles mods, allowing you to enhance your gaming experien...
      Respawn in Car
      Created by AuD
      Respawn in car
      With this mod, if a player disconnects inside a vehicle, he is bound to respawn in this vehicle.
      if the vehicle is full (with players online or offline) : No additionnal player can enter the vehicle.

      • If y
      The Workshop
      Created by djvirus
      This mod adds more crafting features to the game!
      With this mod you no longer have to drop your broken tools on the ground.
      Now you can disassemble them for scrap (screws, metal parts, wood)
      You can also disassemble any metallic vanilla...
      zRe Vaccine ReMod by kERHUS
      Created by kERHUS
      [Google Translate]

      WORK ON PZ v41.78+ (compatible with multiplayer)!

      A pack of redesigned and adapted mods!
      [Subscription is not required for these mods!]
      1) Zombie Vir...
      Simple Overhaul: Traits and Occupations (SOTO)
      Created by hea
      Simple Overhaul: Traits and Occupations or just SOTO

      Please, rate mod for promotion. It will motivate me to add more content! Thank you <3

      - Rebalanced vanilla occupations, making all of them worth to pick.
      - Rebalanced vanill
      Everything Has a Name
      Created by Arendameth
      Feeling lonely amidst the apocalypse? Now you can rename everything -literally- and have your own recognized buddies of inanimate items and vehicles!

      ... or you can just rename your containers like any sane survivor and keep...
      More Smokes
      Created by Mackus103
      A large effort was put into the development of this mod to put out a high quality production that functioned effectively to bring you the full experience.

      This experience includes the following Mechanics:
      Craftable Headgear
      Created by Dylan
      Adds cosmetic only custom headgear that you can craft through the crafting tab tailoring section.
      To server owners, feel free to add our mods to your modpacks. We grant permission to all.

      All headgear can be crafted by using the in-game...
      Valhalla Community Main Menu
      Created by Astromacro
      Valhalla Community Main Menu Mod

      Step into the world of Project Zomboid with a touch of Valhalla! This mod revamps the main menu, reflecting the rich essence of the Valhalla Community.

      • Distinctive Load
      Syncing vehicle animations
      Created by DaNiG
      I love animated cars! This is a new level of mods. But there is a problem... Animations are not synchronized with others players on the server, so they don't see, that i opened door or trunk.

      This mod solves that problem! Now the opened doors/trunk/hood...
      Take A Bath
      Created by t10310
      點擊浴缸後可以洗澡並起洗掉身上的污漬及血跡 , 在洗澡過後人物可以稍微降低不快樂以及無聊指數和感冒狀態
      在 MOD Options 調整頁面中可以設定要脫下的裝備類型

      Make the bathtub able to take a bath and clean up the blood and dirt on the body
      After taking a bath, the character can slightly reduce t...
      Weather Moodles
      Created by B O B c a t
      Adds moodles to indicate current weather conditions.
      Currently has moodles for Cloud, Rain, Snow, Wind, Fog, Sun, Moon, Storm, Blizzard and Tropical Storm.

      The moodles are purely visual. They do not provide any (de)buffs.
      Simple Status
      Created by Vagitus
      Show Your Status Clear

      new features in Beta version, no full test, bugs may be encountered

      Works in SP, CO-OP, MP [/...
      Show Weapon Stats Plus
      Created by Undefined
      An enhanced version of Show Weapon Stats. Displays useful info about weapons.

      It probably clashes with the original mod, so please be sure to disable it before using this mod.

      New features:
      • Display a firearm's "Noise Radius/Volume"
      '67 Shelby GT500 + Eleanor
      Created by KI5
      Classic machine featuring an iconic modification. Both GT500 and Eleanor variants share most of the parts, only exception is the hood. Multiple armor parts, roofrack and many other parts give you the ability to customize any of the variants. They are both ...
      Created by Tchernobill
      So you are here ?
      Ah.. you wanna be somewhere else.
      You've come to the right place.

      Point the place you wanna go to with your mouse around you
      With ModOptions you have 3...
      Created by Tchernobill
      Optimize reload training.

