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iXoLeX: After 6 years of Meepo Guide
By Zoex Hunter
For most people, Meepo, the Geomancer is a useless Hero because he is easy to die during Early Game. For them who never used Meepo before thinks he is too complicated to be MASTER. This guide should provide you a lot of knowledge about Meepo and also some Hero Build and hopefully help you MASTER Meepo, the Geomancer.
We are Moving!
There is a new identical guide creating right now. It is called 'Meepo's Library'. This Guide is just like a library, accumulated with Knowledge. Everything you need to know about Meepo can be found in the library. This library will help you understand Meepo's Abilities, Items, Hero Builds, Combos, Friends, Enemies and Secrets. These knowledges could help you MASTER Meepo, the Geomancer.

Don't worry, this guide still will be updated from time to time until the New Guide is release. The guide will not be release soon but I hope you guys could rate 'Thumb Up' for that guide when it is release. So that this Wonderful knowledge can be share with others who are still lost in the mist.

Estimated Release Date: End of 2014 (It could be earlier or later)
Go to Meepo's Library
Released Date: 5 January 2015
Meepo looks hard but actually not. You have to control 5 Meeps after you get Aghanim's Scepter so people thinks they are hard to use. In addition, they are easy to die during Early Game, make them the least favourited Hero. Meepo is a Carry which is a late-game hero that guaranteed VICTORY. Do you know that Meepo could be Great Support and also a Great Assassin? It is mostly based on Items Build and Farming Strategy that suit the match. Apart from that is how you choose to control your Meepo. In this guide, I had shared a lot of knownledge about Meepo. I also created Hero Build containing Item Build and Ability Build that I recommended for a specific Role. It is Free to Subscribe, so Check them out, Subscribe and Share with your friends!
Latest Updates
  • Reinform:Meepo's Library is Released. This old guide is not going to be updated. Friends or Foes? in Meepo's Library are arrange in better order to help you compare a specific hero. Go check them out & Thumb Up as you are walking on the path of DOTA Knowledge.

  • New Hero Build: Mid Laner (Traveller)
    - Meepo is a Mid-Laner!
  • Boots: Power Tread unrejected
    - It turns look it is useful for Attacks (Assist)
  • New Enemies!
    - Chaos Knight, Templar Assasin & Earth Shaker.
  • Recategorise Enemies
    - AoE Enemies & One-Target Enemies.
  • Redesign Item & Ability Build's Images.
    - It looks more attractive this way. (X)L^_^l)

  • More Starting Items
    - Added Quelling Blade
    ~ Meepo can play Mid-Lane? (X)L*o*l)!

  • More Enemies
    ~ Axe added me into Blacklist (T_T)
Bio of Meepo
"If you ask me, life is all about who you know and what you can find. When you live up in the Riftshadow Ruins, just finding food can be tough. So you need to cut corners, you need to scrounge, you need to know your strengths. Some of the beasts up there can kill you, so you need a way to trap the weak and duck the strong. On the upside, the ruins have history, and history is worth a lot to some people. There used to be a palace there, where they had all these dark rituals. Bad stuff. If you survived the ceremony, they would shatter a crystal and split your soul into pieces. They made great art though! Sculptures and such. Let me tell you: sometimes you stumble onto some of those old carvings. Take a pack full of those to town and sell them, then get yourself food for a few weeks. If luck is really on your side, you might find a Riftshadow crystal. Get it appraised and start asking around. Someone always knows some crazy fool looking for this kind of thing. If all else fails, sell it to a Magus the next time one's in town. They love that stuff. Still, whatever you do, be careful handling those crystals. You do not want one to go off on you. It really hurts."

Introduction about Meepo
  • Variety of Roles
  • Fast Movement Speed
  • High Damage Spell
  • Higher Magical Resistance
  • A Great Support
  • A Great Pusher (Destroy Tower & Eliminate Creeps easily)
  • A Great Farmer (Gain Exp and Gold easily)

  • Very Soft during Early Game
  • Everybody's Target
  • Vulnerable to AoE Stun
  • Vulnerable to Cleave
Tosses a net at the target point, pinning down all enemy units. Earthbind prevents invisibility, blink, and interrupts channel. Watch Earthbind Demo

- This is a bad news for Witch Doctor and Pugna. Witch Doctor and Pugna basically kills their target using their channeling ability. With Meepo's Earthbind, their ability is useless.
- Except blinks, escaping ablitites such as Leap can be cast although the Hero are Earthbinded.

Drawing mystical energies from the earth, a Meepo can teleport to another Meepo or itself after channeling for 1.5 seconds, dealing damage in both the departure and arrival locations. Watch Poof Demo

- This ability is good for escaping, killing and instant backup.
- 2x Damage is dealt if Departure and Arrival location are the same(in radius).
> Min Dmg from 1 Meepo - 5 Meepo = 80-400, Max Dmg=140-700
~ When enemies gank, escaping is the best choice but make sure you have a distance from the enemies and they can't cancel your casting.

Meepo enchants his weapon to deal damage per second, as well as slow the movement speed of the attacked unit. Geostrikes from multiple Meepos stack. Watch Geostrike Demo

- When chasing an enemy, hitting it is the best chasing method for Meepo. Once you have Aghanim's Scepter, you will have total 5 Meepo which make it harder for the enemy is escape.
> Max Dmg=140 per second after hit. Max Slow=100%
~ Geostrike is a great abilities to upgrade when you only have 2 Meepo. 2 Meepo is not enough to continuously Bind your target to the ground and escaping is easy for them. During late game, Eye of Skadi can be obtain for more MS & AS slow.

