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Team Fortress 2

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skins, weaps n other stuff
i colect stuf like: skins, weapons, and other stuff that i use
Items (199)
The Saboteur's Sabre
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
Half knife, half knuckleduster, all deadly.

Skin download link:
Intergalactic Gadgets
Created by multitrip
Introducing the Mann.Co Holocron-3000™! Amaze your friends with your own portable Holographic Projection Device! Includes the Comptron Portable™ for programming new projections! (Warning: experimental Hologram technology may or may not be related to severe...
Iron Impactor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Arm-mounted high-powered metal delivery device....
The Consultant
Created by λze
Texturer dropped out. but after a long day, here is the UV map ***please stop telling me it needs colour, its not textured! so im well aware theres no colours! the grey colour is the default of the 3D modelling program!***

The floating ball is jigglebon...
The Highlander's Ka-Boom Stick
Created by InfectedPotato
Dynamite launcher for the Demoman.
Has a neat custom dynamite projectile.


Concept: Mr. Gibbly
Texture/SFM assets: SedimentarySocks
Model: InfectedPotato

Special thanks to Karma Charger for creating the demonstration video!

Try to h...
Tesla's Secret Taser Prototype
Created by OverPovered
Did you think the Tesla Coil was just a cool science project for the science fair? Well, Tesla had an ace up his sleeve. He was actually developing an early taser! This prototype taser was found among Tesla's garbage, by some creepy guy. Despite the fact t...
Heavenly Knife
Created by Spaaag
The heavenly knife is a melee weapon for sniper.
It would have the ability to project enemies at a distance when the player hits. It would be very rare but would turn directly into reclaimed metal when crafted with another sniper weapon

Created by Constructor
Swish-swash and swoosh, your booty is mine! Arr! Landlubbers!

yes, tidebringer is the name of admiral kunkka's sword. I know....
Blockhead's Bowie
Created by Zoey
This is my knife, people wear it in their chests.

512x512 Diffuse
LODs 0-1-2-3
Other witchcraft...
The Ronin's Razor
Created by Merczy
Heavy blade cuts deep,
Tempered in tsujigiri,
Promptly cauterized.

- 3 LODs!

Model By Merczy
Texture By Ertz
Special Thanks to Agent Phaser Rave for the Haiku!
The Mini Cannon
Created by Gigazelle
Incinerate enemies in style with this handheld cannon! Comes complete with cannonball projectiles.

This weapon is part of the Arms Race mod competition.

Want to try it out as ...
Diamond in the Cuff
-team colored

Thanks to giegues for the name suggestion
Thanks to MaxOfS2D for helping me with the rigging
Concept, model, texture, SFM Pics, and Promo art by Py-Bun

The painting I made for this is referenced to a starcraft 2 Proto...
Hive Hand
Created by
Swatting pesky critters since we don't remember when. --Bee Cave, Texas...
The Strikeout
Created by Killjoy™
A scout primary that I am working on for Frost-Bite. I will be making changes as needed.
4/22: I have added images of the new design. And removed old ones. Need a new name now. I think we still want it to keep the extra damage from behind idea.
4/24: I w...
The sacrifice
Created by Hell
Use it wisely......
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
When climbing high, freezing altitudes like mountains or skyscrapers, it's important to have a professionally made, hermetically sealed respiration mask complete with a medically safe oxygen canister.

You have none of these things. You have a broken fire ...
Silent Slicer
Created by EmAr
A new ninja sword for Scout.

- 3 LODs
- 1024*512 texture
- Alternative bloody skin
- I made kill icons too!

Thanks for looking and voting :)

Mod downloads:


The Interfector
Created by aceman11100
Is your need to muder not satisfied with your feeble, single barreled weapons? Not anymore! Now you can kill people with 4 times as much barrel all in one gun!*

*Mann Co. is not responsible for any four barrel related injuries.

This workshop item can...
The Phantom Filter
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
I hope you like it, it's the last thing you'll ever see.

This item includes facial flexes!

Skin download link:
The Wire Tap
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
They laughed at his silenced revolver. He laughed at their silenced corpses.

Skin download link:

Video provided by [url=
The Attitude Adjuster
Created by Colteh
A nailgun and pistol hybrid for engineer!

Mod release:

To install the mod you need to: take the vpk files and...
The Cold Case (Chilling Style)
Created by 𝖈𝖆𝖎𝖓
The perfect way to warm that cold blood.