      So you are here ?
      Ah.. You don't know what to do, stuck in your base with that broken leg.
      You've come to the right place.

      How it works
      Get that shotgun you just plundered, one or more shells, and train your Reload spe...
      Clothing Preset
      Created by Tchernobill
      Allows you to save clothing presets, reload them, dress and undress in a click.

      • All is accessible from the Character Protection Page.
      • When you load a preset or undress, the removed clothes got to the target loot containe
      Udderly Safe Login
      Created by UdderlyEvelyn
      This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

      Gives you a grace period on login. This is to help avoid dying to hordes that happen to be where you log in for one reason or another while the game...
      VFE Undead Survivor Patch
      Created by GO$HA
      Fixes Undead Survivor overwriting Vanilla Firearms Expanded, VFES, and GWP weapon attachments.

      Thanks to bknht for allowing me to use the code that makes this possible!

      Workshop ID: 2927614087
      Mod ID: VFEUS...
      Valhalla Community Lifestyle Disco Addon
      Created by KodeMan
      Unfinished - This addon will be constantly updated to add more music.

      This addon mod has been created for the Valhalla Community Server.

      Join our Discord[]

      Workshop ID: 3033079086
      Mod ID: Valhalla...
      Avatar offline
      Created by AuD
      Originally posted by AuD:

      Information of the last update: More description coming soon, check the patch note

      From now on, you just need to install this mod and play directly!

      I would li
      Load All Magazines
      Created by Foteq
      Adds an option to the right click context menu to load/unload all magazines of the selected type. Does not effect radial menu reloading.

      Modifies ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doMagazineMenu, so will be incompatible with any other mods that change this funct...
      '89 Dodge Caravan
      Created by KI5
      Wood panelling and that 80s minivan look, what else could you need in the apocalypse? It comes in 3 flavours: Stock with 4 seats and ok trunk space, LE variant with more power and 6 seats but low trunk space and the Nomad with raised ride height, optional ...
      add Mechanic Sounds - Lite Version
      Created by AuD
      add Mechanic Sounds
      Sounds effect is added during action to the mechanic activity and vehicle arround . (heater/buttons/actions etc...)

      Work in MP/SP/ExistingSave/SafeToRemove/NoRewriteCode

      Originally posted by AuD:
      True Alert Sounds (no replace)
      Created by AuD
      True Alert Sounds
      Add more surprise sounds (20 sounds + 5 vanilla) similar to the origin Zombie-Alert-Player Violin sounds (No replace, my sounds is just added). look the video with some exemples.

      Work in: MP/SP/OldSave
      added Corpse Sounds effects for Pickup/Drop
      Created by AuD
      Pickup/drop corpses sounds
      Random sounds is added on pickup/drop corpse action.

      Work in: MP/SP/OldSave/SafeToRemove/NoRewriteCode

      Originally posted by AuD:
      This added sounds is my creation from audio samples like all
      Added sounds effect to dismantle action - Lite version
      Created by AuD
      Add sounds to dismantle objects
      Sounds effects is added during action when you Dismantle Objects.

      Originally posted by AuD:
      This sounds is my creation from audio samples like all my others audio mods.

      add Sounds effects to Item Action
      Created by AuD
      Audio sound Items Transfer and actions
      Noises/Sounds effects is added to Items tranfer, attach/detach, equip/unequip actions (208 differents sounds)

      With inventory tetris mod, differents sounds effects is added to search mode action
      Grab and Drop
      Created by Bion
      This mod adds hotkeys to quickly grab / drop carryable items. Along with a dedicated backpack hotkey.

      Intermediate update: 24 Sep
      • Added mouse functionality. Select nearby items with single click and pick them up with double c
      aSleep Offline [Updated for SP-MP and Hardcore mode]
      Created by AuD
      This mod allows you to rest/sleep your character while disconnected, when you reconnect, you will have slept as much as the world has advanced in time (based on the age of the PZ world).