Divided We Stand
Meepo summons an imperfect, semi-autonomous duplicate of himself, which can gain gold and experience as he does and shares his experience and abilities. However, the clones cannot wield any items but the boots that Meepo himself wears. If any of the clones die, they all die. Increases the speed at which you respawn. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Watch Divided We Stand Demo
- Get a Aghanim's Scepter will give you 1 extra Meepo and all your other Meepo same attributes as the main Meepo. This will increases other Meepo's Health Regrenation, Mana Regrenation, Armor, Max Health and Mana
~ Once you have 2/More Meepo, you can spilt them out to obtain more Exp but make sure you watch them every 3/5 seconds. You can also "Follow" your trustful teammates who able to look after your Meeps and share them your Units.

- Did you know that Meepo has more Magical Resistance compare to other Heroes? Normal Heroes only has 25% Magical Resistance(Spell Resistance) but this innate passive ability increases Meepo's base Magical Resistance 25% to 35%.
Items: Starting Items
- Just a simple item which is the recipe of Headdress and Buckler.
~ Iron Brance provide +1 All attributes, so it is useful for Health, Armor and Mana during Early Game.

- A great Early Farming item especially for Mid-Laner or Jungler.
- Greatly increases your last hit chance.

- Regeneration, the most important Early Game items for Meepo. (Obtain at least 1 of these)
~ Useful items if against Ranged / Nuker because they usually target Meepo during Early Game.
Items: Boots & Scepter
- Tranquil Boots is better than other health regrenation item you ever seen. It provide +12 health regrenation and +30 Extra Movespeed.
> Compare to Ring of Regen, Ring of Regen only provide +5 Regrenation but needs 875 Gold to buy it. Tranquil Boots only need 975 Gold, 100 Gold more but provide even more features.
~ Get Tranquil Boots when you have 2 Meepo, so that your Meeps can heal.

- Boots of Travel is extremely useful for Meepo. After obtain Boots of Travel, you can farm even faster. You can farm like Furion and Tinker but even faster.
> 60seconds cooldown / 5 Meepo = 15 seconds.
~ If you able to obtain Boots of Travel before Tranquil Boots. I suggest get Boots of Travel instead of Tranquil Boots. It help you farm faster and you can escape easily.

- Power Treads provide +8 selected attributes and +AS but it does not help much in farming, escaping nor chasing.
~ This is my least favourite item for Meepo, because you will have to count on your teammate to obtain Victory. Teammate failed to dominate the Enemies during early game, then it is a Lose Game. Or the enemies done a lot of mistakes. (X)L^_^l)

- Aghanim's Scepter is a must-obtain item for Meepo. It provide +1 Meepo and share Main Meepo's attributes and armor with all other Meepo, making them all the same.
~ You can aim for Aghanim's Scepter after you obtain Boots of Travel or maybe not based on situation.
Items: Active Resistance
- Headdress should be obtain when you have Meeps. It provide +3 Reg to other Meepo.
> 1x Ring of Regen = 350 Gold,+2 Reg. 1x Headdress Recipe = 200 Gold,+1 Reg. It is a Gain.

~ Buckler is not a very good item yet because it can't protect Meepo from most harm. But you still have to obtain it if you want to get to Mekansm which is very useful for all your Alliance.

- Hood of Defiance is a balance item, it provide what you paid for.
> 2x Ring of Regen = 700 Gold,+4 Reg. 1x Ring of Health= 875 Gold, +5 Reg. Hood of Defiance provide +8 Reg but it should be +9 Reg. The Logic come to the Magic Resistance.
> 1x Cloak = 550 Gold,+15% MR. The +1 Reg has been convert into +15% MR. So, Hood of Defiance provide +30% MR.

- This is my favourite item. It always save me from hell by heals 250HP and +2 Armor for escape. The 900 Gold Recipe for Mekansm is for...
> +1 Bonus HP Regen(BHR). Headdress = 3BHR, Mekansm = 4BHR.
> Provide ability to Heals 250HP.
> Convert 2 items into 1.

- Once this item is obtain, Zeus is no longer a treat. The 900 Gold Recipe for Pipe of Insight is similar to Mekansm but it provide ability to block Magic Damage(MDmg) instead of Physical Damage(PDmg).
~ If you are against Nuker especially Lion/Lina/Zeus, this item is Recommended. Your teammates also can survive their spells.
Items: Core Resistance
- Vladmir's Offering is a item against Physical attacks. Bearing a Vladmir's Offering provide you and your Meeps the ability to FACE TO FACE with your target. It also give 15% BONUS DAMAGE.

- Heart of Tarrasque is the best health regeneration ever. Unfortunately, the regeneration only provide for Main Meepo.
~ I like to buy this item after I obtained Aghanim's Scepter. It provide +40 Str for my Meeps and they all become a Tanker after I obtained Heart of Tarrasque.