Skin download link:
Beam Bat
Created by Jukebox
Originally we used this thing to remove things such as solder or pickle jar lids. Until one of our techs found it removes other stuff, like limbs. Don't worry, he's fine, we gave him $50 and a slightly used brand new leg.

Melee for Scout.

SFM video comin...
Tossable Teleporter
Created by Jukebox
In the world of tomorrow you need to get places now, and not a second later. No time to wait on those egg head hard hats to build their teleporters. That's why you stole this little guy; gets you where you want, right god-damn now. Those lab boys say you n...
Master Blaster
Created by Jukebox
We don't know what you keep in your briefcase; documents, genophage serums, undies, whatever. We do know that the best way to keep people from stealing it is lasers. Lots of Lasers. And that's where this beauty comes in. It'll fill your enemies full of hol...
SCRVmP-Y 3000
Created by Merczy
Warning: This is not a beverage.

Model by Merczy
Texture by Ertz
Concept by Mr.Gibbly
Unwrapped by ZombiePlasticClock

The Firewall
Created by Merczy

Model by Merczy
Texture by Ertz
Concept by Mr.Gibbly
Unwrapped by ZombiePlasticClock

The Family Heirloom
Created by TauVee
Just a little keepsake.

Replaces dogtags, hinge is jiggleboned, includes an LOD. Thanks to TheBoxman for the name....
Flaming arrow crossbow (custom animations)
Created by Albin1997536
Took 1, 5 weeks to make and 2 days to get the animations workig properly

Many thanks to for the tumbnail

Yes it uses the defult snipers stock but thats becouse i wanted it to look like sniper made it himself just ...
The Totenwerfer
Created by NeoDement
War never changes, but you probably should. Get out there and fight, not behind your men, but alongside them with the Totenwerfer - it werfs totens.

Available to download as a mod here (now updated to 1.1! - 05/08/2014)
Risky Razors
Created by Ertz™
"Item made as a possible Dead Island Riptide promo"

All class melee weapon (except spy and engineer)

Update: - changed the position of the razor guard
- managed to let the blade spin
- impro...
The EZ Breather
Created by Psyke
Free yourself from your ever-crippling Mysophobia and breath easy thanks to this portable respirator!

Comes with lods!
Virtually No clipping!
Doesn't Require MAIR!...
ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

Created by ¡BUNGO!
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

The Sharp Shock
Created by Sky
Because there's no point having a pair of ten-inch long blades surgically implanted into your hand if you can't also electrify them.


- Uses the sharp dresser animations.
- Team colours.
- 3 LODs...
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
The County Killer
Created by ✥ℜℵ✥
"Nothing like dodging bullets and booby traps in the mornin"

Mr.Gibbly - Concepting
Rain* - Modelling/Texturing
Sparkwire - Promo Materials

The Cogged Cleaner
Created by (_)wilverb
Woo the ladies with this mildly annoying yet loud cannon!

*1024x1024 Texture with Spec Map

SFM Promo by Toonaholic.

*UPDATE* Removed PSD in favor of Texture alternates. One being Teamcolored bands. Fixed File paths. *UPDATE*...
Artyom's Watch
Created by EXpMiNi
It's a watch based on watch of Metro 2033 Game.

Simple skin of the Dead Ringer.

For more Screens, Download link & Co :

Thank you for download, big kiss....
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]


"Sometimes life as a Spy can be challenging. Setting up to strike at the right moment, only to have things critically fail due to some unf...
Combustible Lemon Launcher V1.2
Created by Sparkwire
Resubmitted to add some critical fixes

Best idea ever: (it should work the same except be a secondary, not a primary as noted in the comment.)

Fish R Friends 4 hours ago
Would it be possible to have a primary that goes with this that shoots propul...
Holographic Headset
Created by E-Arkham
"Convincing everyone that you're a Pyro is easy. Convincing everyone that you're the ship's emergency medical hologram is much more difficult."

Take a look at some of my other space themed items:

Battle Bowler
Created by donhonk
Protect your noggin and also your pretty face with this helmet and mask combo!

Attack Essentials
Created by donhonk
Who knows whats in the bags, but those shoulder pads are stylin'.

Created by dizez
This rocket didn't fire or explode, but the soldier is still able to bash you with it....
The Deadly Stinger
Created by ZoraKirby
"IT'S NO USE! It's chasing me! HELP!"