      Since the last update, the choice of your location to disconnec
      Chunk list tool
      Created by bikinihorst
      What is this?

      A simple mod that allows you to create chunk lists in the game and dump the lists on the server side. These lists can then be used for processing - a good usage for example is periodic chunk deletions (map resets for specific area...
      Unified KI5 Crafting Category
      Created by Panopticon
      This mod changes many of KI5's vehicle mods to use only one crafting category, "KI5", instead of separate ones. The crafting recipe window will be decluttered and neater as a result.

      Requires at least one of the supported mods below and their requiremen...
      Greenhouse Building Set
      Created by Birget
      Hello! With this mod you can build walls, roofs, doors, fences and curbs for imitation of a greenhouse. No special greenhouse features added.

      Updated the mod with glass panels from [url=
      Valhalla's Thunderous Betrayal
      Created by KONIJIMA
      Valhalla's Thunderous Betrayal

      Experience a unique blend of survival, strategy, and divine intervention in the Valhalla's Thunderous Betrayal mod. This mod introduces the all-new 'God's Wrath' effect, adding a thrilling twist to the dynamics of p...
      Created by Slooth
      Adds battery and gas powered lanterns.

      Use by attaching to belt, or holding in hands. Pressing F while attached or holding toggles the lantern. Place on ground and you can toggle on/off.

      Compatible with Mul...
      Unread Chat Notification
      Created by Tuna
      Show an unread chat icon when anyone sends a message and the chat box is closed or not scrolled to the bottom.

      Also close chat box after an in-game hour of silence. This can be disabled by setting the chat box minimum opacity to anything other than 100%...
      True Lockable Interior
      Created by AuD
      Interior Lock
      All buildings doors from inside are lockable and possible locked now. ( TIPS: prefer "sometimes" locked doors parameter )

      (for not key needed)
      If you want keep lockable/unlockabl
      Cryogenic Winter Horrific Summer [SP/MP]
      Created by DETOX

      Originally posted by author:
      This mod is a customisable version of the original Cryogenic Winter by Path, But this time summer time will be even more hot!

      Adjust Day and Night Time
      Created by Monclú
      Supports B41+
      Works in Multiplayer and Singleplayer

      Would you like to have more control over time in Project Zomboid? With this mod, you can modify the speed of time according to whether it is da...
      Skizot's Carryable Everything
      Created by Skizot
      Made for the KYRP server.

      This mod aims to make most stuff that SHOULD be carried, just that.
      now plays well with Fancy Handiwork!

      if you want to change or modify weight of thi...
      Craft Menu Lag Reduce
      Created by MyName
      Reduce delay without compromising the basic functionality of the crafting menu.

      Test version : A mode to fix an invisible problem with a cooking recipe using a dishware. There may be a bug or a lag.

      제작 메뉴의 기본 기능을 손상시키지 않고 지연을 줄입니다.

      테스트 버전 : 식기를 사용하는 요리...
      Udderly Engine Parts
      Created by UdderlyEvelyn
      Craftable engine parts. Hardly the first mod to do this, but balanced in a way that's kinda inbetween the other offerings in a niche I felt was not available yet.

      Includes recipes to craft 1, 10, or 20 parts at once, up to date with 41.78's balance change...
      Sapphire's Heaters [WIP] (FIXED)
      Created by WorkingClassKid
      I applied the fixes provided by Diakon and replicator0 in the comments of the original mod and some of the fix provided in the comment of this mod

      I'm not a PZ modder... so my ability to find problems is limited but, I will be happy to add the fixes tha...
      Occult Zombies
      Created by A Mystery
      Occult Zombie Skins

      This mod adds unique skins with a blend of mysticism and horror. This mod introduces a variety of occult-inspired zombies while also delivering a complete revamp of the default zombie skins. But that's not all; you can als...
      Created by Nebula
      Dreams for the survivor.
      The character will have ordinary dreams, terrible and not very, and sometimes complete nonsense, they may also not dream at all.

      Save friendly! / Lore Friendly!