- Assault Cuirass is a Tank item and also an Attack item. It provide attack speed which is suitable to use with Manta Style or Scythe of Vyse and other Disabler.
- It also provide +5 Armor Auro for Alliances including Meeps
~ This item should not bind with Ethereal Blade because it prevent Physical Attacks making your +AS useless.

- Shiva's Guard is a Tank item and also an Chase item. It has an active ability to slow down enemies in around the bearer. Not very recommended but is still a useful piece during Team Gank.
- Useful against High Attack Speed Heroes. Example: Phantom Assasin, Sniper, Drow Ranger.
(Ursa's 2nd skill, Overpower unable to be slowed)

Sometimes people say my items are funny but I don't think so. Most them ask Why I buy Eye of Skadi? Let me tell you why...
After obtain Aghanim's Scepter, I will buy Eye of Skadi to replace Mekansm or maybe not.
- Eye of Skadi provide 250 health and mana for the Main Meepo.
- Eye of Skadi provide 25 attributes which all of your Meepo also obtain.
- Eye of Skadi also provide the Main Meepo with MS and AS slow which is very useful against Runner and Basic Hits hero like Ursa.
> 25 attributes = 25 damage + basic + items = 100-150 damage per hit.
> 100-150 damage x 5 Meepo = 500-750 damage + 5x Geostrike(7-28) = 535-890 damage per second / 570-1030 damage every 2 seconds.

Conclusion: Eye of Skadi provide great attributes which is very helpful for Meeps. If you have Eye of Skadi, your max damage dealt is 890-1030 every 1/2 seconds because Geostrike's duration is 2 seconds and it deal damage every second(but you hit the target every second, refreshing the Geostrike again and again making it 1 second or maybe less than 1 second if you buy +AS item). Add on MS and AS slow, no people dare to come close to Meepo alone, even the most tank Hero such as Treant Protector won't come near you.
Items: Situational Items
- Scythe of Vyse are both useful against Physical and Magical Heroes. Act as a disabler.
- It remove all target's armor and make them vulnerable to both Physical and Magical attacks
~ Scythe of Vyse, Ethereal Blade and Orchid Malevolence are best to use together.

- Once you are a succesful Disabler, Butterfly is your next useful item. It provide +AS, +AGI and +DMG. Unfortunely, the +35% Evasion only provide for the Main Meepo.

~ I often buy Manta Style when I uncounted SINGLE TARGET HEROES. Bad news for them, as they only have 2 choice to make before I elimate them. Either stay and fight to death or run and fail to run.

- Playing Meepo's 2nd ability to kills? Ethereal Blade make it easier by providing +40% Bonus Magic Damage(BMDmg).
> Meepo's 2nd ability(80-140Dmg) x 5 Meepo = 400-700Dmg
> 400-700Dmg + 40% BMDmg = 560-980Dmg
~ Scythe of Vyse, Ethereal Blade and Orchid Malevolence are best to use together.

- Orchid is the alternative item of Butterfly, they can replace each other. Orchid is useful against Magic, meanwhile Butterfly is useful against Physical. Orchid ability to silent and amplifies the damage received by the target at the end of the duration. It means once you silent the target, use Poof to dealt as much damage as possible. After Poof, if target will get another 30% BMDmg of the damage dealt.
> 400-700Dmg + 30% BMDmg = 520-910Dmg
~ Scythe of Vyse, Ethereal Blade and Orchid Malevolence are best to use together.

- Heaven's Halberd is the alternative item of Scythe of Vyse. If enemies always hunting but you do not have enough money to buy Scythe of Vyse, Heaven's Halberd is your early defence. After you dominate them, then switch to Scythe of Vyse(Optional).
~ Scythe of Vyse is better than Heaven's Halberd. It take away all target's armor and make the target vulnerable to both Physical and Magical attacks
Items: Extras
~ Dagger is my favourite Extra. It help me chase down enemy and get into battle but it does not provide any stats
> Pros: Good at Chasing, Perfect for Starting a Team Gank and Get into Battle.
> Cons: Does not provide any other things such as Attributes / BHR / HP,MANA Regen / Armor.

- Shadow Blade is also a great item too. It is a perfect initiator item for new learner who are not used to Meepo yet. It also can a Basic Attacks' Extras item.
> Pros: Does not require QuickCast, Prevent Finger Twist.
> Cons: Difficult to use against moving target.
Items: Rejected
Starting Items
- Buying Stout Shield make you durable but you will have to sell Tango and Iron Branch to obtain it.
~ Not a Gain.

- Phase Boots is good for chasing but using Phase Boots' active ability will tired your finger out.
~ Besides, Meepo already have Earthbind and Geostrike to chase down the target or start a Team Gank easily.

- Arcane Boots is totally rejected because Other Meepo can't activate their Arcane Boots' ability.
- Arcane Boots only provide mana and no attributes are provided which is extremely rejected.
~ Who ever buy Arcane Boots for Meepo confirm did not read through this guide yet.

Early Items
- Poor Man's Shield basically just convert 3 items into 1 item because it provide the same as the recipes does. Recipe: 2x Slippers of Agility & 1x Stout Shield.
- Obtaining this item make Meepo durable during a Team Fight but without regeneration Meepo unable to stay in Lane to gain Exp and Gold.