Team Colors
Jigglebones: Head, Abdomen, and Wings!

LOD 0: 1400 Tris
LOD 1: 1000 Tris
LOD 2: 700 Tris

Concept Art: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Dwarven Master Sword
Created by Rafael De Jongh
Dwarven Master Sword

This sword was original made for the GameBanana Skyrim Contest:
But in devolopment of this Sword we decided to also put it into Team Fortress 2!

So here we bring ...
Cy. Cy.
All right, I'm only going to say this once. ... BOOYAH!

See also: Ullaprosthetic

** ASCII Art will be terminated....
The Shark Attack
Created by AsG_Alligator
First things first:
This is my very first model for source and my very very first attempt to texture something in TF2 style. Be gentle then :)

Now to the intresting part: the weapon!

Because what can be funnier than blowing stuff up with your very o...
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
Wrist Watcher
Created by Evil_Knevil
lvl. 15 wrist watch

(name by Constructor)...
Created by Ertz™
gun for scout (not force a nature)

Concept by Mr. Gibbly
Model/Texture by Ertz
The Coup D'etat
Created by Eedo Baba
Overthrowing oppressive regimes and creating new ones in their place requires a special kind of knife.
A knife with a curvy blade....
The Gas Guzzler
Created by Corvalho
- Paintable
-3 lods
-Team colored

Bike in the posters is available in the SFM workshop:

Special thanks to [u...
The Texas Toaster (set item 3 of 4)
Created by SNIPA
Toast those enemies!

This is item 3 of 4 in the Power house engineer pack.
check out the promo here!

Be sure to vote for the other items in this set...
Le Etouffée (Christmas Item)
Created by
Stir nothing around you, not even a mouse! (Part of the "Silent Night" set!)...
The Swifty Swiper
Created by Rozzy
Meet my little metal-sniffing magnet friend. He's the fastest arm in the West....
Created by NeoDement
Secondary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
The Pinch Hitter
Created by Mnemo
Passed up from future generations, this composite bat still looks as if it just came out of the box. Should work wonders in the bottom of the ninth.

Suggested Stats
Guarantees critical damage when there's less than 60 seconds lef...
The G.Ü.P. Gun
Created by crazy-g
A gun that launches goop. What is the goop? What does G.Ü.P. stand for? Could the Ü possibly stand for Übercharge? Answers: redacted fluid; something German; maybe.

Second place in the [url=
The Specialist
Created by Mnemo
A hardcore gun for even hardercorer Scouts. The first recorded player to ever use a Specialist-class bat was famed front-linebacker, George "The Babe" Ruthless, when during game four of the 1918 World Series, George shot the entirety of the Chicago Cubs de...
Created by Snow
Compound bow with knives taped to the front. Shoot and stab without changing weapon.

The Buckshot Backup
Created by CyanPlastic
Two shotguns are better than one, even if one's a pistol!

Click here to vote for it! (note: you need a facepunch account to vote, but its easy to register!)
The Full Throttle
Created by CyanPlastic
I'm not puttin' my lips on that.

Click here to vote for it! (note: you need a facepunch account to vote, but its easy to register!)

Made for the Arm...
The "Counterfeat"
Created by AyesDyef
A pure platinum silver watch with poker chip face finish, valued by many, especially the mob, but instead of cutting his hand off for his watch, they cut the watch off his hand instead!
They didn't live very long afterwards.

It only acts like the Dead ...
Zero-G Sniping Suit
Created by E-Arkham
"It won't keep your insides from spilling away into outer space, but then hokey sciences and half-sealed spacesuits are no substitute for a good snipin' rifle at your side."

Part of a set with the [url=
Hira's Hoshi
Created by * ReznorsRage *
Revolver Replacement! A true ninja assassin loves a kill to be in close quarters. Hypothetically,if someone was able to escape your grasp these beauties will surely finish the job.

NinjaAssassin pack:
Assault Cannon
Created by Svdl
A (very slightly) TFC inspired Minigun for the heavy.
Four LODs, single texture.

Sounds taken from Team Fortress Classic, and have been made louder since the video was taken.

Video has no first person footage due to replay bugs.

Parsing Pistol V1b
Created by invisibleStuff
"Process and analyze your enemies they way your buildings would, with lots of bullets."

This is an alternative version to one of my older models, but I decided to scrap it due to lack of interest. It has been sitting in my files since August collecting vi...
The Great Peace Preserver
Created by boomsta
Storm the front with this advanced piece of weaponry. Well it was advanced at some point.