      • Dreams have a different...
      Keep That Radio ON!
      Created by MrGrey
      Are you tired of having to choose between chatting with friends on the radio or fighting off the undead? Now you can do both simultaneously!
      Allows for the unequipping of a radio without it automatically turning off when placed back on belt or in webbing ...
      Spiffo Suit More Colors
      Created by Mackus103
      Spiffo Suit in a Range of Colors
      Did you want more options of colors for your spiffo suits? You are in the right place!

      11 new colors added
      • Stitches
      • Inverted
      • Rainbow
      • Black
      • White
      Easy Spare Magazine Reload
      Created by PipMagnet
      Adds the ability to load bullets into a spare magazine for whichever gun you currently have equipped with a single configurable keyboard input.

      By default the 'y' key is used, but it is configurable in the Options menu on the Key Bindings tab.

      Toe Tags
      Created by Orc
      When your character dies, a Toe Tag is automatically generated and placed in their inventory. If you read the toe tag it contains relevant information such as the date you died, the time you survived as well as your favorite weapon and kill count.

      The pr...
      Wasteland Canid's Tactical Pack
      Created by FOOL
      Adds a thigh holster (can be switched from right to left) a tactical pack (can be switched from back to front) and a tactical belt to the recipe list. The tactical pack is an end-game item, requiring quite a bit of work to craft.

      7/19 Additional colors/...
      Visible Holster
      Created by _moryan_
      With this mod you can see the holster!

      This simple mod let you see holster on your character, which will add some more realism in how looks equipment on you!

      This modification makes Holster and Dual Holster from vanilla visible on the player...
      Advanced Trajectory's Realistic Overhaul
      Created by Radon226
      This is a complete and realistic overhaul of a mod called Advanced Trajectory. It tries to involve as much player skill as possible while having PZ's RPG mechanics such as moodles play a big role during gunplay. This is suited for players who want a mor...
      True Crouching
      Created by B O B c a t
      While sneaking, crouching animations will be played instead of sneaking animations.
      In other words, replaces sneaking animations with crouching animations.

      Includes crouched idle, walking, running, turning and SHOOTING[/b...
      Make Paths
      Created by soulfilcher
      Players can make paths using a shovel. Bushes and trees do grow back after some time.

      Sponsored by Beezle.


      Workshop ID: 2759027882
      Mod ID: MakePaths...
      Created by norby007
      This mod was created to give some functionality to objects in the game that currently have no use. It is my first non-map mod and as I tested a lot to keep it as stable as possible, I don't know what I don't know. Feedback will help and I figured I needed ...
      Display Roles In Chat
      Created by Chuckleberry Finn
      Vanilla roles are displayed in chat. (Admin, GM, Moderator, etc)
      Supports custom roles (handled in sandbox options - cosmetic only.)
      Commissioned by Dawn of the Dead Project Zomboid Server
      Susceptible Trait - Airborne Infection
      Created by Mr Sunshine
      Special thanks to Werlias for the amazing video!

      DISCLAIMER: The original concept was created by [url=
      More Shoes
      Created by Mackus103
      More Shoes Vanilla Shoes Overhaul
      This mod came to fruition thanks to Cyridius! We have here a complete overhaul of the models and textures of the vanilla base game footwear options.

      What does it include:
      • 17 Models rigged to
      Autotsar Motorclub
      Created by iBrRus
      This day has come! Autotsar Inc. together with KI5-Production, are pleased to present the new vehicles:

      ______________ 1984...
      '63 Volkswagen Type 2 Van
      Created by KI5
      It's The Van! No need to introduce it! It has similar stats to the beetle and they share some parts like seats and base tires. This one will give you more storage options and 3 chassis variants, regular van, military flatbed/pickup and an apocalypse beast ...
      Created by Mackus103
      Getting Started with Homebrewing Beer in PZ
      I have been diligently putting this together to share one of my personal hobbies with the PZ community. I did my best to capture the process of brewing beer from start to finish.

      WINE ME UP! - 3.01
      Created by Tchernobill
      Takes into account shoes speed.