- It provide a lot of damage. Total +18 damage for the Main Meepo and NONE for Other Meepos because during Early Game you don't obtained Aghanim's Scepter yet.
~ Ring of Aquila looks like a great item of Meepo. I have to agree with that, it provide Aura Mana Regen & Aura Bonus Armor for other Meepos but without Health Regen. It could be in Nuker Hero Build.

- This item is totally rejected.
> 400Heal x 8 Seconds = 3200Heal
~ You have 2/3 Meepos during Early Game but Urn of Shadow only heal one. With 3 Meepos to feed, how you going to feed them all? Besides, Meepos' HP is does not more than 1000 during Early Game.
- Their HP reach 1000 when they are Lvl 15.
- The damage dealt to the target is high.
> 150Dmg X 8 Seconds = 1200Dmg
~ There is Pros and Cons obtaining this item but Regeneration is key to success for Meepo during Early Game. If Meepo unable to farm during Early Game... it is a Defeat Game.
Hero Build: Attacks (Assist)
Attacks are very basic. You use it to kills creeps, heroes and damage towers. This build is perfect for Meepo because Meepo's 3rd ability, Geostrike. It slows and damage the target over 2 seconds. This is my least favorite build, it does not help much during early game because Meepo's damage are too low and there is not enough of Meepos to slow the enemy down. This build is not recommended for Middle Lane but it is good to team with stunner.
> Damage: 7 / 14 / 21 / 28
> Slow: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20%
> Duration: 2 seconds - Refresh if the target get hit again by the same Meepo.
> Geostrike stack with multiple Meepos.
> Stack Damage: 7-28 / 14-56 / 21-84 / 28-112 / 35-140
> Stack Slow: 5-20% / 10-40% / 15-60% / 20-80% / 25-100%

Main Item Build
Net Worth: 18775

Item Build stack with Tanks
Net Worth: 18475

Item Build stack with Disabler
Net Worth: 21425
Hero Build: Tanks (2nd Frontier)
Tanker is the guy who takes all the damage. So that teammates with low health but high damage could eliminate the enemies. Meepo can become a tanker because of its ultimate and its Item Build. In this Build, the most important is Items. Without items, Meepo could not become the Tanker. When Meepo play as a Tanker, he is usually a supporter too.

Main Item Build
Net Worth: 18475

Item Build stack with Attacks
Net Worth: 18975(Butterfly) / 18475 (Heart of Tarrasque)

Item Build stack with Nuker
Net Worth: 18225(Ethereal Blade + Dagger) / 19075(Ethereal Blade + Shadow Blade) / 18350(Orchid Malevolence + Dagger) / 19200(Orchid Malevolence + Shadow Blade)

Item Build stack with Disabler
Net Worth: 21750(Ethereal Blade) / 21875(Orchid Malevolence) / 21900 (Manta Style)
Hero Build: Disabler (Support)
Disabler usually is a stunner or hex but Meepo's ability to disable is his 1st ability, Earthbind. It ensnare the target to the ground preventing it from moving,blinking,channeling and becoming invisible. Except: Immune, Flying or Jumping.
> Duration: 2 seconds.
> Radius: 220
> Range: 500 / 750 / 1000 / 1250
> CD: 20 / 16 / 12 / 8

Main Item Build
Net Worth: 20650(-Scythe of Vyse) / 21275(-Manta Style) / 21425 (-Ethereal Blade) / 21300(-Orchid Malevolence)
(Any 3) (Neccessary)

(May obtain for teammates: Troll Warlord, Phantom Assassin, and Spectre.
Hero Build: Nuker (Initiator-Assault)
Nuker build is a very powerful build. It suit for Experience Player who already used to Meepo's Combos. Not recommanded for beginner but you can learn to use this build using Shadow Blade or skip to Dagger instantly if you can. Nuker kills its target using High Damage Spells. Meepo's High Damage Spell is his 2nd ability, Poof.
> Damage: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140
> Stack Damage: 80-140 / 160-280 / 240-420 / 320-560 / 400-700
- Damage is stack together if the Departure and Arrival location are same / in radius. Means that the damage is Double.
> Radius: 375
- It is a great ability to eliminate creeps too.
> CoolDown: 12 / 10 / 8 / 6

Main Item Build
Net Worth: 15525(Veil of Discord + Dagger) / 16275(Veil of Discord + Shadow Blade) / 17750(Ethereal Blade + Dagger) / 18500(Ethereal Blade + Shadow Blade)
Veil Discord: Attacks against a pack of enemies.
Ethereal Blade: Attacks against an enemy.

Item Build stack with Attacks
Net Worth: 18425(Veil of Discord) / 17900(Dagger) / 18750(Shadow Blade)
Hero Build: Mid Laner (Traveller)
Meepo also can be play as a Mid Laner. As long as you know how you can do it.
This Hero Build keep Meepo in Lane to earn Exp & Gold by using Meepo's 2nd ability, Poof. Once Lvl 3, there will be 2 Meepo available. You can send one back to base and switches them when Lane's Meepo are badly hurt. Beside, enemies' attacks is useless against this build.
This does not means you can keep farming at Mid Lane. You have to travel the map to assist your Alliances. Keeping them save and preventing enemies ganks. How does it works? If Top and Btm Lane's enemies can't dominate your Alliances. They will have a hard time defending & Mid Lane enemy can't leave the Lane because you have another Meepo pushing and denying at the same time.