Concept refining by Blaholtzen
Created by Svdl
A shotgun just for the Pyro, with a head similar to the backburner on it.

3 lods, 2 textures.
The Matador
Created by The Cornballer
Putting down the bull!

-Normal map
-spec map
-glows in the dark!
-team colored

Link to the diamondback skin:
Link to the Ambassador skin:
Li'l Mate
Created by Constructor


This mod is not going to be uploaded on Gamebanana because honestly, that site is a shithole. Also, NATKO, you DO NOT hav...
Anti-Vacuum Glasses
Created by OverPovered
We all have wanted to be austronauts when we grew up, but that wanting was crushed when we realized how dorky those astronauts suits are, in fear that everyone on earth will make fun of us when we return from a moon base to deliver its space bread supply....
Lone Star Builders Backpack
Designed for the expeditionary engineer.

- 3 LODs
- Team Colors For Now
- Spare Sentry Head Part Included!...
Blaster Boots
Created by Gadget
Blaster Boots

o Scout misc
o Paintable
o 3 LODs
Enemy Sweeper
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
New weapon for the Heavy.

Enemy Sweeper skin for Brass Beast or Huo-Long Heater.

I'm sorry in poor English.

I have other idea. Image coming soon.

The idea is the idea only.
I if it is adopted, it does no...
Gravity Gloves
Created by Gadget
Gravity Gloves

o Scout misc
o Paintable
o 2 LODs
Shock Syndrome
Created by invisibleStuff
A new "syringe gun" to go with my medigun the Shock Surgery:

Changes made in V3:
*Used darker colors
*Less shiny
*Better UV unwrap
*Better smoothing
*Improved Model
*Improved Textures...
The Hard Hitter
Created by Swift
Warlitzer 3000
Created by zachL
Help protect our troops from the scourge of the Plutonian communists!

An entry into the Retro-Futurism modding competition.

Map used in screen shot is ctf_moonwalk...
The Day 2Fort was Stalemate
Created by Ertz™
team colours...
The Tartan Terroriser
Grenade Laucher for Demoman.

Part of the Facepunch Arms Race competition.

Mod Download:
Link if fancy picture isn't wor...
The Lunar Landers
Prepare for touchdown.

3 LODs

Model: SedimentarySocks
Texture: Gadget | TF2Maps
Concept: Mr. Gibbly...
Danger Ranger (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
UPDATE: Alright, if anyone wants to check it out for themselfs in the game, here is a download link for a mod that will replace the Direct Hit with Danger Ranger:

- - - - -

Because if you want to win wars and b...
The Spinal Extension
Created by BLADE
YouTube Channel:

Check out the other item for this collection, The Colossal Chomper:

Always open for a new name. Comes with a LOD1. Feedback an...
The Bamboo Shoot
Created by Gangstahwezel
Get it?

Mod download:

Model: Gangstahwezel
Texture: Phill
Concept: Mcpoopie...
Lunatic's Leathers
Created by Corvalho
Biker jacket for the Pyro

- Paintable
-3 lods
-Team colored

Bike in the posters is available in the SFM workshop:
The Treacherous Tomahawk
Created by boomsta
You can throw this and stuff.

Has 2 LODs and is team colored.

Download the mod here to replace your Flying Guillotine!
Zero-G Jarate-Proof Boots
Created by E-Arkham
"Maybe you don't think there's a lot of jarate-soaked locations in outer space, mate, but let me tell you: you're wrong. Dead wrong."

Part of a set with the Ventilator Lite and t...
The Megavolt
Created by Rozzy
Time for a Southern style BBQ....
Created by invisibleStuff
This symphony is going to end with a big bang.

A Stickybomb Launcher for my "Battle of the Bands" set.

More weapons on the way!...
The Follower
Created by Svdl
More or less.

Includes an animated screen.
Single texture. 5 LODs.

Downloadable as a replacement for various rocket launchers here[]....
Created by Svdl
You press trigger, people on the other side of the gun get hurt and die screaming and alone.
It is very simple.

Modified nail gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
Created by NeoDement
Primary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
The Fright Vision Goggles
Created by Problem

-3 LODs
-All Class
-Glows in the dark...
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
Created by Svdl
Fill it with any of your favorite infectious diseases and start up a good old fashioned epidemic, or just fill it with bad intentions and poke holes into things.