      RunSpeedModifier from clothing items exists in vanilla but is not used.
      This mod applies that RunSpeedModifier for the worn shoes of the local player.
      • Vanilla shoes have an effective speed modifie
      Speed Framework
      Created by Tchernobill
      Allows other mods to change player speed.

      How to change a player speed
      You need to call the following code when you want to change the speed:
      SpeedFramework.SetPlayerSpeed(player, speedModifier)
      player must be a valid IsoPla...
      Generator Time Remaining
      Created by Undefined
      A simple mod that displays the days and hours left before a generator runs out of fuel.

      NOTE: To configure the options, Mod Config Menu is required (link)...
      Braven's Achievements
      Created by Braven
      I love them. You love them. So why can't we have them? It's about time we got validation for investing so much time in PZ.

      How does it work?
      This mod contains numerous achievements that will be unlocked as you complete ...
      Close The Door
      Created by Tchernobill
      Close any open door of the vehicle your are driving when it starts moving.
      See this video for a description of the associated problem and other potential solutions.

      Other details
        '87 Toyota MR2
        Created by KI5
        Small classic from Japan, fun 2 seater with some unique features, get a t-top with a removable roof or go for the stock one with the sunroof, you will get some of that sweet contaminated air either way. It handles great and it is small but it lacks the sto...
        Wallpapers and More Paint Colors for different wall types
        Created by Birget
        Have you ever thought why you can't make your walls look like walls of vanilla houses?

        With this mod you will have a wide variety of options to make your house look as you wish both inside and outside. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION.

        Main goal of this m...
        Warm Up
        Created by Bion
        Simple action that you can perform when you are cold.

        • Easy to use. Simply click Warm Up in the context menu (this option is only available when the Hypothermia moodle appears).
        • Can be performed whil
        Repair Wall
        Created by Kamer
        Now works with 'More Builds' too!

        To be honest, this should be in vanilla long time ago...

        Just right click on whatever you've built, and hover on "Repair" menu and repair your WALLS!


        Working Seatbelt
        Created by Arendameth
        Stay safe in the apocalypse by fastening your seatbelt and reducing the damage taken from car crashes, as you navigate the infected streets of Kentucky!

        Important Note
        The vehicle damage system in Project Zomboid operates...
        Game Night
        Created by Chuckleberry Finn
        This mod adds a UI window in order to play card/board games.
        Interactions with the UI reflect those changes to the items in world.
        Simply place a Game Night supported item in the world, and right click 'Play'.
        Features a card
        Easy Lightbar Repair
        Created by PipMagnet
        Gives the player the ability to repair the lightbar if a vehicle has one.

        How to repair a lightbar:

        1. Raise your Electrical skill to the level listed in the tool tip. This will vary by vehicle type and be the same level as what is required for the M...
        Easy Heater Repair
        Created by PipMagnet
        Gives the player the ability to repair the vehicle heater and glove box.

        Repairing vehicle heaters is accomplished as normal, using small metal sheets and a propane torch.

        For repairing glove boxes there are three available repair options. The duct t...
        Container Tags
        Created by Dismellion
        More time to play, less time to sort!
        Adds an ability to add text tags to any containers in the game with simple context menu and UI.

        • Yes it is safe to add or remove this mod mid-game.
        • Yes it does suppor
        SchiZ's Don't Eat With Mask [41.68 MP]
        Created by sch1zk
        Works on 41.68 (multiplayer too)

        A simple mod that forbids eating/drinking/taking pills if you are wearing a mask or full hat, automatically unequipping it and equipping back after action, if it wasn't interrupted.

        This little feature is a part of my...
        '93 Ford F-350
        Created by KI5
        Heavy duty beast that can take some punches! It comes in normal Crew cab variant, dually variant that can haul more stuff and police and fire department variants. They all have some unique features but they share most of the parts and functionality. Just m...
        Tread's Water Tank Trucks [41.65+]
        Created by Trealak
        Tread's Water Tank Trucks [41.65+]
        This mod adds working water trucks and water tank trailers (and their water tank parts) to the game. It was made for 41.65 version of a game and should work both in SP and MP. Nonetheless I had limited testing c...
        Created by jest

        This makes it so elevators around the map actually "function".
        Basically, if the building has power (need generator if electricity is out) you can right click on an elevator and itll give you an option to go up or down only if there is an el...
        Cheval de frise
        Created by Brightex
        If you don't have Barricade Hurt Zombies mod in your game the defense won't make any damage.