Coming Soon... (Still finding a Screen Recorder to Record the Video with Audio and System Audio)

Hero Build: All in One
This build is perfect for Seniors. All Possible Items are categorized. Can build any Hero Build based on situation.

All Suggested Meepo items is included! Free Choice!
Recommended for Beginner
Early Game(1-5 minutes)
1. Stay Away from Enemies.
2. Minimum Team Fight.
3. Maximum Team Gank.

Mid Game(6-15 minutes)
1. Stay Closer to Alliances.
2. Maximum Jungle
3. Average Lane.
4. Less Team Gank.

Late Game(16-30 minutes)
1. Maximum Team Gank.
2. Maximum Push.
3. Average Team Fight.
4. Minimum Jungle.

Aim for Victory
1. Maximum Push.
2. Maximum Team Gank.
3. Maximum Towering.
4. Obtain an Immortal Aegis.(Optional)

If you are not a Beginner you too can follow this Strategy.
41 Secrets of Meepo
  1. Meepo is not that Soft as he looks.
  2. Meepo can upgrade his ultimate at Level 3 / 10 / 17 instead of 6 / 11 / 16.
  3. Meepo has the potential to start killing enemies at Level 3 / Level 4.
  4. Meepo is a Creeps Kill Stealer.
  5. Meepo provides unlimited Earthbind when he has 5 Meepos.
  6. Meepos can destroy tower in 30 seconds.
  7. Meepos do not fear Blademail.
  8. Meepos do not fear One-Target Stun/Disable.
  9. Meepo has higher Magical Resistance 35% instead of 25%.
  10. Meepo has the potential to gain Exp and Gold quickly using Boots of Travel.
  11. Meepos can farm in both Jungle and Lane.
  12. Meepos can be separated to gain extra Exp.
  13. Meepos do not need to wait for Cooldown to Teleport by Boots of Travel.
  14. Meepos are hungry for attributes.
  15. Meepos love Eye of Skadi.
  16. Meepo's 2nd ability, Poof is a Free Ticket to Travel around the World.
  17. Meepos hate +Armor, +AS & +Damage.
  18. Meepo can give a surprise when he has Dagger.
  19. Meepo can kills a target in 3-6 seconds time based on Nuker Build.
  20. Slow is Meepos' favorite attack.
  21. Meepos want Manta Style to get More Friends.
  22. Meepo always get Aghanim's Scepter even though he does not want to use it. Because scepter are for mage.
  23. Meepo always run away from Enemy Pack.
  24. Meepos like to hunt Lane Farmer.
  25. Meepos have very High Damage, High Sustain & High Attack Speed if Meepo has 4 Eye of Skadi.
  26. Meepo's favorite target is Soft Melee Agi Heroes before obtained Dagger.
  27. Meepo's favorite target is Mage Heroes after obtained Dagger.
  28. Magnus is Meepo's Best Friend.
  29. Magnus is also one of Meepo's Worst Friend.
  30. Zeus is Meepo's favorite hero to be targeted.
  31. Meepos do not fear Tankers.
  32. Mana is not a problem for Meepo.
  33. Meepos do not fear Skywrath Mage's Ultimate.
  34. Meepo's ability combo make players had a Finger Twist.
  35. Some enemy can escape from Meepo.
  36. Meepo can Rampage in 6 seconds.
  37. Meepo targeted enemy always die and the other enemies nearby always retreat.
  38. Tiny's Toss sound useful for Meepo but actually not.
  39. Destroyer love Meepo during Early Game but hate Meepo during Late Game.
  40. Nuker like to KS Meepo's kills when he is casting 'Poof'.
  41. No people dare to use Meepo except they really know how.
Combos usually used by Nuker.
  • Basic Attacks / Hits ------------------------------------------------------------- A
  • Cast Earthbind ------------------------------------------------------------------ N
  • Main Meepo Poof --------------------------------------------------------------- P
  • All Other Meepo Poof --------------------------------------------------------- AP
  • Cast an Active items ----------------------------------------------------------- Ai
  • Blink by Dagger ----------------------------------------------------------------- D
  • Teleport using Boots of Travel / Scroll ------------------------------------- TP
  • Shift-Clicking (Shift + Dagger / Shift + Active items) --------------------- s(_)

    Simple (Maximum 4 seconds)
  • N > P > A (One Meepo Only)
  • N > AP > A (Support)
  • N > AP > N + P + A (Nuke)
  • N > AP + A > N > A (Basic Attacks)
  • AP > N > P + A (Approached)

    Advanced (Maximum 6 seconds)
  • AP > D > N > P + A (Surprise)
  • N > AP > N > P + A (Approach)
  • AP > D > Ai > N > A (Surprise + Disable)
  • Ai > N > AP > N > P (Disable to Approach)
  • AP > D > N > Ai + Ai2 > P (Surprise + Nuke)
  • TP > AP > D > N > P + A (Surprise)

    Expert (Maximum 7 seconds)
  • N > AP > Ai + Ai2 + Ai3 > P + N + A (Surprise + Nuke)
  • sD > sAi + sAi2 + sAi3 > AP > N > P + A (Planned Perfectly)
  • Ai > AP > N > Ai2 > P + A > N > Ai3 + A (Gank + Disable)
  • AP > D > Ai + A > N > Ai2 > P + A > Ai3 + AP (Surprise + Disable)
  • TP > AP > sD > sAi + sAi2 + sAi3 > N > P + A (Surprise + Nuke)
  • TP > AP > D > Ai + Ai2 + Ai3 > N > P + A (Surprise + Nuke)
Friends or Foes?
Friends or Foes? Both of them are going to decide how you play your Meepo. It means your play style is going to be different to Co-Op with them. Not all friends are friends because every player has different play style. Even when they are your Best Friends, they could betray you too, so don't 100% counting on them. Below are the list of the Top 5 Best Friends and some Worst Foes. All Reasons why they are your Best Friends or Worst Enemies are included. (BETA)

There are 3 things used in Friends and Enemies.
1) Helpfulness: ...
2) Deadliness: ...
3) Victory Meter: ...

