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Beginner's Guide to Happy Wars
By [M]aster Shifu
Welcome to Happy Wars, if you haven't played Happy Wars before then the more you should read this guide.
Happy Wars Starter Guide
Welcome to Happy Wars, if you haven't played Happy Wars before then the more you should read this guide. I will continue to update this guide, as I play along. Most of the guides in Wikia are out-of-date, though there are new stuffs like Story Campaign and Advanced Classes.

I'm more towards supportive role when playing MOBA games. Hence I've started out as a Cleric. A supportive healer is crucial in the beginning when trying to get as much towers as possible. Usually couple of heals will get you to the next level. Therefore it's fairly easy to use for starting players. Try to concentrate on one particular class, and ensure that the equipments get to Level 10.

Soon all the 3 classes and 3 builds should be fully equipped. Slowly swapped out the low-level items and give them to the most powerful build you have. So they can continue to gain experience as you level the other equipments. Usually I only use a maximum of two classes per match. Once you have extra Level 10 equipments you can equip them to other classes or builds, some items allows you to be equip on Cleric and Warriors.
Adjust Your View
You can change your point of view by scrolling the middle mousewheel up or down. I recommend zooming out when out in the open and zooming in while in the castle. If you want to improve your skills quickly, try going for the overhead view in melee combat. It doesn’t give you much range of vision, but it makes it much easier to determine the range of your attacks. I usually use the zoom out so I can know if there are any enemies waiting for an ambush.
In combat, score points to level up. Whenever you level up during combat, you enjoy stat boosts, like HP and attack damage, and unlock a new skill. Your level is reset every game. Also, you can wear the item buff “Experience Up” to level up faster.

Don’t face the enemy alone! Damage is doubled if struck from behind! None of that fancy gear will save you from a visit to the Respawn Screen if you’re surrounded. Always face the enemy with superior numbers. Strength in numbers is the ultimate strength! Try to move along with the team, a lone ranger in Happy Wars is difficult to survive. I use a Level 2 "Respawn Speed Up", and respawn speed generally don't go over than 10.

When tackling, try to know where to pre-attempt where the person will go. This is important for those playing the Mage, especially your ice strikes or lightning strikes.
There are multiple conditions for getting items during a battle. There are various conditions for getting items during a battle, like resurrecting allies, launching team skills, and so on. Each condition, when fulfilled, has a chance of giving you an item. Fulfilling the condition multiple times increases the number of items given and improves their quality.

You should be wondering how come I always get the same class item all the time. The item you get in battle is for the class that first fulfills the condition to get an item. For example, if you want a Mage item but are more comfortable playing as a Warrior, you can start the game off as a Mage, fight until you get an item, and then switch to Warrior for the rest of the game.

There are also Blue Present and Red Present. Red Present are much more uncommon, and randomised. However I do notice that this usually happens when I use all 3 classes within a match itself.

While your rank is low, concentrate on getting good Buffs (item special effects) when choosing your equipment. At low ranks, it’s more effective to stack on HP instead of trying to squeeze out a little more Defense.

For the Warrior, I recommend “Attack Up” or “Max HP Up”. For the Mage, I recommend “Shorten Cooldown” or “Conserve AP”. For the Cleric, I recommend "Tactical Power Up" or "Respawn Speed up". Personally I use Respawn Speed Up more often at the beginning, a Level 2 is sufficient.

Do note that two buffs of the same level will not stack, while two same buffs of different levels will stack. E.g. "Attack Up Level 1" and "Attack Up Level 1" will not stack, while "Attack Up Level 1" and "Attack Up Level 2" will stack; giving you an additional of 200 points in Attack.

Do note that you have three builds for each classes. Usually for the builds, I classify them as Offensive, Defensive, and Tactical. I wish they allow you to rename the builds, like those in Loadout.

