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By Eugene
In this guide you will learn everything about Declarations mechanic in Red Algorithm
What are declarations?
Game update 2.0 introduced a new Declarations mechanic to the game. Declarations allow you to make a promise of how long you think you will survive in the next game.

You can choose a declaration on the heroes screen

If you fulfill that promises, you get a reward, but while you are trying to achieve your goal you will be penalized and the game will be harder.

You can see what kind of declaration a player has in the bottom left corner of the interface while in game. It will be red when unfulfilled and green when fulfilled

Declarations are available with casual difficulty and in Hard Mode in both Classic and Waves game types. Also, declarations don't work with active missions (when you do achievements).
Why I can't see declarations?
Declarations mechanic is not a feature for a beginner. By default, they are only shown to players who spend at least 5 hours in the game. However, if you wish to access them earlier, you can always go to settings, find "Declarations" there, and set it to "always".
3 declaration types
You can promise (declare) a number of things before the game.

  • That you will survive 10 minutes
  • That you will survive 20 minutes
  • That you will survive 30 minutes

Actually, there are 4 types of declarations, but the first one is just blank; you don't have to declare anything at all and keep playing the game as you usually would.
Rewards for fulfilling declarations
The minute you fulfill the declaration (survived as long as you promised) you get nice rewards:

  • 10 minutes declaration: +10% damage, rune drop rate, and skill training speed
  • 20 minutes declaration: +20% damage, rune drop rate, and skill training speed
  • 30 minutes declaration: +30% damage, rune drop rate, and skill training speed

Although, if you have an active (but not yet fulfilled) declaration, you will get -10% damage, rune drop rate, and skill training speed for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that it's not enough to just reach that time mark that you set and get those bonuses, you have to keep playing and try to survive as long as you can after that to fully enjoy the benefits of the fulfilled declaration.
How do I know how long I will survive?
You don't, that's the beauty of this mechanic.

You can only assume based on various factors:

  • Based on your feelings (are you feeling lucky today?)
  • Based on your overall skill (how well do you know the game in general)
  • Based on your experience and statistics (how long do you usually survive?)
  • Based on the game difficulty (casual or Hard Mode) and game type
  • Based on the strength of the hero you choose (how many runes and skills the hero has)

For instance, if you are not a beginner and usually can live more than 10 minutes, you can quite confidently set the declaration to 10 and you will, most likely, fulfill it. When you master that, try out 20 and 30 minutes declarations, and then try them all out in Hard Mode.

You can see all the declarations data in stats