They are measure from Early Game > Late Game except Victory Meter which is measure from Mid Game > Late Game
They are compare by Very Low, Low, Average, High, and Very High.
Top 1 Magnus - Cleave Time!
Role: Disabler, Gatherer
Helpfulness: Very Low > Very High
Victory Meter: High > Very High
Condition: Only professional Magnus could be Meepo's Best Friend

- Magnus's Ultimate, Reverse Polarity suck all nearby enemies in front of him and stunning them with powerful slam and deal damage.
- Meepo's Poof deal damage to all the enemies. Note that Poof's damage is double if Departure location = Arrival location.
- If Meepo is too far to cast Poof. Magnus can use his 3rd ability, Skewer after casting Ultimate to bring all the enemies to Meepo's casting range.
> Reverse Polarity's Stun DURATION = 2.25/ 3 / 3.75
> Poof's CAST DELAY = 1.5
- If Skewer is cast instantly after Reverse Polarity. Meepo still have about 1.0/ 1.75/ 2.5 seconds to cast Poof before the stun end.
- If the stun do end. Meepo can bind the enemies down before the stun end. Meepo's Earthbind provide infinite bind that allow Magnus to hit the target.
- In addition, Magnus's 2nd ability, Empower is extremely painful and it cleave.
Suggested Hero Build: iXoLeX: Meepo - Nuker
~ As long as Magnus has a BKB, we only need 2 heroes to eliminate all the enemy heroes.
~ Meepo also can have a Dagger, to make sure every elimination is a success.

Top 2 Enigma - Welcome to Center
Role: Disabler, Gatherer
Helpfulness: Average > High
Victory Meter: Very High > Average
Condition: Either Meepo or Enigma need to have Dagger to make the combo effective

- Enigma's Ultimate, Black Hole summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units. Enemies affected by Black Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells.
- Same as Magnus... but Black Hole duration is longer.
> Black Hole's DURATION = 4
- Both Magnus and Enigma is extremely helpful but Magnus best against all type of heroes and Enigma only best against High HP heroes such as Ursa and Pudge.
~ In this situation, Meepo can cast Poof, Earthbind and Hits the enemies. 4 seconds is a long time and it only took about 2.25 seconds to cast Poof and Earthbind. There is about 1.5 seconds extra time for Meepo to hits the enemies.

Top 3 Axe - Culling Bladesssss!
Role: Disabler, Gatherer, Iniatiator, Tanker
Helpfulness: Average > Average
Victory Meter: High > Average
Condition: Axe has to be a Quick-Handed player

- Axe's 1st ability, Berserker's Call taunts nearby enemy units, forcing them to attack him, while he gains bonus armor during the duration.
- When Axe does that, Meepo can perform [AP > D > N] or [N > AP > P] which heavily damage the enemies.
> Berserker's Call's DURATION = 2 / 2.4 / 2.8 / 3.2
> Meepo have 0.5 - 1.7 seconds left to cast Poof.
- Axe iniatial the gank with a Dagger then cast Berserker's Call.
- Followed by Meepo's Poof and Earthbind to hold the enemies down.
- After Poofs, some enemies will die and some are nearly dead.
- Axe's Ultimate, Culling Blade reset instantly when an enemy is killed with it.
- Axe repeatedly kills the rest of the enemies using Culling Blade but with one condition, Axe's mana have to be enough.
~ This is extremely useful against group of high defense heroes & below.

Top 4 Necrophos - Stay Away & Dies
Role: Healer, Assassin, Presser
Helpfulness: Very High > Average
Victory Meter: High > High
Condition: Lets the enemies come to your side + a Intelligent Necrophos

- Everybody knows, Necrophos' 2nd ability, Heartstopper Aura is extremely annoying. It causes nearby enemy units to lose a percentage of their max health over time.
> Heartstopper Aura DECAY = 0.6% / 0.9% / 1.2% / 1.5%
- This aura provide Meepo a damage dealing barrier against enemies. Enemies are damaged and unable to get close.
- This mate is your first Best Friend you meet in the match... Early farming is important for Meepo.
- Necrophos' 1st ability, Death Pulse releases a wave of death around him, dealing damage to enemy units and healing allied units.
> Death Pulse's DAMAGE/HEAL = 75 / 125 / 200 / 275
- Early Game regen is important for Meepo too. To keeps Meepo in Lane and earn Gold & Exp.
- Once both of them are fat, Necrophos act as the Assassin and Meepo act as the Iniatiator & Disabler.
Suggested Hero Build: iXoLeX: Meepo - Disabler
~ For this friendship, single kills is extremely easy to be done and hard for enemy to escape.