Modified caulk gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
The Precision Cut
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Laser gun! pew pew pew

Join my steam group if you like my items!

Get big posters of the items here:[/url...
Corkscrew v.2
Created by Rotzlöffel
This weapon is usualy used by robots which don't have feelings or pain. So don't cry like a baby when you just touched the 4000 degrees kelvin ammo.

I have realy no idea why everyone want that I edit the textures. They are the last things wh...
Stealer's Seal Stamp
Created by bulka96
Approval, disapproval - those are just words. And what if the man you are checking cannot read, or you don't want to carve these words on the stamp? How could he understand the decision?
This special stamp is the answer. If you approve someone's creation,...
Created by heinous
Created for the Arms Race modeling contest.

Facepunch account required to vote (that's not up to me! sorry!)

Moving components.
Uses stock animati...
Space Operator
Created by Sparkwire
This revolver is made using a top secret australium-based alloy that lets it fire the most concentrated energy beams on the market.
However unlike those measly other energy weapons out there you wont be able to just crank a lever to charge this up, but rat...
The Kiddy's Kindler
Created by FissionMetroid101
When Pyromania was released, I was disappointed with the lack of kiddy secondary weapons, and always wanted to see one exist. After a dream I had a little under a week ago with this weapon in it, I have been designing and working on this item.

The knob ...
The Backbiter
Created by Wowza
A stylish knife for the Spy.

Created for Facepunch's Arms Race competition.

SFM promo by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Skin download:

Little Bugger
Created by Constructor
Point at enemy. Pull trigger. Get reward.
Prototype S-8
Created by Joey90
Using the power of electromagnetism to seperate people from their heads.

Bigger Pic -

Download - (Replaces the Machina)

This was made for the Fa...
The Gamma Gazer
Created by FiveEyes
"Packs a mean dose of extra-hertz."

Model/SFM - FiveEyes
Texture/Tweaks - Gadget

Part of the "Arms Race" FacePunch community Contest.

Download mod:
License to Kill
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the mod!

Make sure to follow SNIPA and Primrose to see more great content!...
Created by Svdl
A fancy electric sniper rifle with an actually working screen.

Also has jiggleboned antennas and wire.

Downloadable as a replacement for existing weapons here
The Ultimatum
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Sometimes people just don't get it. Their buildin’ has to come down and there's nothin' they can do about it. For those times you take this paint-grenade firin' beauty and coat your targets in thick yellow paint. Now everybody knows that this buildin' is ...
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
Skull Saw
Created by Orko
Strike first, ask questions later.

EDIT: moved crank and added clean and blood styles...
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
The Wee Willy
Created by ¡BUNGO!
Watch your step.

The contact sensitivity of these puppies will cause your buddies to pick your boots out of their teeth.

Sticky launcher for The Mitigator pack 3LODs.
Includes custom sticky bomb models with 3LODs.

We know that the sticky ...
The Scotch Guardian
Created by _Kilburn
With four times more barrels, you can shove four times more deadly explosives up your enemies' respective bottoms!

This is my first real model ever. It is a grenade launcher designed with the special ability to shoot all four barrels at once in mind....
Biowaste Pump
Created by Svdl
The beneficial properties of biohazardous waste are not yet fully understood, so grab a barrel and start spraying it all over your loved ones.

Backpack - 2 Textures. 3 LODs.
Gun - 2 Textures. 3 LODs....
The Insanerator
Created by Sparkwire
The coolest coal cannon out there! (But only because it's the only coal cannon out there, and to be honest, it's actually the opposite of cool; it's really damn hot!)

Don't forget to watch the video to see it in-game and with special sounds!

the Victorian Blast
Created by Deity Link
Let your opponents have a taste of the steampunk victorian era with this powerful shotgun!

This is a new version of the shotgun I made last summer for the Steampunk Contest of Game Banana.

give it a try:
The Mine Layer
Created by Rozzy
Some people don't like the idea of mines due to their "fire and forget" mechanic so maybe it could be a disc bomb launcher or can stack bombs on top of one another to increase damage output.

Updated model to try and improve top front part from comments....
The Van de Graaff Wrath
Created by boomsta
A return of one of my older items is here! This thing has 3 LOds and is team colored. Vote it up and tell me what ya think!

