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R&CC Unbiased Patch
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Mar 29 @ 1:42pm
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R&CC Unbiased Patch

By request of ClockworkCorvus I made a Patch for E&CC 3.2 to make the ethics roughly unbiased, which was almost already the case, but slightly biased.

Due to people not knowing, this doesn't change any GUI, so if a patch for E&CC works (f.ex. UIOD & E&CC patch) then it works with this too.

This is NOT a standalone mod, place it underneath the E&CC mod, like so:
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  • UI Overhaul Dynamic
    Ethics and Civics Classic 3.2
  • UI Overhaul Dynamic + Ethics and Civics Classic
  • Other E&CC UI Patches
    CinyS1709's Ethics and Civics Unofficial Patch
    E&CC Unbiased Patch
    Other mods

    This mod is updated for the E&CC on the 09-03-2022.
    Made for stellaris 3.3.4 update.
    Unsure if it fixes all E&CC 3.2's problems with 3.3.4, but it fixes the the lack of ethics on ai empires and the problem of factions giving influence instead of unity, which is all the problems I have encountered.
    Things I am sure it fixes:
    pop factions

    to make sure it works with DinyS1709's mod, I had to get rid of the fixes in my mod.

    Currently (as of 29th of may) Ethics and Civics 3.2 need fixing, DinyS1705 made an patch fix, which doesn't change the chances of the ethics unlike this mod
    If you still want the ethic changes to be unbiased, load this mod underneath DinyS1705's.

    Fanatic ethics are 50% more likely to be chosen than normal ethics. (like in vanilla)
    Military and Pacificts don't get increased or lowered chances like they normally would.
    Gestalt Conciousness gains 100% increased likelyness if you have BOTH DLCs that add gestalt empires (hivemind (utopia) & machine empires (synthetic dawn)), if only 1 DLC is active, it's the same likelyness, they wouldn't appear without one of the dlcs (like in vanilla)
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Sir Rolin  [author] Mar 29 @ 2:15pm 
For those that doesn't read the description, I have removed the fixes in my mod, so that it works with DinyS1705's Unofficial Patch, that uses the fixes I made. Link in description and underneath this message ^^
DinyS1705 Mar 29 @ 1:28am 
Ive made a "fix" patch thingy with the original ethic weights and more fixes like the politicians and temples.
Troll Mar 28 @ 11:00am 
First off, thank you for your fixing, but...
You NEED to update the buildings file, in particular the entries for planetary administration and higher versions. The original mod uses the old administrators instead of the new politicians and that causes the issue of no jobs being generated for that category.

The file in question is ethic_rebuild_buildings.txt under common->buildings
joakim.westergaard Mar 26 @ 11:11pm 
Also politicians and nobles have country_admin_cap_add.

But other then that very nice update and also great coding/indenting. I wish Petruxa would base the new update on your files as they're so much easier to look into :-)
joakim.westergaard Mar 26 @ 10:51pm 
Yeah, updating E&CC is a pain due to (sorry to say) messy coding. You take a look at the buildings file which doesn't follow vanilla at all...

Anyway THANKS for the updates, but I just wanted to bring the following to our attention:
planet_administors_produces_mult in civic_enlightment
planet_administrators_mult in civic_efficient_bureaucracy
country_edict_cap_add in civic_inwards_perfection and civic_divine_council
Sir Rolin  [author] Mar 26 @ 4:53pm 
And I couldn't help myself but use another 20-30 minutes fixing the civics, cheers!
Sir Rolin  [author] Mar 26 @ 4:33pm 
Yes it did help me, I have used the last 1½ hours fixing every pop job, including the order in which they appear in the files... didn't make it easier that it was scrambled. changed admin cap into edicts funds for the NEW jobs, changed it into planet stability at 1/5th the rate on vanilla overriden jobs. also fixed some of the job weights, which was looking for the wrong jobs.

I tried to keep it reasonable, but know that some of the tooltips are going to be wrong. (ex: clerks don't give admin cap with federal state no more, it gives stability)

I haven't gone into the civics yet.
DinyS1705 Mar 26 @ 11:11am 
Nevermind its a far bigger scale after having brouwsed E&CC's files
- Admin job = gone
- Politician = missing
- Bureaucrat = wrong produciton

A ***ton of civics still providing jobs wich give admin cap.

So I gues it "works" but youre lacking a lot in unity if u play like this and admin cap is non-existant wich triggers AI to go bonkers in settling planets etc.
DinyS1705 Mar 26 @ 8:44am 
The jobs given by the administrative office do not work correctly, and this building also seems to still give the 20 administrative capacity. The building as far as i know should not give this anymore.

The priest job also seems to give wrong resources now for the job and upkeep vs basegame

The administrator job doesnt exist anymore as far as i know but is still given by the administrative office and the resources these jobs produce are also proportional incorrect.

Hope this feedback helps / that u can fix it, i tried but have no clue what im doing haha
kartblasted Mar 25 @ 8:01am 
wait, this fixes the despicable neutrals bug?!