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Extra Map Symbols
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Dec 30, 2021 @ 12:24pm
Feb 27, 2022 @ 7:55am
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Extra Map Symbols

Extra Map Symbols

- adds additional map symbols following base game style
- adds symbols variants to base game symbols (requires Extra Map Symbols UI)
- replaces angled arrows with own version, aligned to roads
- replaces "KnifeFork" with own version
- replaces "Wrench" with own version

Extra Map Symbols UI

Map symbols interface tweaks.
- allows to change number of columns used for symbols
- allows to change size of symbols/text
- allows to use crayons for adding symbols to maps
- allows to add symbols variants
- slightly resizes and repositions ui elements

External mods support:
- custom events for smoother integration with external mods

Note that while both mods are independent (for now), and do not require each other, some of features are not available if only one mod is enabled. In future, mods will be merged into single one

Requires PZ v41.66+
Works in multiplayer

Workshop ID: 2701170568
Mod ID: ExtraMapSymbols
Mod ID: ExtraMapSymbolsUI
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red66 Jan 29 @ 4:06pm 
thanks very much
Agrippa HX Jan 29 @ 2:44pm 
@red66 — If you hover over the minimap with your mouse cursor, you'll see a button bar appear below. Click S (for Symbols?) and your symbols will show up on the minimap. You might have to do this again if you save and load (I'm not sure if it is remembered), for sure if you start a new character.
red66 Jan 29 @ 6:12am 
how do you see the markers in the minimap ?
Agrippa HX Jan 27 @ 12:42am 
@BlackWater821 — I can confirm that it happens to me occasionally and I start my new characters with it. I'm not adding or removing it from a save.
DamnDirtyAir Jan 25 @ 11:35am 
Unsubscribed due to the "square-issue".
Novashrugs Jan 21 @ 6:44pm 
Also having the square issue until I go to the non-UI version. I have to remove the squares and replace them, though.
BlackWater821 Jan 17 @ 10:51pm 

Some user claimed if midsave added or removed UI or Symbols related mods would triggered the "square" symbols bug.
But during my testing it would happened occasionally with or without additional mods added or removed.

So the only safe bet for me now is using "Extra Map Symbols" only. ( without the UI add-on )

And it working fine since then.
Imagine Wagons Jan 17 @ 8:54pm 
Hi, I'm representing a larger server and was wondering if we could please put your mod in a mod pack for our server. This is specifically for our own manageability, reduced workshop update restarts, version control, and server longevity between wipes. The modpack would be private and all recognition of the mods inside will be given to the owners of those mods. We appreciate any leeway you can give us on this, so we can provide our players with the best experience.
Drink_the_Bleach Jan 17 @ 5:28pm 
Same issue as below, after reloading a single player saved game. All custom map symbols become squares (black, red, blue, depending on initial color chosen). Normal game symbols seem unaffected by this.
HardwiredMike Jan 9 @ 10:33am 
Thanks for the mod! You do great work!