Here is a mod for ya:
The Energy Sentry (All Levels)
Created by juiceböx
Upgrade your energy sentry! Full replacement for Sentry levels 1-3. Also includes a mini sentry. Be sure to check out the rest of the set by clicking on the collection link above!

Please note that the wires have a red and a blu color variant that is not...
Created by Orko
Say goodbye to all those bugs with the Decontaminator: the delightfully fragant way!...
Created by Dewzie
Workshop voter, you do not yet realise your importance. With our combined strength we can end this lack of destructive conflict and bring weapons to the game.

May the 4th be with you....
The Secret Service
Created by SNIPA
Comes with LOD's!

Make sure you check out the other items in the set!

Download the skin/mod!
The Transfusion
Created by AGStanley
It takes two to Transfuse.

Medic melee weapon, "The Transfusion."
4 LOD Models, RED and BLU team textures, SPEC and Normalmap. Jiggle Bones blood bag.

Made with Maya 2011, Photoshop and Illustrator....
The Groundbreaker
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It's always tough to seperate a man from his buildin', 'specially if its one o' them engineer lads. "Why are ye always blowin' up everythin' I make?" they say, like they don't know it's a vicious monster that's killin' all me mates. They're like the owner...
The Soviet Souvenir
Created by Corvalho
A russian styled sniper rifle, 2 materials: Weapon and laser, 3 Lods
The Brief Negotiator
Created by Corvalho
A mafia themed smg for the sniper. Includes 3 lods.
Cosmetic - Rusty Reactor
Created by Flat Penguin
Introducing the new, completely safe, nuclear reactor backpack to help charge the medigun.

- Paintable, transparent, Jiggleboned coolant
- Glowing screen
- Team colours
- 3 LODs

Concept/Model/Textures - Flat Penguin
SFM - ToxicWeasel

Special ...
Hologram HUD
Created by Jukebox
"Imagine, if you can, a next generation Heads Up Display so amazing that it's not just a HUD, its an experience. Now that has become a reality. We're taking HUDs to the next level."

-Guy in a turtleneck

Paintable Holograms

Item - Jukebox
SFM promos - CD...
Bursting Betty
Created by Sparkwire
A burst fire SMG for engineer.

"From the time when automatic weapons were new, this rare little number was designed to fire in bursts. It did so moderately well, but it did tend to overheat and fall apart every now and then which is why only collector...
The Extinguisher
Created by aceman11100
When god created the Fire Extinguisher-
wait scratch that, now i need to find who invented the Fire Extinguisher.
When god created George William Manby, so he in turn could- wait wait- what if i offend atheist workshopers?
When George William ...
Troll mask
Created by Sensei_Sunshine
Troll the players U kill......
Angel Eyes
Created by Jafem
The Angel Eyes provides the best vision a spy will ever have! With these Cool Nightvision goggles you can see every move before they even make it....
The Mysterious Mann
Created by Rozzy
Tall, dark and handsome... maybe even deadly. The hat to complete any elegant formal wear.

Hat to go with suit to make a set. As a bonus it's wearable by all classes....
The Cuban Conspirator
Created by jnazaren
The spy was creeping his way through Cuba, when he came upon the Cuban Conspirator, and decided that his cigarette case needed a little upgrade!

The Cuban Conspirator is a remodel and retexture of the spy's original cigarette case disguise kit, compiled...
Hawaii High Tide
Created by Constructor
Am I hawaii, uguu~?

Yes. Yes you are. The girls will be aloha you.

Wearable by Scout & Spy
The EX-Vermin 8R
Created by Sparkwire
"It takes 80 hours of training to get an exterminator license, but only $70 to get a gun permit. Cost effective killing for anything bigger than a rat."

***the download is gone because i ran out of bandwidth for my public dropbox folder and it got dis...
The Personal Stash
Created by Sky
Convert hazardous materials into hazardous-but-useful serums with this set of canisters, mini freezer and PDA.

Self-illum canister and screen

The Hidden Hunter
Created by aceman11100
This item is now a skin!!!

If someone where to tell me a week ago that i was going to help make a badass crossbow for the sniper i...
The Oil Slick
Created by Sparkwire
its a gun

Concept: Texman
Texture: Rain
The Hightower Hollowpoint
Created by Sparkwire
"The earth's surface curves out of sight at a distance of 66 city blocks. Sometimes you just need to ruin a fancy dinner party from the other side of town."

*OLD NAME: "The Automatic Assassin"*

Check out the other item in this 2 part weapon set!