        Mod Content
        This mod adds a buildable defense to the game.

        Barricade Hurt Zombies
        Created by Brightex
        Mod Content
        This mod makes zombies take damage from thumping objects. This include anything they hit using thumping anim as shown in gif.

        You can add and remove it safely from games

        With default damage, a zombie ...
        Better Repair Count
        Created by Noir
        Sandbox options to tweak how repair count works based on your Maintenance perk level

        Default values are
        • Maintenance level (resets repair count) = 10
        • Maintenance level (stops repair count) = 8
        • Stop repair count chance = 10
        Wandering Zombies
        Created by Ryuku
        Completely configurable zombie wandering. Read the tooltips.

        Created and tested at "Normal" Population, 2.0x pop multiplier, 2.0x peak multiplier, rally group size 0.
        Hordes created and tested at "Normal" Population, 2.0x pop multiplier, 2.0x peak multipl...
        Automatic Gate Motors
        Created by peteR 75hz
        Automatic Gate Motors
        Adds ways of remotely open and close gates that where built by a player.
        New Update! - Version 1.1.6
        To check out all the new features, take a look at the [url=
        Autotsar Trailers Retextures
        Created by Lexx
        A couple alternative textures for the Autotsar Trailers, to make them visually fit a little better to KI5's awesome vehicles.

        This is purely a texture pack - nothing else about the trailers is touched by this mod.

        Udderly Vehicle Respawn
        Created by UdderlyEvelyn
        This mod was made for the UdderlyRP server, find us on Discord at

        • Vehicles are removed if not seen for a configurable period of time (0 to disable), and a new random vehicle is spawned in
        '93 Ford Taurus
        Created by KI5
        Taurus was never a big star, but it was all over the US, common car that millions used every day. There are 3 variants with their own unique features and characteristics. Sedan is the balanced one, Station wagon has more storage but it is slower and SHO is...
        Random Zombies - Day and Night
        Created by Crius
        Add distribution of different type of zombies with two separate distribution sets, one for the day and one for the night. Also a special schedule is available in which you can choose how the zombies act when there is rain, snow or fog.
        Works on both single...
        KATTAJ1 Military Pack
        Created by Krolldar
        New Military Supplies for Kentucky's Last Stand has arrived!

        Join our discord, stay tuned for development process![]


        Prepare for the undead onslaught with the...
        KATTAJ1 Clothes Core
        Created by Krolldar
        Join our discord, stay tuned for development process![]

        KATTAJ1 Clothes Core is a library that stores 3D models and logic used for all KATTAJ1 clothing mods and can be used ...
        Spongie's Clothing
        Created by spongie
        Update 27/9/23
        Added 4 new items:
        Quilted Jacket
        Quilted Shirt
        Puffy Vest
        Pea Coat

        In the vanilla game jackets now hide sweaters - so I've added an optional mod file called Spongie's Clothing Sweater Hide F...
        Convert Radios to AC Power
        Created by Arithmechick
        Adds the ability to convert radios and HAM radios to AC power. Converted radios will operate on grid power and do not require batteries.

        Kown issues:
        -Picking up an AC powered radio will cause its display name to revert to the original name, but function...
        Wearable Plushies
        Created by realnik10
        You look lonely, this mod will attempt to fix it

        Grow attached to your Plushies and want to take them with you?
        Don't hold them in the Backpack, its hard to breathe there, instead let them rest on your shoulders.

        This mod allows you t...
        Visible Generator Range
        Created by pwrcosmic
        Visible Generator Range aims to get rid of a bit of headache in your day-to-day power needs.