Offensive: "Attack Up" or "Max HP Up"
Defensive: "Ambush Attack Up" or "Smash Power Up"
Tactical: "Tactical Power Up" or "Anti-Material Up"

Offensive: "Respawn Speed Up" or "Max AP Up"
Defensive: "AP Recovery Up" or "Conserve AP"
Tactical: "Construction Speed Up" or "Tactical Power Up"

Offensive: "Shorten Cooldown" or "Conserve AP"
Defensive: "Ambush Attack Up" or "Smash Power Up"
Tactical: "KO Crusher" or "Smash Power Up"

I will not mention Class Slayers buffs, as these are rather difficult to get. However should you have it, do add them in your tertiary buffs.
Each class has its own skill set and they are randomised in each match, you're to utilised to its capabilities.

When using offensive Team Skills, ensure that you're within the targetted zone you wanted. Always look out for incoming enemies waiting to attack you, since you can't move while in the activation. I notice lots of newcomers like to wait till all the players have positioned themselves during the activation, allowing a leeway for them to attack. This is often seen when casting Mage's skills; the Lightning Arrows, or Tornado. Players should also fence off them should you see one coming. It's okay to miss the team skill, better to support them than to not cast at all.

Lightning Arrows and Tornado can be steered with your WSAD directions. I notice most of the players just aimlessly targetting the barrage of arrows, or not directing the tornado to sweep the players up. Lightning Arrows works the same way as how you use the Flower Cannon, you can tilt the angle you want it to be landed on. Because of it's arc, it is also effective against the structures atop the castle.

Iron Phalanx requires you to stay in turtle mode, gathering within the circle allows you to extend the skill duration. There seems to be a bug where sometimes the circle doesn't appear, and players doesn't know if the skill is still working. Note that as long the skill is casted, your shield will be holding upright. Mage will be using melee instead of casting spells.

Rocketman allows you to rocket to an area doing splash damage. I notice players casting and letting go of the keys, hence only damaging at your starting position. You need to hold on to the key ot charge up before it launches off like a rocket. There's no way you can steer the direction, only forward. It may also stop mid-air if frozen or knocked away by Mage's spells.

Rush, some players love to spam this skills because it disables you from attacking them. Only way is to dodge the charging bull, lead them to end of the map and suicide.

Happy Miracle is rather hard to cast, especially it requires at least 3-8 players to work. It is best to cast them at the previous tower and wait for them to come. After that have the Cleric to summon at least three players with Dash and rush for the next tower. Meanwhile the enemies previously transformed from the flowers should still be in Respawn Mode. You're unable to use Dispel to negate your allies.
Map Triggers
Some of the maps have interesting triggers. It is good to know how to use them.

Bridges can be found Desert, Rainbow maps. Bridges can easily be broken with relatively little damage. Anti-material Buffs provide an advantage when attacking it. Bridges are commmon choke points and can easily be used to slow down enemy advances. If a player is standing on the bridge and you break it, the death is counted as suicide unless it was an enemy you hit moments before.

Antlions and Bridges can be seen on the Desert map. Although seldom you see players walking to this area. These swirling quicksand traps will eat players who get stuck in the quicksand for too long. You can push them into the sand so that they will get caught up by the Antlions. Usually I use this for a defensive move, should you have a group of players chasing after you.

Player Launchers can be found in the Coral maps. They look like huge flowers. Players can use them to travel great distances across the map quickly with relatively little danger. For Coral they will land you to the mid-area of a bouncy flower towards enemies stairway. Being hit after using these launchers and being in mid-air will usually lead to instant death, as you will take damage from whatever hit you.
I will keep track of the comments, and update this guide when possible. Do rate this guide up, so that it will appear visible on the top page for beginners. Thanks.
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u forgot to add how to get happy tickets
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@Nitro, Did you upgrade your weapon or mod it? I had a problem like that but it turns out I was just upgrading, not modding
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i have this issue with the launcher where after i click play in the game launcher it acts like its opening HW but it just crashes any help!?
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I am a huge backdoorer. Before you yell at me for ruining the game and being no fun, the only reason I even started backdooring was because I kept getting matched up against pay2plays and wallet warriors and just basically people who had a full set of super premium items in there classes. Now, it's no fun to play against these people when they can single handedly kill your entire team, so I started backdooring. Most of the time I get killed anyways and I cant run away because of their Mobilty Speed up Lv3. armour. :/
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after the option thing it wont launch
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