The Road Block
Created by Sparkwire
"Finger on the trigger, Lord forgive me if I smoke ♥♥♥♥♥♥."

Check out the other item in this 2 part weapon set!
Russian Roulette [resubmitted]
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
This is a re-submission of Russian Roulette that you created in the past.
I have greatly improved the model and texture.
Corvalho gave me advice. He is the creator of some [url=http...
Le Sneaky Peeper
"I hate stairs."

Got some top secret spy stuff to get done? Why not do it with less balaclava? Sure, this alternative may reveal a little more of your identity than usual-- but it DOES look cool.

The Holo-Memory Keepsake
Created by E-Arkham
"For those long journeys through boundless space, it's important to have a heartfelt memoir of exactly which fellow merc's mothers you've shagged."

Part of a set with:

The Ex-Con
Created by Sparkwire
Disclaimer: Wearing someone elses face for extended periods of time is hazardous to your/their self-image.

What better way to sneak out of prison than by wearing your old inmates face as a mask?

Compatible with all hats and miscs!

Fully flexed!

Undercover Operative
Created by Psyke
The simple gas mask, also known as the undercover agent's best friend.

Keeping it's wearer safe from the dangers of the battlefield, ranging from fluorine gas to phosphorus-containing clouds of death, and of-course the ever present halitosis of your peer...
The Steel Slayer

Model by SedimentarySocks
Texture by Colteh


Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!...
Ol' Snaggle's Tooth
Created by Colteh
Sharper than a crocodile's tooth.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Overcompensator
Created by Colteh
Boom! Headshot.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
New Taunt: Santé! V1.5
Created by Sparkwire
Updated the animation. Thanks for the feedback everyone! :)

Please watch the video before commenting.

A good wine makes every moment worth celebrating.

Comes with two exciting new selections of wine, perfect for toasting every success.

Check out our ...
The Efficient Eliminator
Created by Colteh
For when snipin' just ain't good enough.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
Sonic Booties
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Trip to the moon...
La Coupe Cachée
Created by Bapaul
Hidden blade inside of your cane, efficient and stylish

Jiggleboned offhand cane.

Concept by Square
Model/Texture by Bapaul...
Volcanic Spartan
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Big Iron
Created by boomsta
"The stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip,"


A neat idea for stats is that...
The Sergio Six-Shooter
Created by Merczy
*extremely overdone richochet sound effect*

-4 LODs!
-Custom Sounds!

Model by Merczy
Texture by Ertz
Additional help from Original Name...
Basques Rogues
Created by Bapaul
When you need to cut in the party better dress for the occasion

Tailcoat for spy, jiggleboned coattails

Concept by Square
Model/Texture by Bapaul...
Infernal Cape
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

Jiggleboned cape movement
3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord ...
Magma Armour
Created by ToxicWeasel
One of the three items of armour forged from the fires of Mount BOOM!

..ALL Shall Fear The Lava Lord!!!

3 lods
glowing lava

Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon 戰士

Model/Texture/Promos: ToxicWeasel

Part of The Lava Lord set.


Team Colou...
The Spaghetti Westerner
Created by Merczy
The Spaghetti may be Italian, but the actors certainly aren't.

-3 LODs

Model by Merczy
Texture and BP Icons by Void~
Unwrapped by ZombiePLasticClock
Additional Help from SedimentarySocks...
New Taunt: Most Wanted!
Created by Sparkwire
Please watch the video before commenting! ☺

"Dad? Dad, it's not the notepad of a nutter, it's more of a laundry list."

"One top ten list you don't want to be on."

"It's good to set goals."

This taunt includes a paintable prop....
Created by Ducksink
wear this item or dont nobody will tell anyway

Feel free to add a comment! I would be happy f you would tell me what to fix :)...
sea dog's suit
paintable and jiggleboned...
The Angry Avenger
Created by Gangstahwezel
"Hit the road, bozo! Let a real Scout get to work!"


Model: Gangstahwezel
Rigging: The Duke
Texture: Colteh
Concept: Phill...
Corsair's package s2
Aye, special corsair delivery! Hehehe! Hurry up there is not so much time left! Why it is different and what does it mean? That's for true corsairs to know and for you to find out..... Time's up! Ka-boom!...
The Stainless Strangler
Created by Rozzy
When back stabs go wrong and you lose your hand to a mad, Machete welding Australian you can just pop-in the spare and get back to work.