Top 5 Witch Doctor - Slow Death
Role: Disabler, Assassin
Helpfulness: Average > Low
Victory Meter: High > Low
Condition: Timing has to be right

- Witch Doctor's 3rd ability, Maledict curses all enemy Heroes in an area, causing them to take damage every 4 seconds, adding bonus damage for every 100 HP lost since the curse began.
> Maledict's BONUS DAMAGE = 16 / 24 / 32 / 40
- Witch Doctor's 1st ability, Paralyzing Cask launches a cask of paralyzing powder that ricochets between enemy units, stunning and damaging those it hits.
- While enemies are stunned, Witch Doctor can cast Maledict and Meepo go the area to cast Poof.
> Meepo's Poof MAX DAMAGE = 280-1400 or even higher with active items.
> Based on Poof MAX DAMAGE, Maledict's 1st second damage dealt could be = 32 - 560
> Based on Maledict's 1st seconds... ... = 560 + Maledict increases the damage dealt every 1 seconds.
> Damage dealt to enemy = 560 > 760 > 1040 > 1440 = 3800 + 1400(Poof) = 5200
Suggested Hero Build: iXoLeX: Meepo - Nuker
~ This is an extremely painful ability but it took 4 seconds to reach 5200 damage. Fortunately, most of the time enemy die during the 2nd second.
~ Witch Doctor's ability is extremely painful thanks to Meepo, the Geomancer not Witch Doctor himself so his Helpfulness drop during Late Game.
AoE Enemies
Sven - Cleave is my Talent
Deathliness: High > Very High (Early Game > Late Game)
Victory Meter: Low > Very Low (Early Game > Late Game)

- Sven is designed for killing multiple heroes at one time.
- Sven's 1st & 2nd ability, Storm Hammer and Great Cleave respectively, can hits multiple targets.
- In addition, Sven's Ultimate, God's Strength added up to +200% of Bonus Damage.
~ Storm Hammer disable Meepo as soon as all Meepo arrive, Great Cleave and God's Strength are used to kill Meepo.
~ After Sven obtain Black King Bar, it is even harder for Meepo to overcome him.
> View Sven's Details

- To defeat Sven, Meepo have to be smart.
~ Using the technic I called 'Replacement', I start the battle with my Main Meepo first.
- Once Sven cast his Storm Hammer, AP is cast but one Meepo is left behind.
- After been stun and hits by a few painful attacks, Main Meepo basically nearly dead.
- For most player, they will chase after the 'Red Guy'(Red HP Heroes). The job of my Main Meepo now is run away from danger and let the other Meepo do the job.
- If escape is impossible, Earthbind is cast onto Sven and Poof back to the left behind Meepo.
- The left behind Meepo is Poof to the Arena as a replacement.
- Any low hp Meepo follow the footsteps of the Main Meepo.
- The process is keep going on until Sven unable to take it anymore.

- 1 vs Sven / More vs Sven
- Meepo has to be alert and Quick-Handed
- Watchout for more incoming enemies
- Do not All Poof before Sven cast Storm Hammer

Magnus - Raging Magnus
Deadliness: Average > Very High
Victory Meter: Very Low

- Magnus's Ultimate, Reverse Polarity changes properties of matter, sucking all nearby enemies in front of him and stunning them with a powerful slam and dealing damage.
- Magnus's 2nd ability, Empower gives an allied unit bonus damage and cleave on attack.
~ Combination of these 2 ability is very deadly for Meepo. Reverse Polarity stun up to 3.75 seconds and it could get worse if Magnus is assisted.
~ After Magnus obtain Dagger, it is harder to escape from him.
> View Magnus' Details

- Do not join the team fight at early stage.
- Enter the battle once Magnus cast Reverse Polarity.
- Cast Earthbind to prevent Magnus from escaping and save the frontline Alliances.
~ These injured alliances could assist by casting ranged ability, this increases the chance of winning.
- After using his Ultimate, Magnus is simply a defenceless hero. Co-Op with alliances to defeat him.
- Cast your Earthbind toward incoming enemies too, to prevent them from assisting Magnus. This also help your team to obtain more kills.
> Best teammate for this kind of situation is Riki & Dragon Knight,
> View Riki's Details
> View Dragon Knight's Details

- More vs Magnus
- Last to join battle

Earth Shaker - Stun Stun Stun!!!
Deadliness: Average > High
Victory Meter: Average > Low

- Every Earth Shaker's ability is AOE. He can keep stun, stun, and stun. It get more ugly when he has Refresher Orb.
- Earth Shaker's Ultimate, Echo Slam causes a shockwaves travel through the ground, damaging enemy units. Each enemy hit causes an echo to damage nearby units.
- More Meepo more Pain. It is not a easy task to fight against Earth Shaker after he has Refresher Orb. You will have to play Tanks with this guy or get Orchid / Scythe of Vyse.

- Get these items. Very important items to fight against Earth Shaker.

- Play Tanks
- Team up with Nyx Assassin (A PRO one)
~ Then you will be very safe.

