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Heart of Crown PC

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How to create a room and play HoC online
By Ismaelmore
This is a guide on how to create a stable room so that people can join and play with you, without getting the typical error, I recommend joining the HoC Discord server for anything you need.

Esta es una guía de como crear una sala estable para que la gente se pueda unir y jugar contigo, sin que les salga el error típico, recomiendo unirse al servidor de Discord de HoC para cualquier cosa que necesitéis.
Error Multiplayer
1 -> Log into your router

2 -> Then go into port forwarding in the settings or advance settings

3 -> open the port trigger section and do what I did in the images below, I also did something on the virtual server in NAT (the important thing is the activation of the port)

4 -> Then you can host and anyone can join your game

I have also activated the UPnP option in the router

In this cases my port is 12900 in HoC

Heart of crown TCP/UDP 12900 12900 TCP/UDP 12900 12900 veip0.2

I also did this in NAT.
Heart of Crown 12900 12900 TCP 12900 12900 (your IP) ppp0.1

This is the error you get if someone tries to join your room and you don't open the ports.