A super villain inspired bionic/metal hand, based on antagonists such as Dr. No and Dr. Claw.


The Dead Mann's Stare
Created by Ertz™
I can seeeee into your SOUL!!!!... and it's dark!

all class


models/texture/renders: ToxicWeasel
models/promos: Ertz
Air Lock
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
New shield for Demoman

Set item?

Custom skin for Festive Chargin' Targe
New Taunt! : Last Rose
Created by Populus
A New Taunt for the Spy!...
Speedsters Sneakers
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Your feet are on fire!

*LOD 1 & 2
*Paintable Flames
*Team Colored...
Beep Boop, DANGER!
Created by infectedfury
While missing in the cosmos the pyro picks up a new friend.

A cross between the robot from lost in space and the robots from rd_asteroid

- backpack for pyro
- Jigglebone arms
- Paintable...
The Kinetic Collider
Created by Hobo on Fire!
A projectile-based weapon inspired from the streamline design movement of the 1930's.

- Self Illumination
- 3 LODs

Part of the Aviator of Tomorrow Set
The Zip Zap
Created by Sparkwire
Relive the life of famous sportsman/writer Ernest Hemingway by shooting sharks and other non-aquatic creatures with this air-cooled, magazine-fed, automatic machine gun.
The Barraviewda
Created by Sparkwire
Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Douse the fire within your heart by firing a bullet into someone else's.

*Possibility of having the barrel recoil on firing*

Check out the rest of the set!!!!

The Didgeri-PEW!
Created by Merczy
The scope may be there, but it doesn't seem to help your horrible aim.

-Team colors! (Ooooh Aaaah)
-Custom Sounds!
-Custom particle effects!
-3 LODs!

Model and Sounds by Merczy
Texture by SedimentarySocks
Concept by Norville "Bourbon"...
*updated model and textures.
The Hooded Haunter
Created by Vap
It's a known fact that ghosts are indeed scary, however, our mercs are trained not to fear the undead. Infact this little guy follows you around, much like your creepy ex-girlfriend.

Instead of collecting your dead skin and strands of your hair like a ...
The Meteor Shower
Created by Sparkwire
When asked to build a gun that would work in a zero-oxygen environment, the number one Soviet gun designer asked "Why?" After his body was removed, the number two Soviet gun designer came up with this....
Terminal Killocity
Created by Sparkwire
Prepare for a Fist Encounter of the Four-Knuckled Kind with these comfy gold-foil lined spacegloves.

UPDATE: added better team colors...
Cosmic Cuisine
Created by Sparkwire
Take a faster-than-light trip through your bowels with this gelatinous sandvich-flavored space paste....
Cosmic Cranium [Alternate]
Created by Psyke
They mostly check for spies at night, mostly

Team Coloured!
Jiggle-Boned jaw!

[NOTE: this cosmetic was concepted and created prior to announcement of the current official ingame xenomorph set, we've chosen to still upload ...
Outerspace Outerwear
Created by Sparkwire
Protect yourself from the cold void of space and the harsh tongues of fashion critics with this state-of-the-art spacesuit....
Kaiser Visor
Created by Sparkwire
NASA spent 4 billion dollars designing a space helmet that worked in zero gravity. Russia just hollowed out an old satellite....
Ethereal Extremity
Created by Mr. Tinder
"Maybe we are all holograms...or I guess just your dominant hand is."

-Team colored
-Hologram and emitter glows in the dark
-3 LODs

-Mr. Tinder: Modeling,Texturing, and Promo Images
-Metabolic: Texturing and Concepting...
The Messenger
Created by boomsta
Don't shoot the messenger... He might just shoot back

Serious_Greg on the promos

Mod Link:
New Taunt: Art of War
Created by Populus
A beautiful piece of art that minutely presents the lifelessness of your dead corpse.

Multi-Track Tracksuit
Created by Big Bob
Concept by Extra Ram
Model by Big Bob
Texture by Metabolic
Promos by Duckdog

Check out the rest of the set!
Speed Lover
Created by Big Bob
Concept by Extra Ram
Model by Big Bob
Texture by Metabolic
Promos by Duckdog

Check out the rest of the set!
Lapper's Leathers
Created by Big Bob
Concept by Extra Ram
Model by Big Bob
Texture by Metabolic
Promos by Duckdog

Check out the rest of the set!
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