- Don't obtain Ethereal Blade
- Aghanim's Scepter is not necessary against Earth Shaker
- Combo Disabler to prevent any stuns

Axe - Rapid Spin
Deadliness: High > Average
Victory Meter: Low > Average

- Axe's 1st ability, Berserker's Call taunts nearby enemy units, forcing them to attack him, while he gains bonus armor during the duration. This prevent Meepo from escaping.
- Axe's 3rd ability, Counter Helix performs a helix counter attack, dealing damage to all nearby enemies when Axe is attacked. 5 Meepos attacking one enemy = 5 times the chance of countering.
> Counter Helix's Chance: 17%
> Chance of Counter Helix if Meepos is attacking = 17% x 5 = 85%
- Axe's Ultimate, Culling Blade strikes and instantly killing an enemy unit with low health, or dealing moderate damage otherwise. When an enemy hero is killed with Culling Blade, its cooldown is reset, and Axe and nearby allied units gain bonus movement speed.
~ After a few spin, Meepos are going to face health problem. If Meepo's health is below Kill Threshold, Meepo could die instantly.
~ This problem get worse after Axe obtain Dagger.

- The best way of survive Axe's Berserker's Call & Counter Helix is spam 'STOP' Action button. Do not attack Axe!
- To successfully overcome Axe's Counter Helix, focus on Tanks first then only focus on Attacks / Nuke
- When it is over, Axe is going to run / activate Blademail and fight. Do not fear when Axe activate Blademail, still remember 40 Secrets of Meepo? 6. Meepo do not fear Blademail.
- Example: 1 Meepo deal 50 and get 10 return. 5 Meepo deal 250 but only get 10 return each. This is how it works!
~ If there is any Meeps that do not get affect by Berserker's Call send at least 1 away from battleground. In case you need a Quick Escape.

- Disabler assistants helps a lot
- Tank enough to survive Axe's Counter Helix
Single-Target Enemies
Chaos Knight - You are Late!
Deadliness: Low > Very High
Role: Disabler, Assault
Victory Meter: High > Very Low

- Chaos Knight's Ultimate, Phantasm summons several phantasmal copies of the Chaos Knight from alternate dimensions. There is a 50% chance an extra phantasm will be summoned. The phantasms deal full damage, but take double damage.
- Chaos Knight's Core Item, Manta Style helps in blocking and critical which makes his attacks painful. It also acts as a decoy for Chaos Knight's Ultimate.
- In addition, Chaos Knight is a Durable / Tankers. As you can see below, Chaos Knight isn't that more tanks than Meepo during Early Game but after Lvl15 Chaos Knight start to get more Damage, Armor and HP.
> View Chaos Knight's Details
> View Meepo's Details

- 1st, play either Attacks / Nuker
- 2nd, don't play farm. Play level up.
- 3rd, do not let Chaos Knight farm by keep disturbing his farming. Simply, backstab & kills / stay with creeps force him to retreat / after killing lane creeps, try to be 'helpful' by helping Chaos Knight kills all the jungle creeps.
- Finally, never ever let Chaos Knight fat! or you will never win the game.
- For this match, play Quick Game. Best less than 30 minute / disable his income / kill him until he has no gold for item build.

- Boots of Travel is Recommended.
- Dagger is not necessary.
- Remember: You can't takes Chaos Knight's attack during Late Game.

Templar Assassin - I aim for the Weak
Deadliness: Low > Very High
Victory Meter: High > Very Low

- Templar Assassin's 1st ability, Refraction makes Templar Assassin becomes highly elusive, avoiding damage and gaining a bonus to her damage. The damage and avoidance effects are separate, and have a limited number of instances.
~ This 1st ability absorb most of initial attacks.
- Templar Assassin's 2nd ability, Meld makes Templar Assassin become invisible as long as she remains still. If Meld's invisibility is broken by attacking an enemy, Lanaya will deal bonus damage to the enemy and reduce their armor for 10 seconds.
~ This 2nd ability is used by Templar for hiding and waiting in enemy's territory.
- The dangers bring by Templar Assassin come from hers Refraction. She uses that ability to eliminate the weakest Meepo.
- Most player who play Templar Assassin like to target the last Meepo which is the nearest to them. So, don't leave any behind.
- When you attacks you will faces a problem, she will use Meld to avoid you from attacking. Unfortunately, she won't be there for long. She will counter-attack every 7 seconds. (Meld's Cooldown time)

- If she ganks with her alliances, you have to net and try to get away. At the same time, save your Meeps or you will die.
- When she Meld, don't stay there more than 3 sec. Instantly, All Poof. This will minimize hers escaping chance and hers alliances probably won't come near anymore because she going to die anyway.
- To obtain Victory, these items should be obtain.
(Any 2/3 or ALL)
- Either play Attack+Disabler / Nuker / Disabler (Disabler is very important)

- Do not play Tanks, it is very hard to dominate her. She attacks every 7-17 seconds and she will never stop until she has no HP.
- Shiva Guard is still possible but it is useless when she obtain Blink Dagger.

Questions? Suggestion?
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1. There are too much item to be rejected and I do not want to waste too much time to investigate the things that is not important. You can help me by suggesting a possible item that suitable for Meepo but should be rejected. I will list it out once it is proof Possible but Useless.

2. Everybody make mistake in their life, so do I. Please remind, if I have any grammar mistake, confusing texts or bugs.

Thank for Reading Through the guide, leave a "Thumb Up", Favourite and Hope you have a GREAT TIME dominating the game.
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