        • Ability to view the effective range of a generator simply by viewing it's corresponding Info menu. Also indicates cur
        Fantasiado's More Street Details
        Created by Fantasiado

        This is my first Tileset, it started as a personal thing for a map i have been working on but since some people were interested over on discord, i decided to post these for public use!

        Feel free to use the tileset on your maps! just credit me ...
        Oujinjin's Tile Pack
        Created by 欧金金
        A tile pack made by me, contains a bunch of customized tiles.

        A pre-mod for my map mods.

        For Players: You need to activate this mod as a pre-mod for my maps.

        For Modders: You can find all the tilesheets in that resource folder. And feel free to us...
        Skizot's Tiles
        Created by Skizot
        Needed Files for Skizot's Tilesets to work ingame.

        Dylan helped me get all this crap working.
        Commander gave me some GREAT ideas.

        Check out my other mods!

        MandoDB - Tiles Pack
        This mod adding Items/Tiles from Tiles Mods.


        For all questions, please contact me on my mail :

        Lake Cumberland [NEW LOCATION!]
        Created by Petrovick
        Alpha Release 0.5
        This is an early release for the Sunday Drivers Community[]! This map will still be worked on (a lot of WIP) and you can expect soft resets needed for your server. Thank you! The map was crea...
        St. Bernard's Hill
        Created by Fantasiado
        Even, with it's uneventful beginnings, St's Bernard's Hill is a thriving town with its iconic Hospital and famous ancient woods!

        𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓮, 𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓷𝓮𝔀 𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓮

        Hello! This is my first map! i started this personal project a very long time ago, a...
        Bedford Falls
        Created by ringod123
        Welcome to Bedford Falls. This adds the fictional town of Bedford Falls to the vanilla game world.
        Now V41.6+ compatible!
        Works with new in-game map system.
        Includes lootable map of Bedford Falls that updates the main map when read!

        Mod has...
        Road from Monmouth County to Bedford Falls
        Created by BigZombieMonkey
        As the title says. I've had months of people requesting a road to Bedford Falls via Monmouth County but until my latest expanstion of Monmouth County it has not been a possibility. So with Monmouth County 4.0 having just been released/updated I have been a...
        FBI Open Up Door
        Created by EremesNG
        Auto open/close doors and gates (not barricaded or locked or obstructed) when running or sprinting.

        Autoclose will only close the doors/gates that were opened by this mod, what was open will stay open.

        You can customize how it works in the sandbox option...
        Pocket Kittens
        Created by Orc
        Wake up, scavage for food, kill your neighbors, go to bed, cry. Wake up, scavage for food, kill your family, go to bed, cry. Wake up... day after day after day. It's mundane, it's depressing and it's every so lonely until one day.... a little furball show...
        Global Sound Effects
        Created by El1oN
        With this mod, admins can easily cast audio across the entire game world.
        Just right-click on the ground to access the Global Audio Menu and cast your chosen sound.

        To play an effect Right Click on it and press on the option.

        Now you can make Addons...
        Simple Overhaul: Melee Weapons (SOMW)
        Created by hea
        Simple Overhaul: Melee Weapons (SOMW)
        For Project Zomboid 41.78+ works in SP and MP.


        Included translations: EN, RU, CH, CN, IT, DE, KO, U...
        Simple Overhaul: Melee Weapons (SOMW) - Honored Weapons
        Created by hea


        Mod adds new weapons which can be granted as rewards at server events by administration:
        Honored Machete, Honored Katana, Honored Knife, Honored Cleaver, Honored Hammer, Hono...
        Monkey's Fast Travel With Return
        Created by Monkey
        Teleport system with travel tickets. Suitable for MP server events.
        Commissioned by Vuki

        Players can access the option to Teleport and should be configured by admins

        Use this to connect your servers Places of Interest
        This ...
        Zombie Fix v2
        Created by Nippytime
        Have you ever been chased by any number of zombies, turn around and notice they aren’t moving? Then you move closer and poof?

        This mod fixes all issues related to zombies disappearing. Only for multiplayer.
        This requires manual in...
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